Soccer for Your Children

By: Levi Santiago
Soccer for Your Children

Exercise is important for every person. It provides benefits to the holistic health of any person who engages in regular physical activity. Sports are a good way to exercise, and if you are thinking about having your kids participate in a sport, then soccer is a good choice among the many sports that exist in the world. Whether it’s by playing in a safe field in your house and lot for sale in Cavite or by having your kid join a soccer club, there are many benefits of soccer for youth. This blog will enumerate some benefits of playing soccer, specifically in the case that your kids play soccer.

Boosted Confidence and Self-Esteem

Since soccer is a sport, it involves exercise; and exercise is shown to produce feel-good hormones that make you feel better, and this is shown to be true for virtually all people in the world. Moreover, soccer involves having players work together as a team to score goals and win the game being played.

By working hard alongside teammates to score goals, the experiences that your kids will have by playing soccer will boost their capacity for determination, which is a good quality to have in the world. And in the event that your kids score a goal or be on a winning team after working hard in a soccer game, their self-esteem and confidence will increase as part of the benefits of playing soccer because they will have proven to themselves that if they work hard, they will achieve their goals.


Soccer Fosters Teamwork Values

Learning how to collaborate with other people is an important value to learn in life that is part of the benefits of playing soccer, and this value will prove to be useful to your kids as they grow older. A good opportunity to build teamwork values in your kids is to let them play soccer, and for them to experience the benefits of playing soccer.

Through soccer, they will learn to do team coordination in the game, because goals in soccer are won through the collective effort of the team working towards one goal. Moreover, as part of the benefits of soccer, learning teamwork will teach your kids how to get along better with their peers and any other people.

Soccer Is Fun Entertainment to Play

Your kids, just like all of the youth, are full of energy. A good way to put that energy to productive use is by playing soccer to gain health benefits and endurance. And the fact is, that, only will it engage the body of anyone playing soccer, but participating in soccer requires great focus and attention for anyone in the world that participates in the sport.

Hence, if your kids ever get immersed in playing soccer, their attention will be directed primarily towards the game and scoring a goal for their team. And this is sure to entertain your kid, possibly motivating them to play soccer even more. You might even find them practicing the game of soccer in your house and lot for sale in Cavite or watching the World Cup.

Motor Skills Are Strengthened

With how digitalized everyday living has become for everyone in the world at present time, a lot of kids have adopted sedentary lifestyles that fail to give their bodies any good physical activity. One good remedy to solve this issue is to engage them in fun sports. Soccer is one of these fun sports, not just because it’s full of running; rather, soccer is a game where a player has to move their body, without using their hands or arms (if the player is not a goalkeeper), to score a goal on the other side of the field.

This kind of activity is sure to teach your kids how to use their bodies to win a goal for their team. Even being a goalkeeper is bound to teach the assigned goalkeeper how to use their body to defend their team and stop the enemy team from scoring a goal.

Soccer Is Good Exercise

Soccer involves a lot of running with the aim of ensuring that the ball goes through the net to score goals. Because of such an activity, soccer will engage the leg and core muscles, and will serve as a good cardio activity for your kids. As a result, soccer will let your kids develop stronger bodies and endurance for physical activity. These benefits of soccer will carry over to their daily lives, making it more convenient to move around.

Teamwork Requires Socializing

In order to be able to coordinate with teammates properly, a player in a team has to learn how to get along and socialize with their fellow teammates. By engaging in socialization with the goal of building teamwork and winning a game, soccer will have your kids in situations where they have to interact with their teammates in order to win the game they are playing. The more your kids play soccer games, the more they get to interact with their peers and learn how to work with others to reach a common goal.


Increased Focus for Studies

Sports require good attention and focus in utilizing one’s body to participate in said sports, and this applies to anyone in the world who engages in sports. Soccer is a sport that fits this criteria. If your kids were to engage in sports like the game of soccer, their concentration will be improved because it will expose your kids to situations wherein they have to utilize problem-solving thinking, such as in cases wherein they need to get past an enemy player trying to steal their ball or figuring out how to kick the ball past the enemy goalkeeper and into the net.

Honing one’s problem-solving mindset in sports like soccer will benefit your kids greatly because it will translate into other activities in their lives, one of which is their academic studies. Other important values such as perseverance and discipline will also translate into their academic studies. Hence, playing soccer has benefits that carry over, whether it’s on and off the field, or in your house and lot for sale in Cavite.

Fortify the Idea of Gender Equality

Soccer as a sport can be a rough physical game, and it is a game that is not restricted for boys to play. Girls can play in soccer as well. Furthermore, the game of soccer is not purely dependent on physical strength, for it requires good team coordination and leadership skills.

By having your daughters engage in soccer, they will learn through playing that they are capable of participating in a sport that can potentially be rough and physically demanding. Moreover, having your daughters engage in applying strategy and hard work will be good for boosting your daughters’ confidence and self-esteem.

A good example of this is how the Philippines‘ women’s team made their debut in the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament. Despite their loss to the former champions of the World Cup, the women’s team of Norway, the Philippines’ women’s team surpassed expectations by beating a higher ranked team in their first attemp at the Women’s World Cup with their win against New Zealand. An experience such as this is likely to have boosted the morale of the Philippines’ women’s team, and it is probable that they will work harder to do better in the next Women’s World Cup.


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Out of the many sports in the world to play, soccer would be a good choice to pick. To play soccer would be to gain health benefits and the boosting of one’s confidence and self-esteem. Some of these health benefits include improved motor coordination and endurance. Not only that, team coordination and socialization included the benefits of playing soccer. Therefore, it is a great idea to expose your kids to soccer.

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