Indoor Water Features to Incorporate in Your Home

By: Levi Santiago

If you’re someone who’s looking to incorporate indoor water features in their home and are looking for ideas on what kind of water features would be a good pick, then this blog may help you. It’s a good idea as well if you find a kind of water feature here that you like, to check with different manufacturers of water features if they offer free shipping. That way, you can have a little more convenience with purchasing water features for your house for sale in Dasmarinas.

Indoor Water Features You Can Incorporate Into Your Home

Backyard Waterfall

An iconic choice for indoor water features, implementing a waterfall in your backyard is simple yet effective. A small backyard waterfall as part of your indoor water features is already greatly reminiscent of the actual waterfalls found in nature and is sure to contribute a great amount of serenity to your home.

Outdoor Koi Pond

A person describing their vision of the perfect combination of indoor water features is sure to include koi ponds. The indoor water features in your home need not be just primarily moving water. You can consider adding little fishes like koi fish to bring some life into one water feature in your home.

Drip-drop fountain

The drip-drop fountain is one of the many kinds of indoor fountains you can implement in your home. For this kind of indoor fountain, instead of water splashing out of the fountain, the water calmly drips down the bowls of the fountain to the bottom, where the water then goes up the fountain again. This kind of fountain will be a good pick to place indoors since the water does not splash around so much.

Water Rill

A water rill is a great idea for water features to incorporate into your house to bolster that sense of tranquility that you’re aiming to achieve. Water rills are essentially small channels of flowing water that flow from one little body of water in your house to another. It’s the perfect idea for connecting ponds in your garden.

Garden Pools

A garden pool should not be mistaken for a pond. You can think of garden pools as just literally a pool but placed in your garden. Garden pools are typically implemented to boost the visual appeal of the garden by being the simple pool of water that it is.

Water Sculpture

Incorporating a water sculpture as an indoor water feature in your house is a good idea if you want to achieve a more contemporary design with your water features. For a water sculpture, the form of the sculpture itself manipulates flowing water. You can think of it as being similar to a fountain, except a fountain typically spouts the water.

Water Bowl

Another simple yet effective idea as a water feature is the use of a water bowl. It is simply a sizable bowl that is filled with water. However, the appearance of the water bowl will depend on your creativity. You can choose to have it look simply like a bowl of water, or you can place plants in it, treating it like an elevated pond.

Bubble Fountain

The appearance of the bubble fountain is explained well by its own name. It is essentially a fountain, which continually spouts water as a visual aesthetic, except that the spouting of water is not a clear stream of water. Instead, the spouting of water is bubbly, creating its own kind of visual appeal.

Antique Fountain

An antique fountain is a good idea for those who want to take the concept of a “classic” aesthetic even further, particularly when it comes to water features. Implementing an antique fountain for your house could help you achieve a more luxurious appearance for your house for sale in Dasmarinas.

Wildlife Pond

Wildlife ponds are the choice to go with if you want something more than just placing fish in your ponds. For wildlife ponds, the concept is that you place different kinds of small creatures, including birds, amphibians, and insects, in your pond. This usually comes with placing shrubs and small plants for the little animals, apart from just adding visual appeal to the pond.

Wall Fountain

Your indoor water features need not be restricted to indoor water fountains placed on the floor. The wall fountain is a great choice for enhancing the design of an empty wall space, especially in a hallway within your house. Wall fountains are also said to be the perfect way to drown out background noise with relaxing water sounds.


If you want animals in your incorporated water features, but don’t want to place purely fishes or have a mixed bunch of animals such as for wildlife ponds, then a birdbath may be the perfect choice for you. A birdbath is an elevated basin where birds can bathe, drink, and stay. Attracting such a scene can enhance the tranquility of your house, along with the melodic chirping that birds make.

Water Table

A water table is a water feature incorporated into your house that works similarly to a drip-drop fountain. It is essentially a small water feature in the form of a table, wherein water flows from the top and over the sides of the table. The water falling over the sides of the table will look like small scenic curtains of water.

Outdoor Stream

A stream is essentially the larger version of a water rill, and the size could make a huge difference in the aesthetic of your water features if you give the design careful consideration. You could place varieties of shrubs and larger stones around the stream, which could better emulate an actual flowing stream from nature.

Cascading Fountain

A cascading is one of the kinds of indoor fountains that utilize several layers or levels. With its appearance, it could be reminiscent of an indoor waterfall. Moreover, its characteristic of having multiple levels makes it a good choice for people who want some more complexity with the design of the fountains in their house for sale in Dasmarinas.

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