A Super Early Christmas Gift List for Your Upscale Lifestyle

By: Matthew Du
A Super Early Christmas Gift List for Your Upscale Lifestyle

Christmas is just around the corner and that means another round of buying gifts for your friends and family. Every year, we’ve got to deal with the same things: clothes, shoes, and books.

The fear of giving a child an expensive gift that they break the next day or giving a parent expensive home systems that they never use is real. So instead, we go for the less impressive options: the coffee mugs, handkerchiefs, and plates.

But that doesn’t really tell your family that you love them right? With Filipinos having really close familial ties, it makes so much sense that we want to provide the best gifts for our loved ones. In our fear of failure, we settle for less: the mediocre gifts that people won’t have to complain about.

What if I told you that that doesn’t have to be the case? Well, it really isn’t. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best Christmas gifts that you could get your family members. Some of them are so exclusive that you should look to get them today if you even want to stand a chance of picking them up.

Are you excited to finally be the cool tita or tito this year? Let’s get right into it.

Why Should I Shop Early For Christmas?

photo of christmas gifts

Before we begin, let’s first answer the question: Why Should I Shop Early For Christmas? Well, we’ve come up with three reasons why:

One of the Main Reasons is to Put More Thought Into Your Gifts

There’s an old saying that goes: “It’s the thought that counts.” and that normally applies to gifts you receive that you don’t like. But what if you got gifts that you actually liked? And it’s because your relatives put WAY more thought into it. That’s exactly what you do if you get super early Christmas gifts. Give yourself the necessary amount of time to consider the needs and wants of each person so that when you buy your gift, you know that it’s not going to waste.

More Time Planning For Other Things

Unfortunately, Christmas shopping isn’t the only thing you have to do during the holiday season. You’ll also have to throw parties and attend events. By shopping early, you free up your time to do all the great things that people love during the holidays. Think about this way: you’re not just budgeting your money but your time as well.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Find Better Prices

In the United States, early Christmas shoppers are rewarded with awesome sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday where they can snag the best prices for their gifts. That doesn’t really happen here but the idea remains the same. Sometimes, malls and stores like Vista Malls will hold these huge sales where you can buy the best items for cheap prices. While sales like these may attract huge crowds, it’s nothing in comparison to the crowds that form during the last few days before Christmas, except the Christmas crowds are under more pressure from the time crunch and the lack of inventory. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better knowing that you did your shopping months ahead.

Here at Crown Asia, we understand the need for comfort and relaxation. After all, we put both these aspects at the forefront of our minds when we develop new homes. Whenever we create houses and lots for sale here in the Philippines, we always ask ourselves one question: “How will this improve the lives of the people living within our subdivisions?”

Be it property management or security systems, we’re always looking for ways to make your home feel more like a home.

Anyway, be more relaxed and comfortable during the holidays by getting your shopping done early.

Where Can I Shop Online?

photo of a woman thinking with her laptop

Now, with the pandemic going on for over a year, I’m sure you’ll have found ways to shop online, especially given that this isn’t going to be the first holiday season under lockdown. With that said, for those of you that are still having trouble adjusting, here’s a quick list of some of the most reliable and trusted shopping platforms that you can visit to do your online shopping this year.


Lazada just might be the most popular shopping site in the country as it draws millions of customers each day. This is totally understandable as the platform is designed like a huge mall, where you can purchase a whole lot of stuff – from smartphones and gadgets to household items and school supplies.

They’re the catalyst for boosting the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines and should definitely be on your list for online shopping sites.


As it inches closer to Lazada in terms of popularity, Shopee should definitely be on your list of online shopping portals and platforms when you’re Christmas shopping. One thing that many people have commented on is the presence of more options compared to Lazada when it comes to everyday items.

Both Shopee and Lazada hold monthly sales which you should definitely take advantage of for your online shopping. These sales take place when the month and date match each other. For example, January 1, February 2, March 3, and so on and so forth.

Like we said before, make sure to capitalize on these sales because not only will they allow you to save more money but they’ll maybe even allow you to get better things.


Formerly known as Sulit.PH – this site is most known for being a middleman for buying and selling pre-loved items.

Similar to the FB marketplace, you’re not going to be dealing with a lot of stores here. Instead, you’ll be dealing with everyday people like you and me looking to create either a side income or just get a little money back from a wrong purchasing decision.

Some of the Best Christmas Gifts For Your Upscale Lifestyle

photo of a person handing out a christmas gift

We’ve asked around and here are some of the most common Christmas gifts that people have said they wanted. Take a look at this list and think about the people you love: will anyone appreciate gifts like these?

