Summer Fashion Do’s and Dont’s

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
summer fashion

Summer fashion could be a two-sided coin that quickly turns to love and hate. Indeed, we are huge fans of button details this season. However, with too many of these, your look ends up resembling a toddler’s arts and crafts. These dos and don’ts for summer fashion below will ensure that you’re on the right side of the line. Summer outfits are definitely this season’s latest so its important to incorporate the current style of today.

When it comes to summer fashion style, it doesn’t require much fashion rules; one isn’t overdressed or underdressed. However, if it’s summer fashion trends that are most difficult to achieve, feel free to scroll down and discover what’s in and what’s out fashion-wise for summer dressing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Fashion

Do: Embrace Pastels

Lighten your mood with pastel colors like pink, violet, and yellow, which bring in a preserving touch of femininity and are meant for warmer seasons. Softer tones of pastels come in as very pleasant and sophisticated accessories for that summer outfit, no matter what it is, whether it is a flowy dress or a light top.

Don’t: Overdo Prints

While prints are certainly fun and can make any outfit vibrant, one should not be too carried away. Go for one print outfit statement piece and complete the rest of your dress simply. Striking a balance here means that your outfit will attract attention and will be fashionable but not over the top.

Do: Wear White

White, being a classic and versatile color for the summer, is one of the options. Regardless of your choice, whether to wear a fabulous white sundress to go out in the daytime or a pair of white jeans and a colorful top for the laziest of days, white oozes stylish sophistication and completes any summer outfit.

Don’t: Wear Clothes That Are Too Casual

Even though comfort is crucial, the level of casualness may not be applicable in every situation. Stay clear of clothes that are too laid-back, like sweatpants or oversized T-shirts, when you need to wear something more presentable at an event that requires being more formal.

Explore your style and identity to the fullest extent during summer. Whether incorporating vibrant colors, experimenting with different shapes, or including unique accessories, adopting new trends always brings freshness and uniqueness to the outfit.

Do: Incorporate Crop Tops

Show off the summer mood with crop tops, the ultimate perfect choice for your apparel. Combined with a high-waisted bottom style, crop tops give an elegant and flattering look ideal for the hotter seasons. Finish off this trendsetting look with natural and fuss-free vibes.

Do not mix conflicting fashion trends in one outfit because it will make your outfit look unfriendly and unbalanced. Instead, think about having cohesive elements work in your favor and complement one another to have a thoroughly put-together outfit.

Do: Experiment with Animal Prints

Animal prints are among the staples of the fashion world that never get old, lending a sense of boldness and refinement to any attire. Whether it’s a bold leopard print dress or another type of accessory with a hint of snakeskin, playing with animal prints can help you express yourself stylistically and show your wild senses at the same time.

Don’t: Wear Socks with Sandals

Do not repeat the mistake of wearing socks and sandals together; it can diminish the aesthetic appeal of your outfit. Choose sandals for wearing without socks or choose closed-toe shoes if there are colder days.

Do: Opt for Sun Protection

Give preference to sun protection in the hottest months of the year by incorporating sassy but useful accessories, such as bucket hats, into your wardrobe. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a way to favor fashion and long-term health.

10 Specific Do’s to Wear this Summer Season

1. Coastal Chic

Give your summer fashion line a new outlook by trying out a laid-back chic look that is beautiful and well put. Aim to wear breathable linens, crisp whites, and flowing fabrics like the ones you would find while on a French Riviera vacation.

Achieve Sofia Richie’s classic style with a white linen set that’s simple yet chic, topped off with a cozy sweater for crisp nights. Finish the look with accessories that indicate the peacefulness of seaside living.

2. Pretty in Pink

Bring some sunshine back to your closet with a nod to the “Barbiecore” trend that’s been rolling around the stylish world for quite a while. Choose classy bright pink tones in distinct asymmetric shapes and flowing garments.

Incorporate a cropped linen top with a maxi skirt in flamingo pink for a delightful take on casual elegance. Complete your look with colorful accessories that will make you noticeable and outstanding among any other crowd.

3. Office-Appropriate

Effortlessly transform your work into play style by wearing a versatile tailored set that incorporates professionalism and fashion.

Find the right fit for you by investing in a figure-flattering fitted vest and high-waisted trousers in basic tones of black or blue. Make the appearance flawless by adding a sleek handbag with patent leather outer as the final touch. The outfit will be ready to grab the attention of the people.

4. A Blazer Set

Make a statement during the heat wave by stepping out in a fashionable blazer set, an alternative statement to a classic office outfit.

Instead of wearing long pants, switch to shorts or skirts, as they are the most convenient and trendy option during the summer. If you want to wear a blazer casually, pair a fitted blazer with a crop tank top. Being polished and urban sophisticated, finish the look with some cool sneakers.

5. Crochet Cover-Up

Spice up the beach holiday atmosphere with an eye-catching crochet cover-up that will turn every swimwear outfit into a playful outfit.

Maxi-striped dresses in bright colors layered over white bikinis will give it a fresh and summery look. Complete the look with flip-flops and add large sunglasses to create glamour.

6. Public Pajamas

Relax while being fashionably adopted with a pair of pajama sets, which keeps you looking sophisticated and refined but still fairly casual. Go with a cotton blend voile blouse matched with shorts in a casual fit in the same colors for ultimate comfort.

Finish the casual outfit with leather sandals for some style, and this would be ideal for shopping or just lazing around at home.

7. Understated Luxury

Bring out the elegance of understated luxury in your summer wardrobe by wearing a ruffled top over a pair of white trousers. Embracing natural tones will give it a timeless and classy look that will be perfect for any occasion, context, or time of the day.

To add final touches of elegance to your attire, wear an elegant leather shoulder bag, and it will surely look gracefully stylish anywhere.

8. A Pop of Green

Go the extra mile with a green dress punctuated by bold hot pink accessories for a fun, edgy outfit. Instead of adopting a casual look, you may wear a long green maxi dress, have ruffle trims in the outfit, and combine it with both kitten heel sandals and a ruched hobo bag.

Choose contrasting colors to add a touch of boldness to any outfit and, at the same time, retain its stylish nature.

9. The Button-Down Shirt

Always unbeatable and everlasting, the button-down shirt is ideal for summer and a wardrobe staple for any season. Remember that sophistication is the keyword here, but do not be afraid to rock a pair of sharply tailored shorts with an oversized linen shirt for the perfect summer look.

The casual personalities look great, and the stylish white sneakers give it a unique touch of calmness while keeping it urban, too.

10. The Silk Slip

Stay stylish in the summer while embracing leisure time through a silky slip skirt matched to a simple tank top, all developed to leave an output that is simple but classy. If it’s for a more relaxed yet refined look, choose a satin midi skirt in a pale hue and team it up with a light tank top.

Spice up your look by wearing leather sandals and a mini tote bag for a mature touch, the ideal addition to your wardrobe for summer get-togethers and brunch dates.


Whether it’s for coastal chic, pastel pink, or getting your hands on ruffle tops and white trousers, remember that summer fashion is all about being yourself with self-transparency and style. With these dos and don’ts, anyone is sure to impress and show off those skills in style, perfect for walking around at Citta Italia and experience living summer everyday!

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