Hosting Dinner For Your Boss in your New Home

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Hosting Dinner For Your Boss in your New Home

Balancing your work and personal life is no easy task. You have to take into consideration a lot of things. Factors like time, personal growth and career growth are factors that you need to think of when you try to balance your 8AM to 5PM of work time and the weekends dedicated for your personal hobby and spending time with your family.

On your free time, you could do a lot of things. Maybe you are looking for an upgrade of your home, searching online for the best house and lot for sale deals and new homes. This is where you consider a property that can assist you in your journey towards a balanced work and personal life.

Moving into your newly bought house and lot for sale in Lakefront is one of the most exciting moments in your life. You just can’t stop telling whoever wants to listen about how you love the Lakefront community and how you had a good value for your money. Your boss talked about how he would love to see your new home, and you sorta-kinda invited him for dinner. Now that the dinner date is getting closer, you are panicking about how to entertain your superior.

Don’t fret, below are do’s and don’ts and some additional information when hosting dinner for your boss in your dream home:

DO invite your colleagues to eat dinner in your home

DO invite your colleagues to eat dinner in your home

Having your boss as your only dinner guest will fire up office gossip. Your colleagues might accuse you of brown-nosing or being a tittle-tattle. Inviting your colleagues will not only avoid these accusations but will also reduce the awkwardness.

By having your colleagues invited you can also have the chance to connect with them and know them on a deeper and more personal level, which is a good factor if you want to do your work in a fun and nourishing environment. So make sure to include them in your list of guests when inviting your boss over for a quick dinner in your newly moved in house and lot for sale.

DON’T talk about work

Talking about a funny incident at the office is fine. But talking about deadlines and things-to-do is a definite NO-NO. Remember that your boss is also under as much (or even more) stress as you are, and you definitely do not want to talk about stressors during dinner. Also, look at this as an opportunity for your boss to get to know you more outside of work. Talk about interests, hobbies, or even your home buying process and house construction.

DON T talk about work

Its also good to be ready beforehand of the topics you might want to discuss. We are not talking about preparing a list to strictly follow of things to discuss, but maybe checking your boss’ background on what he or she is into like their interest in sports, TV shows or even current events can be a good ice breaker to lessen the serious atmosphere of being in a room with your superior.

If you feel like your boss is not comfortable of the topic being talked about, be the bigger man and steer away the conversation into something more meaningful.

DO clean up your house

DO clean up your house

Expect your boss and your colleagues to want to go around the house since its a brand new house and lot for sale purchase. It is after all the reason for having the dinner in the first place. Though they will not exactly go into your bedroom, they would like to take a peek. Make sure there is no embarrassing underwear on display at the toilet or any valuables just lying around.

Plus, even if your invitee is a boss or not having a clean and organized home is always a must. A home reflects a person’s value, so a messy home may imply that you are a disorganized person. You wouldn’t want that as your boss’ impression of you, right?

DON’T overshare

When having a dinner with your boss, make sure to keep some personal things for yourself and do not share it amidst the conversation. Do not get carried away and start talking about some personal stuff happening to you, your family or even things shared to you by colleagues from work.

DONT overshare

Personal things like family issues, office gossips, and even things like maybe your fight with your partner are things that should be kept personally and in between the people involve. Sharing these things in a dinner with your boss makes the atmosphere awkward and something that might weird out your boss. You wouldn’t want that right?

DON’T talk about politics nor religion

This is particularly important if you and your boss have differing political bets or have different religious beliefs. This is a topic reserved when you have established a more personal and deeper communication and form of relationship with your boss.

DON T talk about politics nor religion

Discussions about these topics can quickly escalate to an all-out argument in the table. If your boss is the one to bring up the topic, you can politely say that you want to keep it light for dinner. You can even set a house rule before dinner starts that topics about work, politics, and religions are not allowed. Just make sure you stir the topic to something interesting.

These kind of topics are always a source of awkwardness, bad impressions and sometimes ruin a relationship, so make sure to speak lightly and keep an open mind when the conversation found its way into these kind of topics.

Finally, do relax and have fun over dinner. You are a proud homeowner of a Crown Asia house and lot for sale home, and you are just excited to share this with those around you, whether it’s your boss, your family, or your friends. So just let the excitement speak for itself.

Having your boss as a dinner guest makes way for a good personal relationship with him/her. But keep in mind that he/she is still your boss and there are still boundaries that should not be crossed. Always remember and take note of these boundaries and we are very much sure that you will never have a bad day in the office and even in your home when you invite your boss next time for another round of dinner!

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