3-In-1 Charging Hubs

photo of scented candels

3-in-1 charging hubs are becoming all the rage, especially in Apple circles. Users who own a smartwatch, AirPods, and a smartphone will love this idea because of the sleek design and efficient use case. It’s great for the tech-loving family member who has a gazillion chagrin stations plugged to their wall socket.

Scented Candles

photo of lego storm troopers

With more and more people staying home, the rise in popularity of the scented candle is becoming more and more understandable. It’s a great way to elevate your home vibes and really make it a comfortable place of living.

Espresso Machines

phot of an espresso machien

Since the lockdowns started, people have found different ways to bring their outside interactions into their homes. One example of this would have to be getting coffee. Since Starbucks is no longer an option, coffee stations at home have certainly been a trend – and getting an espresso machine is the epitome of home coffee stations. Bring the coffee shop to our kitchen counter with an espresso machine.

Home Sound Systems

photo of a home sound system set

Speaking of bringing things to your home, why not cap off the perfect remote workday with a movie? And what’s a movie without the booming bass from your home sound system. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t want to upgrade your home sound system to a pair of shoddy speakers that won’t help you understand the movie dialogue, right?

Smart Watches

photo of a smart watch

If you’re loved one doesn’t own one already, a smartwatch from any brand would be a fantastic gift for the techy relative. The best part about smartwatches is their diverse range in prices. Some could go as high as 30,000php and some could go as low as 1,000php, it really depends on the brand that you buy

Cookware sets

photo of kitchenware

Who’d want to cook using dirty knives, pots, and pans? Why not have them upgraded to something better and more useful? Who wouldn’t want to create the best dishes of their life with a new cooking set?

Massage Guns

photo of a massage gun

For anyone into health and fitness, the gift of a quick recovery and an at-home massage will definitely leave you in their good graces for quite some time. We could all use rest and relaxation, so have a massage gun take you away to a blissful zone of muscle relaxation. It’s the perfect gift for a relative that’s into sports.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

photo of a smart vaccum

With so many of us staying at home, it’s a luxury to be able to keep it clean even without having to clean it. If you have a robot vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to worry about that. It’ll clean up all your messes and do the heavy lifting for you. We have a lot going on inside our homes, whether we’re home more often than usual or not. Give the gift of a clean home to your loved ones.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

photo of headphones

Home life can get quite distracting and noisy, when you’re stuck at home with 4 other people, there’s bound to be some interruptions and it’s going to be annoying, especially if you just want to sit down and get some work done. With noise-cancelling headphones, that’ll no longer be a problem. Aside from giving you, some forced peace and quiet, headphones are just a natural social cue for people to not disturb you. Drown out the outside world and focus on the task at hand using noise-canceling headphones.

Portable Projectors

photo of a projector

Having a movie theater in your home is the dream, right? However, you’re probably not gonna have someone else’s home remodeled or expanded as a gift for the holidays – seems a bit too much. What you can do, though, is get them a portable projector where they can binge-watch their favorite shows on the big screen. If you know someone who misses going to the movies or anyone who could benefit from having an outdoor family movie night, get them a portable projector and watch their eyes light up.

Air Purifiers

photo of cactus shaped air purifiers

Protect your loved ones with an air purifier. If Covid cases were to start surging again, I’m definitely sure that a gift like an air purifier would be highly appreciated. Experts have said that using an air purifier to clean the air in your home is a good thing to do if used along with other best practices, like washing your hands and wearing a mask. It’s never been this easy to protect your loved ones.


photo of an artwork

All right, I have no idea why people don’t give enough artwork as a gift. It’s simple and thoughtful if you pick out a piece that you think would mean a lot to a person. Plus, it’s decorative. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful painting to decorate their homes and spruce up their lifestyle?

Smart Mug

photo of a coffee mug

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in popularity for items like the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug or just, you know, smart mugs in general. The idea behind them is that they’ll keep your drinking liquid warm over the day. You’ve had that problem before, right? You’ve made coffee but within 5 minutes, it’s cooled down so you have to pop it back into the oven. Yeah, you wouldn’t need that with a smart mug anymore.

On Choosing Christmas Gifts For The Upscale Lifestyle You Have

photo of a bag of christmas gifts

With that said, you now have some great gift ideas for your loved ones for the upcoming holiday season. While these gift ideas might be awesome, I’m sure that your relatives will appreciate some thought behind them. That’s exactly why we said that you should start looking for Christmas gifts early, for you to be able to put some thought and for ample time to start shopping.

But above all, please remember that Christmas gifts aren’t the end all be all of Christmas. The holiday isn’t about who could give you the most expensive gift or who gives you the most useful item. At the end of the day, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and cherishing them.

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