10 Additions for a Pet Friendly Home in Your Crown Asia Community

By: Hanna Rubio
pet friendly home

A pet is a great addition to the family. While some might say that well, pets are just pets, the companionship, happiness, and warmth that they will bring into your family’s lives are unmatched. To see them running around your house for sale in Cavite or playing with your kids is just a sight to see, not to mention that you’ll finally have the chance to own your dream pet since when you were a kid. 

However, owning a pet comes with responsibilities. One of which is ensuring that your home is comfortable and safe for your fur babies. Aside from that, there are a lot of other factors that you need to consider, from buying the right furniture and display to making sure that the house is built using materials that are pet friendly. 

Fret not if you’re a first-time fur parent, for in this article, you will be able to explore and get a glimpse of some key additions that you can make to ensure your home is safe and comfortable for your pets.

Here are the things to add to make your home safe for your fur babies


One great addition that you can make in your house for sale in Cavite if you are planning to have a pet. Aside from safeguarding your pet’s welfare, installing floorings that are not pet friendly like carpets makes it difficult to clean and maintain as it can trap odors or pet danders. A great alternative for this one is laminated flooring or hardwood floors for it is easier to clean and are less likely to confine allergens.


To have a pet friendly home, you can add fences to make sure that your fur babies are safe and guarded. It is also important that your pets have a designated space in their home backyard and installing a fence is a great choice. And well, pets are known for having the best energy and they are bound to run and roam around, adding fences helps keep them from going out of the premises of your home, ensuring their security.


Another wonderful addition to your house for sale in Cavite is plants! This will assist in the air purification of your home, absorbing harmful toxins and releasing oxygen that helps improve air quality. Interacting with plants can also help with the mental stimulation of the family’s fur friends. However, you still need to carefully pick the plants that you want to incorporate for there are some that might not be safe for your fur babies.

Gates and Barriers

While fences are for outdoor safety, on the other hand, gates and barriers are one great choice if you want to make sure that your pets stay in certain places of your home only. This is done to prevent your pets from exploring unsafe spaces in your home. Through gates and barriers, monitoring and checking them and their actions becomes easier.


While aesthetics is important in choosing furniture, when you have pets, you also need to ensure that it is safe and functional. Aside from those factors, you may also consider if it is easy to clean so you don’t have to break a sweat maintaining it. If you have an extra budget for this, you can invest in furniture that is scratch-free and those with fur-free fabrics.

Food and Water stations

Investing in food and water stations will help you maintain cleanliness and organization. This will also train your pets to only eat in their designated areas. You can also monitor your pet’s health by keeping an eye on their food portions. This is a great addition to the journey of making a pet friendly home for it fosters comfort, hygiene, and your pet’s overall well-being.

Beds and Beddings

To improve your pet’s comfort and sleep, incorporating pet friendly beds and bedding is a great choice. Moreover, having the right beds and bedding helps make sure that they will not have allergy reactions. It also creates a sense of ownership for they have a a space and bed of their own.

Toys and Accessories

When your home is pet friendly, it improves their mental stimulation. One great way to support that is by giving them toys and adding accessories that help with regard to their behavior, physical exercise, and create a strong bond with owners.

Cabinets and Trash bins

By incorporating cabinets and trash bins, you are able to keep your house squeaky clean. This also helps with the organization, sorting, and keeping away of things that are harmful to your pets. You are also able to minimize clutter and maximize your space. Furthermore, it helps on minimizing the potential accidents and risks your pets might incur while roaming around a messy home.


Ensuring that you have great and secured windows allows you to avoid accidents like falling. It also helps with the ventilation and temperature of your home. You can also add screens if you are not satisfied on having just the windows itself for it adds another layer of protection.

Is this necessary?

Some may wonder why they need to experience all these hassles for a pet. However, for some these are not hassles and pets are not just pets for them. They are part of the family so doing all these changes makes them happy for they also want a comfortable and safe space for their fur members. In addition, it also makes not just the pets but also you as the owner more comfortable and the space more enjoyable.

Creating a paw-rfect home for your furry friends!

Creating a pet-friendly home is an important step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friends. Through these few additions to your home, you are able to create a thriving, safe, and comfortable environment for your pets. It doesn’t need to be drastic, you can start by simply adding small items or furniture that you know your pets will enjoy. Make your home the paw-rfect place for your furry members.

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