Villar’s Vision: A New Era for Real Estate Investments in Villar City

By: Brianna Yparraguirre

Updated as of February 7, 2024

Manny Villar is a self-made businessman and visionary who has significantly impacted the lives of millions of Filipinos. He built thousands of residences, communities, offices, and commercial complexes, providing families with homes, jobs, leisure, and entertainment. Villar’s Vista Land and Villar City are historic development initiatives that aim to reinvent world-class urban development for Filipinos. Villar’s visionary leadership showcases his energy, creativity, and nationalism. His new legacy is even near with one of his pristine Crown Asia Properties, a house and lot for sale in Cavite — Ponticelli. Ponticelli’s gated community provides a safe atmosphere, giving you peace of mind and enabling kids to play and explore without restriction. The best of both worlds is offered in this excellent community, which mixes modern conveniences with the charm of a historic neighborhood.

This luxury residence, which is conveniently close to Tagaytay City and Metro Manila, is designed for individuals looking for an opulent lifestyle. Take advantage of quick access to important highways including the Aguinaldo Highway, Arnaldo Highway, Cavite Laguna Expressway, and Manila Cavite Expressway (MCX), which ensures convenient transit to a variety of locations. Ponticelli is the ideal calm haven in a bustling urban environment, whether you prefer the energy of the city or the peace of nature.

Manny Villar is excited about the growth of his new metropolis, Villar City, with the inauguration of Villar Avenue, a 6.2-kilometer road. Villar’s project aims to become the “new center of gravity” of Metro Manila, with 15 satellite communities connected to the main thoroughfare. The Villar Group, led by Prime Asset Ventures, recently purchased the Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway from Ayala Corp for P3.8 billion. Villar’s company is also expanding its holdings by purchasing the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway from Ayala Corporation. Villar City is a sizable masterplanned integrated development with 15 satellite cities, making it suitable for a groundbreaking “city within cities” approach.

Villar Avenue, the primary thoroughfare of Manny Villar’s 3,500-hectare landmark project, Villar City, would seamlessly connect the 15 satellite cities that makeup Villar City. He is joined by his children, Manuel Villar, president & chief executive officer of Vista Land, and Camille Villar, deputy speaker of the House. Silang Mayor Atty. are present with the family. Anarna, Mayor Biazon of Muntinlupa, Mayors Jenny Barzaga and Pidi Barzaga of Dasmarinas, Governor Remulla of Cavite, Mayor Strike Revilla of Bacoor, Mayor Advincula of Imus, Mayor Olivares of Paranaque, and Mayor Luis Ferrer of Gen. Trias. The 10-lane boulevard is projected to assist in relieving traffic congestion and shorten travel times from Las Pias to parts of Bacoor and Dasmarias in the province of Cavite. It begins at the intersection of The Crossing Cafe & Dear Joe along Daang Hari Road.

Villar’s Vista Land

Much of what Villar had envisioned, which was to build secure, contemporary, yet gorgeous villages tucked away amid quiet settings and alluring panoramas, has already been realized.

Beyond physical structures, Villar has opened the door to richer living for Filipinos, providing lively havens with carefully chosen amenities, thriving green areas, and well-planned recreational facilities that not only promote a sense of community but also elevate lifestyles.

For instance, Vista Land has an unmatched presence in 147 towns and cities throughout 49 provinces. Residential developments with distinct names, such as Brittany Corp., Crown Asia, Vista Residences, and Camella, that cater to the various market groups and preferences can be found in these areas.

The distinctive retail, eating, and service concepts under the AllValue Group are designed to enhance and enrich the living experience and go hand in hand with Vista Land‘s developments. In addition to providing convenience, raising property values, and ensuring the livability of the neighborhoods, having supermarkets, restaurants, stores, spas, and family entertainment centers nearby has also contributed to the economic growth in these areas.

This is Villar’s lasting legacy as a visionary leader who reinvented for Filipinos what a world-class urban development looks like through his indomitable energy, creative thinking, and strong sense of nationalism.

Introducing, Villar City

Former senator Manny Villar is eagerly anticipating the growth of a sizable metropolis bearing his name.

