Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Is this the secret to a happy life?

We’ve all been there before: we power through our busy schedules in an attempt to sleep before midnight and set our alarms an hour earlier in the hopes that we might sneak in a workout in the morning. Sometimes we never get around to it — but there’s a reason why we keep trying. Not only does exercise give us the much-needed physical energy boost that allows us to feel lighter and faster, but it also provides tons of mental benefits. Especially now that everyone is cooped up inside their own homes.

The current pandemic has been said to affect people not only financially and socially, but also mentally. Work-related stress is already too much. Now, due to the pandemic, everyone is also stressed about their health, their parent’s health, and the future. Most of the stress-relieving activities people were engaging in before such as going to the cinemas, to the gym, to places for amusement, were all hindered by the pandemic. The government shut it down as it was not deemed necessary. Although we could still watch movies and exercise inside an RFO House and Lot, doing it in a space specifically designed for that purpose just feels different. But we still need to power through everything and not give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. But in doing so, we must make use of what we got.

So if you’ve been needing a little extra motivation to exercise, keep reading — Here are six mental health benefits that working out can have on you.

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Exercise rids you of stress

Perhaps the most wonderful mental health benefit of exercise is reduced stress levels — a gift that we all would willingly welcome in our daily lives! Studies show that increases in heart rate can reverse stress-induced brain damage by triggering the production of neurohormones such as norepinephrine. This improves cognition, mood, and thought processes while in a stressful situation. When we exercise, our body’s central and sympathetic nervous systems correspond with one another, thus improving the body’s overall ability to respond to stress. So the next time you feel a little stress building up while beating a deadline at work, stand up, stretch, maybe even do a burpee, and bid it adieu.

Exercise allows you to be more present

In today’s tech-filled world that’s designed to hook us in notification and anticipation, distractions are easily included in our dailies. Every day, it gets more and more challenging to stay focused and attuned to what needs to be done. The good news? Studies have indicated that exercise creates new brain cells during a process called neurogenesis. Aside from overall brain improvement, it also prevents cognitive decline and memory loss. So if you find yourself spacing out again, maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit (literally), and work up a sweat to create a boost in your focus.

Exercise helps you keep your mental health in check

Exercise does great in the department of weight control, lowered blood pressure, and reduced risk of diabetes — but it also does wonders in decreasing the symptoms of both depression and anxiety through the production of endorphins a.k.a the “happy hormones”. These send feelings of happiness and euphoria to our system, which is why plenty of people can’t go for days without exercising. However, when it comes to mental health, this is only part of the solution — but one that is worth nurturing. If you have 45 minutes to sit through an entire Money Heist episode, then you have 10 minutes to do a quick workout. Do it for yourself and do it for your mental health. And why not do it inside a House and Lot for Sale or Condo for Sale Philippines by Crown Asia?

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Exercise boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence

While we might set out to shed off weight in our first few months of exercise, we also discover that we gain so much more in the process: endurance, alertness, and clarity. And when we hit our target, we mentally high-five ourselves which actually boosts self-esteem and confidence. When this happens, embrace it. Allow yourself to enjoy and bask in the glory of all the hard work (and late nights after office hours) that you have put into your well-being. Work it!

Exercise builds resilience

With everything that is going on in our lives, exercise can be seen as the key factor when dealing with tough times. People could see exercise as their escape and cope with their problems in a better way. It is much healthier than coping by drinking or using illegal substances. These would only make you feel worse in the long run. Exercise will do the exact opposite and help you in the future.

Exercise allows you to sleep better

The exhaustion we feel after a good run serves a good purpose — it allows your body to properly recover when we snooze at night. This is because exercise helps regulate our circadian rhythm, our bodies’ built-in alarm clock that controls our state of fatigue and alertness. So if you’re having a few restless nights, a couple of Tabata sets might just work that out for you. After all, nothing beats a good night’s sleep!

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Everyone is stressed nowadays. With all the things mentioned above, exercise is truly one way on how we could alleviate stress. But with gyms still banned from opening and outdoor exercises limited, how do we start exercising? It’s simple. Just start by doing any physical activity. There are numerous exercises you can do inside your house and lot or RFO condo. The trick is to start small and don’t overexert yourself. It’s a gradual process that would take time to get used to. Overexerting at the start would only make you feel bad and not continue exercising. Moderate is enough. And just like with everything in this world, too much is bad for you.


Often, it’s easy to simply just associate exercise with physical benefits, but our bodies are not just simple vessels for our minds. They work hand in hand as one machine, so it only makes sense that a healthy body creates a healthy mind too! And you don’t necessarily need to suffer to enjoy the benefits of exercising. So go exercise for both your body and brain and create that life now! Remember: a healthy mind is the greatest treasure to find.

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