The Impact of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange Opening to Your Tagaytay Investments

By: Brianna Yparraguirre
The Impact of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange Opening to your Tagaytay Investments

The consequences of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange for individuals who have investments in Tagaytay are extensive. The impact is significant and diverse, ranging from a rise in possible property values to more tourists and economic stimulation. Sensible investors have the chance to profit from the changing dynamics as the interchange continues to develop the infrastructure of the area, making Tagaytay an even more alluring place to invest in the years to come. Moreover, the opening of CALAX expanded the exposure of potential investors to invest in Crown Asia’s Condo in Tagaytay. Real estate investors can acquire condos in Crown Asia Pinevale and turn the units into Airbnb.

The organization in charge of overseeing CALAX, MPCALA Holdings Inc. (MHI), previously declared in August 2023 that subsection 4 of the Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX) had attained a 91 percent completion rate. The Silang Aguinaldo Interchange within the expressway has now been formally announced.

On November 8, 2023, it was declared that the public could now use this new 3.9-kilometer section of CALAX. The goal of this is to make travel more efficient for people living in the area. Drivers are not going to be charged for using this newly opened area because there is no toll till further notice.

What is the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange?

What is the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange?

According to MPCALA Holdings Inc., the concessionaire of CALAX, the facility serves as a free link for drivers “until further notice” and connects CALAX to Aguinaldo Highway in Silang.

An additional 5,000 cars are seen to use the 3.9-kilometer Silang Aguinaldo Interchange each day.

Key regions will connect smoothly when CALAX finally connects to the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) in Kawit.

Furthermore, according to Rappler (Yu, 2023), the Silang (Aguinaldo) Interchange of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) was officially open for the public last Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 12 Midnight.

The 3.9-kilometer Silang interchange will connect CALAX to Aguinaldo Highway in Silang, serving an additional 5,000 motorists daily and decongesting the busiest highway in Cavite.

Its opening comes ahead of an expected holiday rush, with travelers now able to use a faster route to the popular tourist destinations of Tagaytay and Silang.

The new subsection will be toll-free until further notice. Motorists will only have to pay up to the Silang East Interchange toll.

The Advantage of Silang East Interchange

The Advantage of Silang East Interchange

Currently running from Mamplasan Rotunda to Silang East Interchange, CALAX is intended to eventually link to Kawit’s CAVITEX or Manila-Cavite Expressway.

By 2024, the expressway is expected to extend to 45 kilometers in length, adding eight interchanges along the following routes: Technopark, Governor’s Drive, Open Canal, Laguna Boulevard, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Silang East, Silang (Aguinaldo), and Kawit.

Metro Pacific Tollway Company, the toll road division of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, is the owner of CALAX.

According to GMA News Online (2023), Concessionaire MPCALA Holdings Inc. (MHI) of CALAX announced in an advisory that beginning at 12 a.m. Drivers can utilize the section “at no cost, providing free passage until further notice” as of November 8.

The fifth of the eight sections that make up the 45 km toll road is the Silang portion of CALAX. It connects Cavite’s Aguinaldo Highway to Silang East Interchange across a 3.9-kilometer stretch of 2×2 lane highway.

MHI’s president and general manager is Raul Ignacio. stated how happy they are about the CALAX development, which will help the local economy in addition to making things easier for our drivers. They are creating opportunities for businesses to thrive and for families to make the most of their time together by offering a quicker and more convenient route to popular destinations in Cavite. According to the company, every day an extra 5,000 drivers are anticipated to be served by this segment.

SpotPH added that With this new exit, the hour-long trip from Mamplasan Rotonda to Tagaytay would now just take 20 to 30 minutes. The CALAX Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange is located on Google Maps and Waze.

For the time being, there is no charge to enter this interchange. The only toll that drivers will have to pay is at the Silang East Interchange, so stock up on Easytrip RFIDs for a more convenient journey.

CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange Opening: Convenient Access to Tagaytay

CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange Opening: Convenient Access to Tagaytay

For many years, the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway has been an essential route for visitors going to Tagaytay, a beautiful and scenic resort. Travelers heading to this well-liked mountain getaway now have even more convenience thanks to the recent construction of the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) Silang Aguinaldo Interchange.

Cut Down on Travel Time

For travelers going to Tagaytay, one of the biggest benefits of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange is the huge reduction in travel time. Congested locations can be avoided by drivers thanks to CALAX’s smooth integration with the current road network, which offers a shorter and more effective path. When time is of the essence, this is especially helpful for day trips or weekend getaways.

Easy Flow of Traffic

The efficient flow of traffic is given top priority in the Silang Aguinaldo Interchange’s design. Entry and exit ramps that are thoughtfully designed cause the least amount of disruption to traffic, making for a stress-free drive. Enhancing road safety is another benefit of better traffic management, which makes the trip to Tagaytay safer and more enjoyable.

Improved Availability

With the opening of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange, Tagaytay is now much more accessible overall. There’s now a more direct and convenient way for visitors from all around Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces to get to this well-liked location. Both visitors and locals benefit from the improved accessibility, which promotes tourism and economic growth in the area.

Creating Prosperity: The Effect of the Opening of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange on Investments in Tagaytay

Creating Prosperity: The Effect of the Opening of the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange on Investments in Tagaytay

Improved Usability for Travelers

The CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange’s opening has significantly increased Tagaytay’s accessibility. This increased connectedness increases the city’s appeal to visitors and day trippers, which benefits companies in the hospitality and tourism industries. The increased foot traffic results in higher occupancy rates and, ultimately, better returns on investment for investors in hotels, resorts, and Airbnb homes.

