The Indoor Guide to Enjoy This Summer Season

By: Gregory Itliong
The Indoor Guide to Enjoy This Summer Season

Most people will agree with me that Summer Season nowadays is unlike the ones that we’ve experienced in the past. Going outdoors, and doing outdoor activities to have fun, eat and relax seemingly became difficult because of the unbearable heat that can literally burn your skin. You don’t have to worry though! Because here are 5 simple ways for you to enjoy the summer months in the comfort of your home. So save your sunscreens, hide your umbrellas, and let’s get started.


Here are some indoor summer activities you can do to spend time and have fun

I. Movie Marathon with Family and Friends

What better way to spend your indoor time than immersing yourself in the world of films! Cinephiles would say that watching movies is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of appreciating art, heightening your cultural awareness, and witnessing the world from a different perspective. Here are some must-watch film recommendations that will surely hook at first glance:

  • Forrest Gump (1994)
  • Deep Impact (1998)
  • The Green Mile (1999)
  • The Lovely Bones (2009)
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Make the experience better by watching them with your family member, friends, and partner. This fun activity is very demanding of your time though but even so, trust me, it’s something worth investing your precious time with.

II. Discover your Inner Artistry – Paint, Draw, & Write

It is always fascinating how artists can effortlessly portray their thoughts and emotions through their masterpieces and guess what? You can be an artist as well right at this very moment. Everything begins with your imagination, convert the intangible ideas and feelings into something that will mark its place in the world. Here are some fun ways to motivate you in bringing out your inner talent:


Paint your emotions

Your work of art doesn’t really have to make sense most of the time. It could simply be an abstract of colors that reflects your underlying emotions. So think about how you’re feeling at the moment and express it with the use of your palette.

Draw something that makes you happy

Try to think of one thing that makes you smile. It could be your favorite food, your most prized possession, or even a special someone, doesn’t really matter but go ahead and try to draw it anyway!

Write an unforgettable experience

We’re pretty sure that all of us had that one moment that we can’t just get over with – for example, when you graduated from college because it was so overwhelming to be at the time when all of your hard work finally paid off. Challenge yourself to accurately put your experience into writing.

Explore your inner skills and push your limits – you can be whatever you set your mind to, so grab your art tools and create your magnum opus!

III. Explore New and Personalized Recipes


Surprise your loved ones with your own unique and special dish. Gone are the days when we look at our cookbooks and recipes for conventional food that we all had a taste for already. It’s not necessary to have so much expertise when it comes to cooking, just always remember that the most important ingredient that you can add to every recipe is that you put your heart into it. List down the flavors that will tickle your taste buds and bring out your inner chef! Think of two dishes that you love the most and find a way to combine them – this sounds a bit risky, we know but that’s where the fun is right? It doesn’t have to be literally the exact same dish mixed into one, just take a bit of each until you make it work. You can also try to mix your drinks. Some beverages, for example, mango juice, and milk surprisingly work really well together.

Experimenting with different methods of cooking and ingredients is a surefire way to have fun indoors on a hot summer day, so invite your friends over, make their jaws drop, and give them a taste of your mastery in cooking.

IV. Decorate and Design your Home

Greet the heat with excitement as you redecorate the interiors of your condo for sale Philippines with a bright and lightened look this summer. Transform your plain and boring living space to a relaxing and cozy setting as we all know, this season is all about outdoor enjoyment like going to the beach or having a stroll down the park but due to climate change and global warming, most of us prefer to just stay in the comfort of our homes. Here’s the good news! You can actually incorporate the elements of nature by simply combining neutral accents and colorful decorations that will give your place a vibrant look.


Focus on pastel colors and whites that will bring out the summer vibes, you can also go for nautical decors to give off a coastal charm or bring the outdoors inside by using realistic-looking fake plants. A lot of you might be thinking that it’s going to be costly to decorate your home but that’s not always the case. As long as you’re creative and resourceful then there’s no need to spend so much just to get the look that you desire. Bottom line is, that decorating and designing shouldn’t be considered a task for you but instead, a way for you to enjoy and be productive with your time indoors.

Buy indoor plants and do some indoor gardening. Become a plantito/plantita. Enjoy the fresh air that your new plants provide you. You can do whatever you want because it is your own home.

V. Listen to Music or Play Instruments

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending your time at home while listening to your favorite songs and we made sure to include this on the list because there’s actually a scientific basis for why listening to music and playing instruments can undeniably make you happy! It is said that music enjoyment is linked to dopamine release, a chemical in the brain that gives you a feeling of rush and is also tied to motivation, which explains the excitement that you feel whenever you hear a well-liked song in a random place.


Instead of going out and being exhausted by the scorching heat, try to relax and listen to different songs that will bring you peace and comfort. Have a fun time and appreciate the gift of music and indulge in the rhythm that beats within you!

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