How to Protect Your Accessories From the Summer Heat

By: Phinalope Chandumal

As the season brings in more vacation time and the summer heat, people would take the time to look their best. Of course there are summer clothing essentials, but something that adds extra spice to complete the summer look is your jewelry. This is the also the best time to keep your jewelry stored properly as the heat may affect its quality. As early as now, take care of your jewelry so that you can also save and pass it down for years to come.

Make sure that you have a knack for keeping your jewelry clean from not only dirt and harsh chemicals that could affect your accessories, but also from the heat. In this article, take note on how to keep your jewelry in its premium state.

Why do you need to protect your jewelry from the heat?

Your precious jewelry, when exposed to the sunlight in your condo for sale can be compromised. Especially when the heat touches the metal for a long time, the metal gets softer which can cause deformities. Your jewelry could get warped into a different shape to the point where it could be uncomfortable to wear on the daily. If your accessories also have its own special design, like gemstones, be cautious as gemstones can not withstand heat. Its vibrant colors could become dull and lifeless without its own sparkle and brilliance.

How to keep your jewelry safe during the summer heat

Secure your precious jewelry properly

This vacation season, if you’re traveling, never put jewelry in checked bags. It does not matter if you’re on-the-go traveling or just at home, just be able to make sure you can put and store your jewelry in a dry and enclosed space. Some jewelry may hold sentimental or monetary value which is why it’s important to have it safe in a carry-on-bag that you could casually check whenever you’re out.

Be wary of water

In the Philippines, it is common to go to beaches or take a dip in swimming pools during the summer because of the warm weather. After taking those nice selfies that are for keeps for the years to come, make sure that you know which types or bodies of water you can allow your accessories to be dipped in as some PH levels of water do not match well with the material of jewelry.

Chlorine in pools can be damaging and harsh as it can cause discoloration to your jewelry. Precious metals and gemstones can also be affected as chlorine also removes the finish and polish of it. This results to a darker color of your accessory, which is not flattering.

Sand and saltwater can easily cling on dirt, which is why it’s essential to bring a soft cloth to clean off the debris.

Clean jewelry regularly, but don’t over do it!

Here are some ways you could clean and take care of your jewelry. The best way to keep it clean is the old method of soap and warm water. You will be needing a bowl that will fit all the jewelry you will clean, then fill it with warm water, gentle dish soap of your choice, a soft clean toothbrush, and a soft cloth.

Add a couple of drops of dish soap to your warm water to make it into a cleaning solution, then soak your jewelry in it for 30 minutes. Once you remove your jewelry, gently scrub it with the toothbrush, and rinse it in a fresh bowl of warm water. Allow your jewelry to air dry if you wouldn’t be using it immediately or dry it with a soft cloth. Repeat these steps for your next use.

But if your jewelry is in need of deep cleaning or it’s been a while since you’ve had your last professional cleaning, have it cleaned properly by a trusted jeweler. A jeweler can intensively clean your jewelry and inspect it properly to make sure you’re not at risk of losing any of the gem stones.

Know your gems

Most would ask how to know their gems? Be able to keep your jewelry in its optimal condition by knowing every detail of it. Gemstones vary in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some may be more sensitive to care for than others. There are two categories for these precious stones that you have to be aware of: porous and heat-sensitive gems

Some examples of porous stones include: coral, pearl, amber, opal, and emerald. These types of gemstones are mostly present in giving the summer vibe in jewelries. These are softer than the usual which needs extra care of, since they are prone to water damage and needs special maintenance for its beauty.

On the other hand, heat-sensitive stones include: amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, onyx, and aquamarine. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures could potentially cause the heat-sensitive gems to either crack or have discoloration over time faster. Store sensitive stones away from high temperatures and away from direct light. Be extra careful where you store them if you want to keep it in the best condition.

Follow the rule of “last thing on, first thing off”

The rule of dressing up first before putting on accessories, then taking jewelry off first before other garments is a smart way to care for your jewelry. This prevents tearing your garments and any buildup that could get stuck on your jewelry. But why is it most important to practice during the summer time? This is due to the amount of products that we apply on our skin, such as lotion, sunscreen, and perfume. Minimize the potential of damaging and having grime on your jewelry by following this simple rule and when you’re engaging in activities that call for heavy application of these types of products.

Have fun in the sun at your condo for sale‘s amenities while not compromising the pristine condition of your jewelry. One of the best things to enjoy this summer is to make sure that you are completely ready to face on the warm, sunny weather with style!

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