Villar Avenue, a 6.2-kilometer road that will serve as the primary thoroughfare of his most recent real estate development project, Villar City, was recently inaugurated by Villar and his family.

The P3.8 billion Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, a 4-kilometer toll road connecting Daang Hari and Daang Reyna to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), has been fully acquired by Manny Villar’s Prime Asset Ventures Inc. (PAVI).

The first arrangement to hand over control of MCX to the Villar Group in 2022 was made public by Ayala Corporation. On July 19 of this year, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) approved the sale of the toll road, and on August 9, the implementation agreement was signed.

The city project will, in Villar’s words, become the “new center of gravity” of Metro Manila. In an Instagram post, the head of the Villar Group utilized the hashtags “#VillarCreations #VillarCity. and they mentioned The 15 satellite communities that makeup Villar City will be seamlessly connected with the launch of Villar Avenue, the main thoroughfare of our 3,500-hectare landmark project, Villar City. Here is where Metro Manila’s new gravitational center is. Greetings from Villar City!

During the groundbreaking of the new road, Villar was joined by his three children, Vista Land president and CEO Manuel Paolo Villar, Sen. Mark Villar, and Las Pias Representative Camille Villar.

While this was going on, the Villar group also kept growing its holdings by most recently purchasing the four-kilometer Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway from Ayala Corp. The whole Ayala investment in MCX was purchased for P3.8 billion by the Villar-led Prime Asset Ventures.

Villar praised his company’s “successful partnership” with the Ayala group in another Instagram post.

He stated in his caption that he was present for the signing ceremony to transfer ownership of the four-kilometer Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX) to Villar Group from Ayala Corporation. We appreciate our productive cooperation and look forward to continuing it.

Villar City, the company’s newest iconic project, is planned to become Metro Manila’s “new center of gravity,” a bustling hub where economic, lifestyle, cultural, and leisure activities would intersect.

With 15 satellite cities, it will be a sizable masterplanned integrated development.

The property will be more suitable for the expansive master-planned integrated development—a groundbreaking “city within cities”—because there won’t be any impediments on the road due to the planned underground placement of all services.

Crown Asia’s Ponticelli is near the Villar City

The Crown Asia in the Philippines is well-known for having Italian-inspired architecture.

Why Italian Architecture is the Best Design Inspiration?

Italian design is well known for its enduring beauty, grace, and sophistication. Numerous homes have been influenced by Italian architectural designs, demonstrating its widespread impact.

Ancient architecture can be seen throughout Italy’s long history. For instance, the Romans were recognized for their skill in engineering and magnificent structures. Italian architecture’s long history has left a lasting impression on the world and served as an inspiration to innumerable homebuilders and architects.

Italian architecture is renowned for its aesthetic appeal and is distinguished by its balanced proportions, flowing lines, and great attention to detail. Italian architecture is known for its arches, columns, and elaborate facades, which impart a timeless charm that many homeowners find hard to resist.

Ponticelli’s Accessibility

This pristine residence, which is conveniently close to Tagaytay City and Metro Manila, is designed for individuals looking for an opulent lifestyle. Homeowners can take advantage of quick access to important highways including the Aguinaldo Highway, Arnaldo Highway, Cavite Laguna Expressway, and Manila Cavite Expressway (MCX), which ensures convenient transit to a variety of locations. Ponticelli is the ideal calm haven in a bustling urban environment, whether you prefer the energy of the city or the peace of nature. The name is a combination of the Italian words “ponti,” which means bridge, and “celli,” which means skies. It is a fitting name given the location’s high potential as a new home for the family or as an investment given the availability of its house and lot for sale and RFO house and lot offerings.

Homeowners can take the opportunity of the surrounding convenience of prominent schools like De La Salle Zobel, Woodrose, San Beda College, GCF, and Southridge to guarantee their family’s education. The Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Ospital ng Muntinlupa, Paranaque Medical Center, and University of Perpetual Help Medical Center are just a few of the notable facilities that are close to Ponticelli in terms of healthcare.

