Top 8 Accessories To Help Stay Cool This Summer

By: Patricia Soberano
stay cool

The Philippines is widely known for being a tropical nation. Because of this, the majority of locals and even tourists from other countries are well aware of how hot it can get hot, especially during the summer.

With this, people are preparing for the extreme heat that comes with the scorching summer as it draws near. Living in a condo in Las Pinas might even make it difficult to resist the rising temperatures if one is not equipped with the appropriate accessories.

On the other hand, having the appropriate accessories may make all the difference, whether one is trying to stay cool indoors or enjoying the view of the cityscape from their balcony or swimming pool.

Therefore, this article will provide a list of things you need to stay cool and comfortable during the summer, and making sure your condo in Las Pinas is a safe space from the heat.

Why is it important to stay cool?

It is extremely important that you keep your cool under extreme heat. Heat waves are not just uncomfortable; but they can also be dangerous, especially for elderly people and those with weakened immune systems, as they can result in heat exhaustion and stroke.

How do you cool down in a hot weather?

The most effective precaution against heat-related illnesses is to stay as cool as you can and drink lots of water.

Diseases brought on by the heat include heat exhaustion, heat stroke, cramps, dehydration, and an aggravation of pre-existing medical disorders. Furthermore, it’s significant to recognize and promptly treat those who are afflicted by heat-related illnesses by being aware of their indications and symptoms.

What are the accessories I need to stay cool in the heat?

1. Portable fan

Portable fans are an essential instrument for personal comfort as they are portable, flexible, and have improved cooling capabilities.

In addition, this kind of fan is easy to carry (when you go outdoors) and provides a cooling effect even in the intense summer heat.

2. Insulated water bottles

As a way to stay hydrated, to cool down your body temperature, and maintain liquids at the ideal temperature—especially during the long, hot summer days—stainless steel insulated water bottles have increased in demand.

Drinks can be kept hot or cold for a longer amount of time with the help of these insulated water bottles. They have vacuum insulation technology and double-walled stainless steel construction, which help to keep the liquid inside at a consistent temperature.

3. Cooling towel

It is undeniable that even after taking a cold shower in their condo in Las Pinas to refresh themselves, most people still sweat out and feel heated shortly thereafter. The reason why, it’s important that individuals make smart towel decisions, particularly in the upcoming summer season.

The highly recommended cooling towels often use modern cooling technologies that provide immediate heat relief. When they come into touch with moisture—water or sweat, specifically—they are activated and have a cooling effect that aids in controlling body temperature in hot weather and during intensive physical activity.

Furthermore, particular materials are used to create cooling towels, which have the dual qualities of being able to absorb and hold water. The most often utilized materials are microfiber and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), both of which have great absorption capacities and rapid drying times.

4. UV-Protective Umbrella

It is highly recommended to invest in a UV-resistant umbrella so that one can shade themselves wherever they go.

Moreover, it is highly evident that umbrella gives the much-needed shade from the sun when arranging a picnic on the condo premises or just relaxing by the pool. However, for the best possible protection from the sun, one may look specifically for umbrellas with a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating.

5. Blackout curtains

It might be difficult to keep your home cool when the sun beams through your windows, even with the greatest air conditioner.

Fortunately, blackout shades and blinds can cut heat loss through the windows by up to 24%, resulting in colder summer temperatures in the rooms they are put in. With this, homeowners will be able to save energy and operate the cooling and heating systems in their home more effectively.

6. Car sunshades

Aside from having the necessary accessories for your home and items you may take outdoors with you, it is also important to remember that cars are not immune to the heat.

Sunshades are a great way to keep the temperature in the car from rising too high. They shield your dashboard and interior car from natural light and are composed of lightweight, reflective materials.

7. Cooling mat for your pets

Like people, pets are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses and discomfort during the scorching summer months. This is especially evident in tropical regions like the Philippines.

Hence, it’s vital to protect all fur babies from the heat, especially if they are running around the house. For dogs in particular, frozen treats and little amounts of ice added to their water bowl can be quite beneficial.

Furthermore, a cooling mat is an additional method of keeping a pet cool during the summer. Pets can relax and feel less stressed when they are in a soothing environment created by a cooling mat. 

These gel-filled mats can provide relief for many hours at a time by absorbing a pet’s body heat immediately upon sitting on them—this process begins by pressure.

8. Dehumidifier

The purpose of dehumidifiers is to extract humid air from heated spaces, which can provide a cooling impact.

When used indoors, a dehumidifier may be a very useful tool, especially for those who want to keep their home cool during the summer. A dehumidifier helps take out any extra moisture in the air, which helps make a room seem less moist and sticky. It can even be used in addition to air conditioning systems or on its own.

Bottom Line

Homeowners may enjoy a cool and comfortable summer whether they choose to spend it outside or in their condo in Las Pinas by equipping themselves with the appropriate accessories. These necessary items, which range from UV-protective umbrellas to portable fans, can help anyone enjoy the summer’s bounty while beating the heat.

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