Famous Architects in the World and Their Works

By: Levi Santiago
Famous Architects in the World and Their Works

The creation of a building is the fruit of the coordinated effort between professional builders. And the designer of these builders is the architect; and throughout history, many architects in the world have strived to apply their vision for the benefit of society and the evolution of architecture. If you are interested in viewing some of the most famous architects around the world of all time and the works they made, this blog should serve as a decent guide on who to look into regarding famous architects and their works. Perhaps they could give you inspiration in what design you’d like for your house and lot for sale.

Famous Architects and Their Works

Zaha Hadid


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When discussing the works of the most famous architects in the world, one of the names to be mentioned is Zaha Hadid. Hadid’s style is all about curves, and this is what makes Hadid’s style one of the most unique in comparison to other renowned architects and the works they made. To be more specific, Hadid utilizes what is called “parametric architecture,” which is a style of architecture that is centered on the different combinations of arcs and the design of curved shapes.

With her background in mathematics, Hadid became one of the most well-known architects in the world by being well-versed in parametric architecture; because the curves that make up parametric architecture are mathematical equations that makeup parabolas, and the shape of curved graphs. Examples of her works and use of parametric architecture are the Millennium Dome, Land Formation One exhibition space, Al Janoub Stadium, and the Heydar Aliyev Center, as well as many more.

Arata Isozaki


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Impactful events in society and the world can give people ideas on what direction they want their life to move towards. For Arata Isozaki, it was the destruction caused by World War II that shaped his vision as one of the famous architects. In his career, Isozaki developed his architectural design around the concept of destruction. Isozaki named his unique design “twilight gloom.”

In becoming a great architect, he served as an apprentice to the leading architect of Japan’s postwar era. Isozaki made his mark by combining concepts of utilitarianism and Metabolist architecture. Some of his famous works are the Ōita Prefectural Library, Qatar National Convention Center, Kita-Kyūshū City Museum of Art, and the Fujimi Country Clubhouse, as well as many more.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


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When viewing the architectural styles of the 19th century, you will notice that there is an emphasis on decoration and intricate details, and many of the most famous architects in the world of all time during this period exemplify this. If you move forward in terms of the time period towards the 21st century, you will then observe that a prevalence of minimalist architecture implemented by famous architects occurred. This is because of how in that time period, pioneers of minimalist and Modernist architecture grew in popularity, and one of them is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is known for his phrase, “less is more,” which captures his architectural design completely. Mies van der Rohe’s works all center on simplicity and functionality in the design of buildings.

Despite emphasizing the lack of decoration, however, Mies van der Rohe utilized visually appealing materials in the design of his works. Examples of Mies van der Rohe’s famous works are the German Pavilion, The Barcelona Pavilion, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, and the Seagram Building in New York City, as well as many more.

Frank Gehry


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When discussing the famous architects in the world of all time, one name among them that is likely to be mentioned is Frank Gehry. Frank Gehry’s architectural design serves to be impactful in the development of different styles of architecture at the present time. This is because, during his career, Gehry’s works aimed to challenge the traditional and conventional architectural styles of his time.

As a result, Gehry is known for his works’ influence on the development of deconstructionist architecture, which is a style that strives to create aesthetics out of disorderly and unconventional design. Gehry is known for his influence on Postmodern architecture, which combines the decorative style of older centuries with concepts from Modernist architecture. Gehry’s famous works include the Olympic Fish Pavilion, Walt Disney Concert Hall, DZ Bank Building, and the IAC Building, as well as many more.

Le Corbusier


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Le Corbusier is one of the most famous architects of all time in the world due to his influence on the development of Modernist design. He is especially known for his impact on the development of the International style of architecture, which is an architectural design that focuses on buildings formed by straight lines, free-flowing interior spaces, and the lack of ornamentation. The modern skyscrapers you see around your house and lot for sale are likely influenced by Le Corbusier’s works.

Le Corbusier was known for his approach that went against the architectural design of excessive ornamentation, which was prevalent in the 19th century. Le Corbusier emphasized that decoration that has no importance to the structural quality of buildings should not be included. Le Corbusier is known for his famous works, which include the Villa Savoye, Notre Dame du Haut, United Nations Headquarters in New York City, and the Palace of Justice, as well as many more.

Ieoh Ming Pei


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Ieoh Ming Pei is considered as one of the famous architects in the world of all time because of his influence on contemporary architecture. His vision as an architect, centered on creating harmony between traditional architectural design and modern architectural design.

As a result, Pei is known for his architectural design that greatly utilizes geometric shapes that are visually appealing, while paying attention to making sure that the building design is functional. Example of Pei’s works is the Bank of China Tower, the Glass Pyramid, the John F. Kennedy Library, and the Museum of Islamic Art, as well as many more.



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If we were to mention one of the most famous architects in the world of all time who lived in a time period that is many centuries in the past, a notable inclusion would be Michelangelo. Michelangelo’s famous works are not just restricted to sculptures and paintings but also encompass various architectural achievements, such as the Laurentian Library, St. Peter’s Basilica, Palace of the Holy Office, Palazzo Farnese, and the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo was also one of the architects that served as the pioneer of the approach involving going against the traditional and conventional architectural design of one’s time period. He strived to go against classical architecture; an example of this is when he designed the Laurentian Library, using support structures as ornamentation instead.

Frank Lloyd Wright


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Known for his works that have served to be impactful to the field of architecture and to the development of modern architecture, is Frank Lloyd Wright. He made significant contributions to the Prairie style of architecture, which is an architectural style that focuses on the horizontal layout of buildings, instead of the vertical layout.

He was a famous architect and was known for his implementation of organic architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for Fallingwater, a building that is a popular contribution to the field of architecture. Given Wright’s influence on contemporary architecture, perhaps the design of your house and lot for sale has concepts inspired by Wright.

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