Easy DIY Halloween Trick or Treats and Crafts for Kids

By: Marrielle Comedia
Easy DIY Halloween Trick or Treats and Crafts for Kids

Halloween Season is fast approaching and it’s just right around the corner. Traditionally, we Filipinos are very fond of our “ber month” seasons because there are a lot of events happening from time to time. From the Christmas decorations in the malls and establishments starting in September to putting up the fun and spooky Halloween decorations during the end of October and November to coming back to Christmas Lanterns and any Christmas decorations, we really are excited about everything!

We are now close to celebrating the Halloween Season and we all know that kids love the idea of going out and exploring the community with the Trick or Treat game and we all know we cannot do the traditional trick or treat because of the pandemic. But worry no more, because kids can still experience the trick or treat even inside their home with these easy DIY Halloween tricks or treat for kids.

Here’s a List of 10 Easy Tricks or Treats That You Can Do Inside Your Home.

photo of a ghost popsickle stick

photo from healthfulpursuit.com

1. Frozen Boo-Nana Pops

These cute-spooky and healthy treats will surely be loved by your kids. With just 3 ingredients, coconut butter, dried raisins, and large bananas, you’ll be able to create a cute little ghost healthy treat. All you need to do is to cut the bananas into halves, put the dried raisins as the eye of the ghost, and cover it with coconut butter. Freeze them up, and serve. Your little monsters will have fun chasing each other inside the house with these Boo-nana pops. For complete recipes and instructions, you may head to healthfulpursuit.com for the full recipe.

photo of spider cookies

photo from blessthismessplease.com

2. Oreo Spiders

As easy as it seems, these Oreo spiders are loved by many. We actually have grown up with Oreo cookies, and we tried different ways to enjoy it even once in a while. You will have to prepare 3 ingredients as well, these are; cookies, licorice, and chocolate candies. Let your kids make their own cookie spiders as well, first because it is so easy to make and second it won’t really be that messy creating one. They can stick any colored chocolate candies for the eyes, and create their unique cookie spiders by creating their own cookie spiders. They may actually think that spiders are not a monster but a friend and sooner they might not be afraid of spiders again.

photo of peanut butter cookie eyeballs

photo from itsalwaysautumn.com

3. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Eyeballs

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Most of the kids are a fan of peanut butter, except for those who have an allergy to peanuts. These Peanut butter eyeballs are the cutest and so easy to make treats this Halloween. You will have to prepare a creamy peanut butter spread, melted chocolates, white candies, and powdered sugar. Mix it all together, and create your own peanut butter eyeballs in less than an hour. This combination is more delicious than any other chocolate and peanut butter, making these a surefire hit with the kids. Part of the fun for your little ghouls will be hand-rolling the yummy mixture into “eyeballs” and then dipping them into melted chocolate. You can prepare separate melted chocolate dips if they want to experience dipping down their own peanut butter eyeballs onto the chocolates.

photo of mummy chocolate shake

photo from milklife.com

4. Mummy Milk

Mummy Milk is just a piece of cake! If you do not have much time to create, craft, or bake any candy treats, here’s what you can do to make the kids feel the Halloween spirit even with just a simple milk drink. You can choose any chocolate milk brands that your kids would love, and prepare a clear tall glass, adhesive gauze tape, mini eyes, and decorative straw. It will be better to choose different flavored milk drinks such as strawberry, melon, banana, green apple, or matcha milk drinks as well to create different colored mummy milk drinks.

photo of monster smores

photo from wilton.com

5. Meanie Marshmallows

They look like tough monsters from the outside, but they’re softies underneath. These Meanie Marshmallows are very easy to make since you will be needing marshmallows, food color sprays, decorative sticks, and candies for added decorations. The good thing about Meanie Marshmallows is that you can create any monsters that you would like from the ingredients. You can create vampire-like monsters, pumpkin monsters, and even character monsters from the movie Monsters Inc. to add a little excitement with your marshmallows when you’re about to serve them to the kids. You can also let them guess what monster you are portraying in the marshmallows, and have them create their own monster mallows.

