Fence Designs to Fit Your Home

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
fence design

Your subdivision in Cavite may be private and secured, but that doesn’t guarantee your homes security. To keep your home more guarded and safe, adding a privacy fence can give you more privacy especially from your neighbors or the public eye.

There are different types of fences which can suit your home type. You can also learn more in this article about which fence design would suit your budget and the privacy you need.

Which fence design suits your home?

There are a variety of fence design available which will depend on your needs or goals as the homeowner. Fence not only serves as privacy but can also elevate the overlook of your home, exterior or interior.

If your goal is complete seclusion, a fence that has no gaps would be ideal. For a breathable space, gaps that are large enough to be visible but small enough to prevent a clear view from the public can be workable your designers.

Fence ideas and different styles

Wood & Metal fence

Wood can be more expensive, but for alternative you can use reclaimed wood with a coat of varnish. Wood slats can also be used to make your space look more open. Don’t limit your options for wood fence design with sanded planks and cuts.

You can also use reclaimed wood for wood logs to give your fence design a rustic look. Darker wood would give it a more mid-century style. For wood type, it’s mostly recommended to use cedarwood for privacy fences.

Metal fence design

For wooden fences, you can incorporate metal to add contrast to its structure. Use of metal fence can also give-off a modern-tropical design to your house. You can use fiber-cement boards in faux wood inserted into a wrought iron frame.

If you want more privacy, corrugated metal fence design makes spaces smaller on the inside and less initiating on the outside. For low-maintenance fence design, wrought irons can give a timeless look and add value to your property.

Add some shrubs or growing vines to your wrought iron fence and not only will it look classic, but creates greater privacy.

Green wall & Araal Stone

Acquired from the Southern part of the Philippines aaral or teppei slates are used as exterior wall claddings which are hard but quite brittle. Add some greenery to make a green wall and voila! a pool-side or resort feels are achieved at your backyard fence.

This idea can also work with using it on wooden fences together with artificial greenery. Fake a green wall while keeping it low maintenance


Another fence design using wrought irons are a classic curve which can help achieve a contemporary-Mediterranean house.


Give your fence design a classic look by using bamboo to cover unsightly materials or grow out any minor flaws in your old fence. This could be great for your backyard or garden area to give it a tropical look or feel. Bamboo also tends to be cheaper than hardwood but, still remains incredibly strong.

Freestanding bamboo is also a great look when it comes to fence design Philippines to divide your duplex without ruining its overlook look.


For an antique or traditional-colonial styled fence design, choose adobe stone for creating a bahay-na-bato theme. Stone walls are also low maintenance but can be quite expensive. With stone walls however, you get what you pay for as they can be durable.


Looking for a simple fence design? No need to worry about having it look boring or dull, a zen modern fence design are most common with homeowners nowadays. Simply choose a white concrete wall with a small, Japanese-style pedestrian metal gate. You can incorporate bamboo to make it more zen-like.

Modern & Linear

A good option for modern houses are fence designs that use black horizontal slats which not only provide enough privacy, but also show a glimpse of your green lawn. A modern fence can also be paired with grid-design iron gates.

Geometric concrete are also used for a super modern fence design. High concrete fences can provide extra privacy, safety, and not to mention, beauty for your home. These concrete fences are usually smooth and grey, with geometric gaps or lines for added details. These gaps allow air and just enough light to pass through.

Tall Hedges

A bit claustrophobic? If high fences aren’t your thing, or maybe your just fencing your backyard, a good alternative to high fences are low fence designs with tall hedges.


A monotone fence design doesn’t always have to be monotonous. You can mix greens while choosing decking plans for a cohesive, linear outdoor fence. Or a pale design, opt for a all-white gate and fence to sport a modern-monotone home.

White picket fence

A trend in most south cities in the Philippines are white picket fences which are widely used in communities in Laguna and Tagaytay.

Carved-out style

If you have an unusual space, marine ply are cost-effective ply wood that can be purchased at the home depot which can easily be cut to fit your desired shape.

Other fence ideas

Match your fence design with your shutters

For other fence design ideas, you can match the color or shades of your shutters with your fence for a seamless transition. Not only will it match your home’s landscape, but it ensures continuity on your landscape.

Accessorize your fence

Hanging baskets – elevate your wooden fence by adding a pop of design with hanging planters or pots. Drill enough holes to create enough space to hook your baskets.

Lights – For your backyard fence, you can add some fairy lights or string lights to give-off a rustic, cozy vibe to your outdoor area. Add your string lights along your fence line which serves a good lighting during the evening.

Planter box – Planter boxes can be placed on your fences to sport a modern fence design. Common not only for your garden but also used for exterior fence ideas. When used for your backyard fence, you can drape curtains along the pole to frame the corners of your planter box.

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