Summer Delights for Your Furry Family Members

By: Page Abrazaldo
dog treats

The warm and fun summer season is just right around the corner. During this time of year, the sun’s heat makes people crave to be invigorated by cool treats, but not only do people seek something to keep them feel cool, the furry family members of your home will also want treats that will keep them refreshed.

There are a lot of dog treats that you could buy or make at home. Dog treats are essential especially when you have plans of bonding by training your dog or maybe you’d just want to give them something fresh and rewarding. They’re part of the family too, so going the extra mile by making your dog’s own summer delights should be fun! There are a variety of flavors that you could create for them that are not only packed with vitamins and nutrients, but it will also leave them happy and full!

5 DIY Frozen Dog Treats are Easy to Make!

Your house and lot for sale could be near any Pet Buddy store, where treats are easily accessible. But for the best frozen treats are made at home, plus, they’re more cost efficient. Your dog will give you kisses for it.

Peanut butter and jelly

– 1 cup of strawberries or jam of your choice
– ¼ cup of water
– Peanut butter (xylitol free)

(proceed to number 3 if you will be using ready-made jam)

  1. Wash the strawberries thoroughly and slice off the tops
  2. Add your strawberries and water to the blender until you form a smooth puree texture
  3. Pour and fill 3/4 of the the mixture into your ice cube trays
  4. Add a small amount of peanut butter into the slots
  5. Leave in the freezer until completely frozen

Chicken Stock Tasties

A savory, yet refreshing treat for your baby

– 1 reduced-salt chicken stock cube
– 450ml of water
(optional) handful of parsley


  1. Dissolve the stock cube thoroughly in warm or boiling water, then set aside for it to cool
  2. (optional) Chop the parsley finely and add into the chicken stock.
  3. Pour the mixture into the ice cube trays and leave in the freezer.
  4. You could either serve it on its own or add one cube into your dog’s water bowl to add flavor.
    As a furparent, if you’re concerned that your canine doesn’t drink enough on warm days, then the hearty flavor may encourage them to rehydrate.

Strawberry Banana Pupsicles

– 1 ½ cups of strawberries
– 2 bananas
– ½ cup coconut oil
– Dog biscuit treats
– A bit of water


  1. Blend the strawberries and bananas
  2. Mash the dog treats
  3. Add the half cup of coconut oil and mix all the ingredients together
  4. Once it has reached a paste-like mixture, add in the water.
  5. Pour each into the ice cube trays and leave in the freezer.

Flea-Free Treats

Yes, you’ve heard it right! There are dog treats such as this that are sure to aid in prevention of your dog’s fleas. No need for toxic collars or shampoos when you can refresh your dog treats that will also prevent them from the risk of fleas.


– 1 and 1/8 cup of coconut oil

– 1/2 cup of brewer’s yeast


  1. Combine the melted coconut oil and brewer’s yeast
  2. Blend them together until smooth consistency
  3. Pour in to the ice molding tray
  4. Chill in the freezer until it solidifies

Frozen Yogurt and Pumpkin Treats


– 1 cup pumpkin/squash puree

– 1 cup plain yogurt


  1. Mix the pumpkin and yogurt together evenly
  2. Pour into the ice tray and leave frozen for 24 hours
  3. Whip out the healthy and refreshing snack and let your dog have it as a rewarding treat

Tips to make sure your dog stays refreshed & healthy this summer!

The best way to be a good furparent is to know that despite the variety of treats for your dog’s refreshment, there should still be moderation to it. Your pet will surely enjoy the effort of you creating the delicious snack for them to beat the heat while also keeping their health in mind.

Don’t let them overindulge in their dog treats.

During this summer time, we also like to indulge and reward ourselves with tasty snacks, but this could be detrimental to their overall fitness and well-being if given too much. Same goes for our little dogs. Despite their pedigree, how you treat and value them by taking care of their holistic well-being is essential for maintaining a serene home for the summer.

Only give the frozen treats in moderation

Despite the tasty and healthy ingredients, it could still be a lot for a dog to consume. Only give the treats as a reward for your dog’s best behavior or when the summer temperature gets a little too much to bear. Help them out by making sure that they are well taken care of in your house and lot for sale.

Give them plenty of cold water

In between hours, give your canine plenty of cold water to keep them rehydrated and active. Especially when the sun is scorching hot, as this could lead to pet’s getting heat stroke or dehydration. Always ensure that there is a pet bowl wherever your furbaby is and monitor if there’s enough water to drink.

Keeping your pets refreshed during summer is crucial for their well-being. Just like humans, animals can suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration in hot weather. Providing them with access to fresh, cool water and ensuring they have shaded areas to rest can help prevent overheating. Additionally, scheduling walks and outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late evening, can minimize the risk of heat-related illnesses. By prioritizing their hydration and comfort, you can ensure that your furry companions stay healthy and happy throughout the summer months.

Your pets are part of the family too. Create moments that will last a lifetime with them. Reward them with the best. You welcome them to a new day with love. Get to let them experience refreshing moments in your home. Make it a place that is sanctuary-like just like your house and lot for sale in Crown Asia.

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