Ponticelli is convenient to reach lifestyle destinations and businesses like Evia Lifestyle Center, SOMO – Vista Mall Daang Hari, NOMO, AllHome Center, and AllDay Mart, guaranteeing that your everyday requirements and entertainment preferences are satisfied nearby.

New Legacy; New Center of Gravity

Despite all of his accomplishments, the dreamer in Villar inspired him to start his most ambitious initiative to yet, which would undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy and present many industrious Filipinos with new opportunities.

Villar stated that he enjoys working and that he still has dreams. Although the phrase is frequently used, Villar wants the Philippines to actually be on the global stage in every respect. He wants to advance real estate, for instance, and give Filipinos the very best that the Philippines has to offer.

This is the reason Villar is starting this historic development and legacy initiative. This will be the sum of all the best practices, priceless insights, and knowledge we have acquired over the years working in the real estate industry.

Villar City is planned to become Metro Manila’s “new center of gravity,” a vibrant hub where activities related to business, culture, lifestyle, and leisure would intersect. It will be a sizable masterplanned integrated development that will be a trailblazing “city within cities” that will be propelled by Villar’s passion and vision.

Of the 3,500 hectares, Vista Land has “activated” or developed nearly 900 hectares, which means these are already vibrant communities. The roughly 2,600 hectares that are left will thereafter act as a blank canvas on which Villar can create his ideas for the modern cities of the future.

In Villar City, for example, neighborhoods including a contemporary CBD, a Tech Valley, a university town, and a top lifestyle hub will be built within a beautiful, verdant landscape of almost one million trees and vibrant, colorful blooms. There will be plenty of open space as well as leisure and recreational facilities that can promote sociability and promote the health and wellbeing of everyone.

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all, please note that Villar City currently operates within specific hours for vehicle access. From 6:00 AM to 12:00 MN, private light vehicles are permitted to enter and navigate the city’s well-planned streets. For the safety and convenience of residents and pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, and delivery vans are not currently allowed within the premises. However, alternative arrangements for these modes of transportation are being explored for future implementation.

Forresta Cafe

Nestled amidst the vibrant city life of Villar City, Forresta Cafe offers a welcoming haven for residents and visitors seeking a delightful escape. Whether you’re seeking a productive space for business meetings, a charming backdrop for romantic dates, or a lively setting for casual hangouts with friends, the cafe’s inviting atmosphere caters to your desires. Immerse yourself in the cafe’s delectable treats and connect with loved ones within the heart of Villar City’s burgeoning community.

Joe Drive

Fueling your Villar City adventures needn’t be a hassle. Joe Drive, conveniently located at Daanghari Road corner, caters to the busy bee on the go. This coffee shop offers a streamlined experience that prioritizes quality, ensuring you get your quick caffeine fix or delicious bite without sacrificing precious time. Grab a freshly brewed cup of joe to jumpstart your day, and a perfectly seasoned dish to satisfy your cravings, before zooming back into the vibrant energy of Villar City. Whether you’re dashing between meetings, squeezing in a workout, or on a shopping spree, Joe Drive’s prime location makes it the perfect pit stop to recharge and refuel.

Villar’s Legacy

Villar and his team have created Villar City with a blueprint that will make it impossible to change our vision or aspirations for this developing metropolitan region once the foundation has been established. However, they will also make sure that there is sufficient area for flexibility so we can adapt to future market changes.

The development of Villar City will continue after Manny Villar’s lifetime, and he is aware of how large and ambitious this project is, but he sees it as his legacy and is prepared to stake a significant amount of money on it. It’s his means of bringing more Filipinos into contact with the splendor and magnificence of the world.

One day after Villar Avenue, a 6.2km road that would serve as the primary thoroughfare of Villar City, opened for traffic, Villar announced its takeover of MCX. The Crossing Cafe and Dear Joe are located where the 10-lane road begins on Daang Hari Road and ends close to the university area in Dasmarias, Cavite. It will have designated bike lanes and a bus rapid transit (BRT) system, and it will link the 15 satellite communities of Villar’s newest endeavor, the 3,500-hectare Villar City. And all of this is just close to a house and lot for sale in Cavite.

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