Metro Manila Subway – What Does It Bring to Taguig City?

By: Gabriel Javellana

The nature of the urban city is progress. Progress means a lot of things for a city – the variety of citizens, economy, goods and services, upgrades, convenience, and security. The root of all these things is growth. Growth for what a city, region, and even a country can be for the foreseeable future. The modern age has brought wonders for the modernization of traditional means. This could benefit how we traverse from place to place. Transportation is an important part of a city and for the entire country’s growth. The level of convenience that with every upgrade to our current transportation brings forth a large number of benefits, specifically efficient watts on how things get done on a daily basis.

Every subsequent addition of skyways and highways diminishes the bottlenecked traffic we experience every day. Over the years, the Philippines has been experiencing numerous infrastructure developments around the country. Our daily commutes will become hassle-free as the years go by. This is especially true with the Metro Manila Subway Project.

An Underground Railway System in Metro Manila

The Metro Manila Subway is considered one of the most ambitious projects in the Philippines today and it will be an influential and monumental infrastructure once it is accomplished soon. This will be a revolutionary project for the country, especially in the Metro Manila region, as it has been planned for several decades in the year 1973. As an example, it aims to reduce the travel time from Quezon City to Ninoy Aquino International Airport from 90 minutes to just 35.

Decongestion of traffic has been the major goal of the Department of Transportation in the modernization plans of the city. The Metro Manila Subway is one of the long-term benefits that can resolve that particular problem. The official start of construction and groundbreaking of the first station started around 2019, but because of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it was delayed but resumed after. The project’s costs are funded by the joint venture of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Sumitomo Corporation.

The plans for the subway will connect the entire major cities of Metro Manila, encompassing the National Capital Region (NCR). That is the main focus for Phase 1 of the subway project, while the 2nd and 3rd Phases will be extending the construction plans southbound towards underground stations in Bulacan and Cavite. The project’s goal is to meet the year 2025 for its partial operations to the public and around 2027-2028 for the entire infrastructure to be fully completed. It has been projected that around 150,000 – 500,000 passengers can utilize the train subway to its full extent on the turnover date.

Future and Benefit of the Subway Project

The overall long-term benefit of the Metro Manila Subway improves the prevalent problem of traffic and will revolutionize how we travel across the Philippines in a safe and convenient way. The infrastructure not only brings benefits to travel and lessens traffic but business opportunities as well. Job opportunities for workers participating in the years-long construction influence the central business districts for efficient ways of resting with their families and saving huge traveling expenses.

As of today, the Metro Manila Subway has garnered a significant amount of progress. Two new stations from their proposed plans received a groundbreaking ceremony, the Ortigas and Shaw Boulevard stations. Because of that, the vehicle traffic flows in Pasig City are to be changed and alternative routes are to be implemented in October. The government urged that traffic will occur, as with many of the new ongoing infrastructures across the region. The tunnel boring machines that were supplied from Japan will continue the underground process, motorists will be glad to know that despite the heavy operations, the sounds would not be bothersome.

The Shaw Boulevard station will be connected to Taguig City’s proposed subway station on Lawton Avenue. Over the many cities in Metro Manila, Taguig is the middle point between the NCR’s North and the South areas. This would further improve the city’s first-class nature since Taguig is known for its central business district, Bonifacio Global City, the location of the subway stations. Because of that particular infrastructure, Taguig City is well poised for a value appreciation in the coming years, and the location value will rise once construction has begun and finished in Taguig.

In turn, the infrastructure and further city development influence the buyer’s market to seek out condos for sale in Taguig, especially stirring toward pre-selling projects to avail its flexible schemes and entry-level prices. The city is considered one of the growing cities in Metro Manila and the Metro Manila Subway is one of many infrastructures that are currently ongoing in its construction in the area to create convenient ways of traveling.

Rental opportunities will grow as a result, since BGC grew its working opportunities for young professionals to begin their careers, and universities in the city garnered more face-to-face interest once again. Taguig City is shaping up to be another great investment for real estate in the long term.

With a growing opportunity like the Metro Manila Subway, you need a perfect location and investment property. This is where The Courtyard can provide you with numerous benefits and long-term investment.

The Courtyard – A Global Lifestyle In Taguig City

The Courtyard is your next premium real estate investment that will provide you with a global lifestyle at your doorstep. The Courtyard is a pre-selling condo in Taguig that offers extraordinary upscale living space and takes advantage of the rental opportunities within the urban city. The condo for sale provides residents the absolute convenience of living near Bonifacio Global City and other first-rate key establishments, a retail commercial strip on the ground floor, and the accessibility of multiple road infrastructures for faster travel times.

After a long day at work, The Courtyard greets you with its resort-inspired amenities and an open green space pavilion that harkens to the feeling of an everyday vacation. The posh amenities put future residents’ wellness first and create a serene atmosphere just a few steps away from your home. An active lifestyle is possible within this high-rise community and investors are attracted to this condo development’s live-work-and-play atmosphere. Residents are comfy with The Courtyard’s compact and modern Studio Units that give you a spectacular view of the Bonifacio Global City skyline.

Everything is at an arm’s stretch, as the property is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, strategically near the C-5 Road that gives residents a 15-minute drive to BGC and other places in Metro Manila. Transportation hubs, medical facilities, and lifestyle centers, such as Vista Mall Taguig, are within your reach.

This is the perfect time to invest in a property like The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties, as the capital value appreciation of the property is growing. Due to the various infrastructure developments within the area, such as the C-5 Southlink, the future Metro Manila Subway and South East Metro Manila Expressway, and the recently opened BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge. It is no wonder that the property is well-poised to appreciate in value over the next few years. The area’s continuous developments further add benefits to the pre-selling development for seamless and accessible driving, higher rental yields, and the news of the Philippine economy opening up again due to more vaccinations and eased restrictions.

The Courtyard is the best condo for sale in Taguig, one that enables its investors progressive and investment-worthy upscale residential living – providing you with an exclusive, vertical village community that is designed with finesse and elegance. Upon investing in this pre-selling condo development, you will achieve a global lifestyle and access to some incredible sights and spots in Taguig City.

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