Modern Interior Designs Ideas for Your Condo

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Imagine you’re entering your condo in Muntinlupa and all you could see is a design style based on your own insights or, possibly, something that just eventually created itself as you stayed there, making a home of your own. But there’s this sense of wanting to have a sleek and better-looking environment, there’s this desire to want the room you’re in to become a cohesive space, in a way that it almost feels like art is on your walls, on your furnishings, and on every single detail of the interiors of your condo.

Modern interior design styles exist to uplift this sense of inspiration, towards the pinnacle of design anyone would want to see in their everyday life, from waking up to going to bed. Anyone would want to walk into their dining room and see that they’re still in the same space which is glued together by, for example, a modern design that ties in all the elements of the room together.

With the help of an interior designer, you can look at your room with a renewed perspective in relation to the structural elements of your space. But if you’re already planning out how you want your living spaces to be, then perhaps looking at the following interior designs can aid you in figuring out whether you want geometric shapes, bright colors, neutral tones, or perhaps anything you’d find the perfect backdrop to the architectural details of your home.

Here Is Some Contemporary-Style Interior Design That You Might Like:

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

To start off with the possible interior design you may want for your space, the mid-century modern interior design style has become a sort of umbrella term for anything of modern design from the mid-20th century, around the 1940s to the 1970s.

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Interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright, with his own styles of representing modern interior design, uses warm wood, paneling, brown bathroom tiles, and chrome plumbing, giving any viewer a clear impression of its apparent Japanese influence as observed by its prominence during the mid-century modernism.

Through the modern decor and use of natural materials, there’s a sense that makes it feel dated while adding depth and beauty with its modern influences.

Contemporary Interior Design

Not to be confused with minimalist interior design, contemporary interiors place to focus on the quality of being sleek with the use of minimal elements, bespoke furniture, and high-tech details. As compared to the modern and minimalist interiors, the contemporary design has a focus on being more streamlined and textural.

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Eclectic Interior design

The contemporary style of interior design also appears to have been one of the influences of many other interior designs. An example of this is eclectic interior design, related to maximalism, which utilizes contemporary furnishings in harmonious proportion to African textiles, along with Asian and American art.

Art Deco Interior Design

Another interior design influenced by contemporary interior design is art deco, which places prime emphasis on straight lines and geometric shapes. It dates back to 1920s Europe where intricate decoration adorned abodes with materials like lacquer, mirrored glass, and marble. Contemporary interior design enters here through intervention by interior designers like Nick Olsen who represents the design through contemporary colors.

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Neo-Industrial Interior Design

This type of interior design, which to be clear is different from industrial design, reimagines industrial architecture and all its accompanying elements. From the concrete walls to the metal details, the industrial-style interior design, another term for neo-industrial, is the interior design that provides that “warehouse” atmosphere, making the seemingly-unfinished walls become aesthetically pleasing.

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The use of industrial materials gives the clean lines of this interior design the impression and sensation of a wide and open space.

Farmhouse Interior Design

The farmhouse interior design is all about functional simplicity, paired with elements coming from the shaker and colonial design. With the farmhouse design, humility pairs with the styles of American history.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design

With the modern version of the farmhouse interior design, midcentury and industrial elements are incorporated along with the simplification of the shapes seen in its original design. Moreover, the modern farmhouse also borrows from minimalism through its color palette.

Regency Interior Design

With tall-backed chairs and long tables, any interior designer who is tasked to establish regency knows to place crystal chandeliers above the dining room. There are also gilded mirrors that enlighten the room’s atmosphere.

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Minimalist Interior Design

This interior design focuses on doing more with less, hence the absence of a lot of items and the utter maximization of things that, in and of themselves, are minimal. In a space practicing the interior design of minimalism, the use of light and contrast is evident and is with purpose.

In rooms with minimal design, the clean lines of the room are the defining features of the space, may it be coming from the light or the furniture within the space. Perhaps your condo in Muntinlupa can work with this type of interior design at first.

Interior Design Style Takeaways

In all its essence, interior design simply calls for one thing: create a space that you can call home. Interior designers, while they support you with their own ideas and tested practices, know how to place you, who will actually live in the space, in the context and atmosphere you want to be in. The beauty of an interior design, in relation to the space it defines, is always dependent on the appreciation of the person who will return to it every day.

Look first into the motifs, the themes, the colors, and the impressions of a certain design, then see if it works. In the case that it does not, just repeat and repeat and if needed, tweak. All interior designs come in well-defined packages you can unpack to take over the place you’ll call home, but beyond that, you can take bits and pieces, then stick them together to create something that works for you.

And so, as every single day ends and you enter the bedroom of your condo in Muntinlupa to rest and finally end yet another day, all of it will always be situated inside the space where you live, all of it inside the space you have the power to define.

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