photo of bug lamps

photo from milklife.com

6. Milk Carton Halloween Lanterns

A little light-up will definitely be a good trick for Halloween. This Milk Carton Halloween Lantern can be the centerpiece for your kid’s table while serving them all the cute and spooky candy treats mentioned on this list. All you need to prepare is just a carton of milk, you can decide the size of it, this will serve as the lantern frame. Second, you will have to prepare Construction Paper, Glue, and battery-powered candles. If you wish to put these carton lanterns inside your kid’s room as hanging decors you can add hooks or strings and attach them wherever it looks best.

photo of a diy trick or treat

photo from gainesvilletimes.com

7. The Candy Hole Tunnel

Although the pandemic is still here and we have to accept the fact that this is the new normal, we cannot restrict other kids from enjoying and celebrating the spooky season. This Candy Hole Tunnel is a lot safer and relevant to today’s environment because you do not have to worry about giving treats to kids that will knock on your front door. You’ll need two things to create a Candy Hole Tunnel– a tape and large poster paper or Carolina. Form a hole-like tunnel and tape each side for support. You can add Halloween designs, or stickers to the tunnel so that it will look like a Spooky Candy Tunnel. So, when someone knocks on your door it’s gonna be a lot simple and safer sliding the goodies in the tunnel. To add a little play to the tunnel, you can either slide treats or Halloween spooky stuff like spiders, bats, or eyeballs so that kids wouldn’t know if it’s trick or treat for them.

photo of candy spider web

photo from hersheyland.com

8. The Spider’s Candy Web

This Spider’s Candy web is just right on time! Kids will just have to pick whichever they like in the spider’s web as they step in your front door. The trick, you can actually have a remote control spider or moving spider display that is placed near the candy web. For the game, you can put a timer or alarm in 30 seconds so that other kids can get candies too. Once the 30-second alarm has started beeping, let your moving spider move across the kids to let them know that the spider has arrived and they are not allowed to get candies anymore. This is a super easy craft with only a few supplies! You’ll need the following items; long branches, a skein of yarn, tape, and a bag of candies. Putting this Spider Candy Web is definitely eye-catching to the kids, so better stock a lot of candy bags and expect that your spider candy web will be out of hand soon.

photo of field of candies

photo from metro.co.uk

9. The Candy Garden Gang

Another safer trick or treat for the kids is the Candy Garden Gang. These Treats are so easy to make as you will be needing 3 items– clear tape, candies, and a stick. If you’re worried about a kid getting hurt if they get a little excited about taking the candies, you can use either popsicle sticks or a plastic spoon. Put some scary scarecrows or giant pumpkins in front of the candy garden and put some notes like “Take 2 candies or the guards will take you” or any note that will remind them that someone from the garden is watching them. The Candy Garden Gang is so cute and simple that you can prepare it in less than an hour. It’s interactive and fun. By doing this it can push people to think of a new way to do Halloween Trick or Treats– not just because of COVID, but because it’s different and fun and more exciting for the kids.

photo of pumkin pinata

10. Pumpkin Pinata

Lastly, we have a Pumpkin Pinata to add a little excitement this spooky season. The fun game is that they have to put 5 candies in a separate pumpkin bowl as an alternative for their “ticket” to play the piñata. Once surrendered, they now have the chance to play the pinata and win a lot more candies. Other kids can play too, just make sure that everyone is paying attention with social distancing and they must wear a mask during the game. If the kid breaks the pinata, he or she will receive the candies in a separate pumpkin bowl and one big bag of candies. The trick? The Pumpkin Pinata doesn’t have candies inside it, instead of Halloween spooky crafts and stuff. This can avoid the crowding of the area and kids wouldn’t have to get candies in the middle. Those who took the risk in putting 5 candies as their ticket will really pay off once they broke the pinata.

There you have it all! 10 lists of DIY Trick or Treats this Halloween. It is safer, Easier, and Funnier for the kids to enjoy. These lists of ideas can be done even just inside your home. You will be able to enjoy it more inside your condo unit in Las Pinas or in the open area where you get to experience an exciting Halloween in the New Normal.


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