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Decluttering: Your Home and Your Mind

October 18, 2021

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Has the pandemic been making your life a mess? Although burn out has always been there even before this global pandemic, there is no hiding that it made everything worse; hence people become exhausted quicker and even more. Due to this, it is very important to declutter every once in a while. It may be unnoticeable at first, but unnecessary things can pile up in your life—it may be slow or fast, nonetheless, it will be evident after quite some time, and it can be overwhelming when it finally sinks in.


Decluttering is often associated with people’s homes. When this is mentioned, some would instantly think that it must be about cleaning their houses, but it is important to note that decluttering doesn’t just apply to your home—it can also be about the mind. If you are in a position where you think you really need to declutter but have no idea where to start, or perhaps someone who is preparing to move to an RFO House and Lot or maybe a house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite, but wants to minimize their stuff first before finally settling in to a new space, then read on because this blog might just help with that dilemma. But first off, knowing the benefits of an idea is always a good thing to know before starting things off. Therefore, here are some benefits of decluttering and just how it can brighten up your home as well as your mind.


Benefits of Decluttering


A tidy home equals a peaceful mind


A tidy home equals a peaceful mind


Sometimes getting rid of unimportant stuff laying around the house can also contribute to your mental well-being. If you see clutter everywhere you look, it can stress you out and you may also feel the chaos inside you. By getting rid of the non-functional things in your house, you can get the feeling of relief and it can change your everyday routine for the better.


Waking up each day can be hard especially if you’re in a messy space as it can leave you unmotivated or feel a sense of dread every time you see the untidy countertops, your living room, kitchen, or your room. Remember that when you find yourself overwhelmed and tied down by your possessions, it probably means you need to start making a change—for your home and for your own peace of mind.


Better productivity

The environment greatly affects one’s motivation to be productive. Most of the time, tardiness gets a hold of people because the space they are in doesn’t spark motivation, leaving them unmotivated to do things and therefore wasting a day that can otherwise be used to do something productive. By decluttering your space, you can be more inspired to be functional; do work or at least do better things than getting restricted by your burning passion to just laze around all throughout the day. Moreover, getting rid of unnecessary stuff can give you more space to move around which can also contribute to one’s will to work.


Just a reality check: keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with lazing around, but too much of it is not really good so remember to keep everything balanced.


More space for what’s important in the home


More space for whats important in the home


Even though your recently purchased house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite is spacious enough, it is undeniable that having too much stuff at home can be restricting, in a way, as it takes up space in your life that can rather be used for something much more useful or important. In a similar sense, this also applies to the excess baggage that we carry in our minds which at some point, can all be burdensome and weigh you down.


Make space for what’s important. There are so many things that you can bring into your life that will be more beneficial rather than tightening your grip into something you’re too afraid to let go but in retrospect, is not even useful. You may not notice it at first, but these things might be holding you back for something more worthy.


Tips on How to Start Decluttering


Prepare 3 bags for 3 purposes: Give away, Keep, Trash


Prepare 3 bags for 3 purposes Give away Keep Trash


The very first thing that you may want to keep in mind before anything else is to prepare three bags for three purposes: give away or donate, keep, and trash. Decluttering can be messy and if you start sorting through stuff without prior planning on what you want to do with it, then it can be confusing once you have gathered everything in one single pile. To be more organized and to avoid confusion that can stress you out, prepare three different bags for these three specific purposes and you will be surprised at how this one simple step can make your decluttering easier.


Tackle the clutter by category

You might think decluttering room by room is the best way to go. However, in reality, there are probably random things kept in different places all over your house because you felt too lazy to put it where it actually needs to be at the time. If you are to clean room by room, you might be taking out multiple things that don’t belong to the specific room in your newly moved in house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite that you are organizing and after a while, it may pile up and you may feel lost wondering where it’s supposed to go. Moreover, you might miss things out—you may have already organized that one messy drawer but found out you have more stuff to put in it that came from the other room. Yes, decluttering can be that chaotic.


So to be more effective, tackle the clutter by category. Take out all the cups that are randomly situated in every room. Bring that random sock you found in the living room with the rest of your socks. By categorizing everything first, you can be more effective and finish the job faster.


You can store things out of sight


You can store things out of sight


Random clutter around the house can be such an eyesore. To be more motivated and keep your home nice and tidy, store things out of sight. Firstly, clear the countertops or any surfaces—these usually have the most random clutter you could possibly think of that is the most visible. This usually happens when things don’t have their own space for it to be kept. Therefore, you can manage and organize your stuff by using storage containers. This can help in storing similar things in a specific place, so it isn’t hard to find when needed. Moreover, this prevents creating additional mess that can be made from randomly storing visible clutter in obscure places.


Get rid of unnecessary things, master the art of letting go

Isn’t it hard to get rid of something that’s been a part of your life for quite some time? It’s understandable though; people usually grow attached to things especially if it holds some of their memories. However, most individuals tend to hold on to things that don’t particularly have a function or purpose in their lives—or at least not anymore. For example, that piece of clothing that you’ve been keeping in your cabinet for so long saying that you’d wear it at a certain occasion or season but when that time comes around, it isn’t the one you pull out of your closet.


Get rid of unnecessary things master the art of letting go


When decluttering, it is important to master the art of letting go. It’s not just about discarding old, non-functional items and keeping the ones that are most useful, but aside from that, it is also about keeping the things that bring a smile to your face. When you look at something you’ve been keeping for years and every time you try to let go of it because it isn’t functional in your life anymore, the memories keep holding you back. You don’t have to force yourself to put it away though, what you need to ask yourself is, “does it spark joy?”. If it does, then keep it; your happiness and own peace of mind is what matters, after all. At the end of the day, it is still your stuff to keep and manage. However, if it doesn’t spark happiness within you, it’s probably time to leave it and move on to greater things because let’s be honest, hoarding is a thing, and it can be a problem.


Enjoy a clutter-free home in a spacious House and Lot for Sale in Bacoor Cavite by Crown Asia


Enjoy a clutter-free home in a spacious House and Lot for Sale in Bacoor Cavite by Crown Asia


Decluttering your home can be therapeutic. That feeling of finally being able to get rid of the things you have been holding on for so long can bring a sense of accomplishment and can feel refreshing. It is essential that every once in a while, we take the time to sort through our accumulated stuff at home. But just like how we allot time for general household cleaning, let’s not forget to also take a moment to cleanse our mind as well. Moreover, it is also important to consider the environment where your home is situated in the first place. If you came from the city and is seeking for a change of environment—wanting to have a peaceful space that you can call your home, then a house and lot for sale in Bacoor Cavite might be perfect for you; where you can enjoy a quiet and safe environment but is also not so far from the city and other business district.


Decluttering is a stress relieving task for some, but wouldn't it be better if you have a spacious home that does not need much organizing due to wide spaces that can store up your stuff. Check out the offerings of Crown Asia in Bacoor Cavite by clicking here.


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