The Best Indoor Plants for Your Condominium

By: Crown Asia
Best Indoor Plants for Your Condominium

When living in a condo of your own and being a “plantita” or “plantito” at the same time, you may think this is mutually exclusive. You may think condos are not the best place to build your small greenhouse since living in a condo means limited space and no garden. However, even though living in a condo means maximizing your living space, there are still ways we can have indoor plants. There is a huge selection of plants that is perfect for indoor as it survives even in tropical conditions. To know more about what are the best indoor plants for your condominium, read more!

Here’s a list of the 10 best indoor plants for your condo

Snake Plant Laurentii

Snake Plant Laurentii

The Snake plant is typically stiff, sharp, and spikey, but it is perfect indoors since it can live in almost any environment and survive lower light levels. The Snake plant is a low-maintenance plant; it can go for a month without water.

Snake plants have also been shown to filter out nasty chemicals so you can breathe easy having this in your home.

ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant, also known as the ZZ Plant is one of the lowest-maintenance plants you can find on the market. It only needs to be watered at least three times a month and it doesn’t require a lot of light.

Also, it is proven in a NASA STUDY this plant is a natural air purifier as it is specifically adept at removing copious amounts of toxins from the air.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is the perfect plant for newbies. It is a low-maintenance plant that survives in low to bright indirect light. It stays classy and perfect as an indoor plant and decoration too as it looks very petite and pretty.

You can put a spider plant in your bedroom as the Spider Plant is one of the most recommended plants you can put in your bedroom to have a good sleep and snore in a room with purified air.

Aloe Vera

Enjoying your everyday hair and skincare routine? Might as well have your own organic Aloe Vera at your own home as this beautiful plant has many benefits. Aloe Vera is timely relevant to the hair and skincare enthusiasts since you can almost see them in all beauty products.

To take care of it, all you have to do to make it alive is to put it near a window and water regularly.

Dumb Canes

Dumb Canes

photo from worldngayon.com

Dumb Canes, also known as Dieffenbachia, is a classic in home gardening as it is one of the most common indoor plants is also a very easy indoor houseplant to grow. Also, Dumb Canes are known to be the Best CO2-absorbing plant, according to a Malaysian study.

Dumb Canes should be regularly watered but not too much to the point of having wet or soggy soil and it grows in a warm, humid spot with either plenty of light or low-light spots.

Chinese Money Plant

The Pilea Peperomioides or more known as the Chinese Money Plant is a popular house plant because of its low maintenance and symbolism in Chinese culture. According to Feng Shui experts, it brings good luck, money, and prosperity to the homeowner by placing a coin in the soil of the plant will boost the money luck for the household.

To take care of the Chinese Money Plant, it only needs to be watered once a week and it should be placed in a light spot but not in direct sunlight.

Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

The Zebra Plant is perfect if you plan to have a garden full of succulents! This plant has thick, dark green leaves with white horizontal stripes on the outside of the leaves that resemble the zebra pattern, making it ideal as a great gift for someone who just moved in at their new home.

Plus, this plant is non-toxic. Meaning, it is safe for everyone including babies and pets. To maintain the healthiness of the plant, just water it at least once a week and keep it under shady light with humid conditions nearby.

Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Plants are the best and easy-care houseplants. It’s adaptable to low light conditions and shade. It needs infrequent watering cycles and slightly moist soil, and little to no fertilization. Just maintain its height though as this plant can grow up to 6-10 ft. tall!

Jade Plant

Jade Plant

photo from gardendesign.com

Introducing you to another succulent, the Jade Plant. Just like the Chinese Money plant, this plant also symbolizes good luck. You may always see the Jade Plant on plant enthusiast’s desk, office table, or living area because it can also be your small home or office decoration with its chunky, beautiful leaves.

To take care of this plant, it must be exposed to direct sunlight, or else it may become stunted. Also, make sure that it is watered properly. Never let a Jade Plant dry out completely.

Bird’s Nest Fern

If you are looking for a plant that is perfect for your bathroom, you can never go wrong with Bird’s Nest Fern. This plant would do great in a bathroom with a shower and thrives in medium indirect light and a humid environment.

To take care of this plant, all you have to do is water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. Bird’s Nest Fern doesn’t do well in soggy soil. Also, avoid watering directly into the center of the plant as this can encourage mold growth and rot in the dense nest. Aim water at the soil to avoid wetting the fern fronds.

The Meridian

The Meridian

Meridian by Crown Asia is a 5-hectare mid-rise condominium for sale located in the heart of Metro Cavite, Bacoor City. With its modern contemporary theme, achieve the lifestyle you desire and experience condo living in a green, spacious, and secure place here in the south.

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