Prospects for New Businesses

Opportunities for new projects in Tagaytay are created by the interchange’s improved connectivity. Entrepreneurs can discover a more responsive market by investing in travel and tourism-related businesses like adventure parks, wellness centers, or specialized marketplaces. Accessibility draws a wide spectrum of visitors, which fosters an environment that is favorable for creative and specialized commercial endeavors.

Enhancement of Facilities and Provisions

It is common for the CALAX Silang Aguinaldo Interchange to open alongside upgrades to the surrounding services and infrastructure. This covers the upkeep of public spaces, signage, and roads. Such enhancements contribute to the overall appeal of Tagaytay, making it an attractive destination not just for tourists but also for potential residents. Property investors in residential developments may find an increased demand for housing due to improved living conditions.

The Growth of Tagaytay Real Estate Properties

The Growth of Tagaytay Real Estate Properties

For those hoping to escape the bustle of the city, Tagaytay, perched on a ridge with a view of the breathtaking Taal Volcano, has long been a retreat. The city has seen an incredible upsurge in real estate development in recent years, which has resulted in a paradigm shift in the local real estate market.

Beautiful scenery and a cool climate

The main attractions of Tagaytay have always been its natural beauty and temperate environment. People looking for a change of pace from the monotony of the city will find an exquisite setting with views of Taal Lake and the surrounding surroundings. Recognizing Tagaytay’s distinct beauty, developers have taken advantage of the area’s natural resources to build residential and commercial buildings that blend well with the scenic surroundings.

Expanding Tourism Sector

The city’s burgeoning culinary scene, ample leisure options, and close proximity to Metro Manila have all contributed to its exponential growth in popularity as a weekend getaway destination. In addition to strengthening the local economy, this spike in tourism has increased demand for lodging and vacation properties. In response to this trend, real estate developers are building a variety of eye-catching houses in Tagaytay that appeal to both visitors and people seeking a second residence.

Infrastructure Construction

Increased accessibility has been essential to Tagaytay’s real estate boom. Major road developments including the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the creation of effective interchanges are completed, making it simpler for locals and visitors to get to Tagaytay.

Increased Business Developments

The increase in real estate isn’t just happening in residential areas. The number of commercial developments, like as malls, eateries, and leisure centers, is increasing in Tagaytay. These projects boost the city’s economy in addition to improving the quality of life in the area. The growing commercial real estate market in Tagaytay offers a plethora of possibilities for those seeking such opportunities.

Crown Asia’s Pinevale: the opportunity to turn pristine residences into lucrative Airbnb ventures.

Crown Asia's Pinevale: the opportunity to turn pristine residences into lucrative Airbnb ventures.

For savvy investors, Crown Asia’s condo for sale in Pinevale, Tagaytay, offers a fantastic opportunity to invest in and convert into an Airbnb property. An excellent investment is guaranteed when opulent amenities, a desirable location, and the rising demand for short-term rentals in Tagaytay come together. Purchasing a Crown Asia condo in Pinevale might be your ticket to not only owning a piece of luxury but also a piece of the growing Airbnb industry in Tagaytay, as the city continues to draw tourists looking for a peaceful getaway.

Prime Location and Scenic Ambiance

Pinevale’s condominiums boast a prime location, surrounded by the breathtaking views and cool climate that have made Tagaytay a favorite getaway destination. The allure of the scenic ambiance makes these condos an attractive choice for tourists seeking a relaxing retreat. Investing in a property with such natural appeal is a strategic move to attract Airbnb guests looking for a unique and memorable experience.

Premium Amenities for Airbnb Guests

Crown Asia is renowned for its commitment to providing luxurious living spaces, and Pinevale is no exception. The condos come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and landscaped gardens. Such features enhance the overall appeal of the property for Airbnb guests, offering them a comfortable and indulgent stay.

Adaptable Investment Plan

Purchasing a condominium in Pinevale offers investors an adaptable approach to investing. The property’s layout and amenities accommodate different tastes, whether you decide to rent out the entire unit or go with a room-sharing arrangement. Because of its adaptability, investors can modify their Airbnb strategy in response to market developments, guaranteeing a profitable and dynamic approach to short-term rentals.

Enticing the Travel Market in Tagaytay

Travelers looking for a respite from the bustle of the city are drawn to Tagaytay on a regular basis. Tagaytay is known for its lively food scene, outdoor activities, and close proximity to well-known sites. Pinevale is ideally situated inside this popular tourist destination, making it a prime destination for Airbnb visitors searching for a practical and cozy place to stay.

High Demand for Airbnb in Tagaytay

The increasing popularity of Tagaytay as a weekend getaway destination has led to a surge in demand for short-term rentals in the city. Property owners can take advantage of this demand and create a reliable source of income by using the Airbnb platform. Purchasing a Pinevale Crown Asia apartment puts you at the forefront of this trend and increases the amount of money you may make as a host.

Expert Services for Property Management

Crown Asia provides expert property management services and is aware of the demands of real estate investors. For individuals who are interested in investing in Airbnb rentals, this may be revolutionary. For investors who might not have the time to manage the property themselves, the management services can take care of maintenance, cleaning, and visitor communication.

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