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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Tips to Maximize and Personalize Space in your Condo

April 15, 2020

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Make the most of your condo space with these 5 simple tips!


1. Play with colors and depth

Make sure that you play with colors and depth. This way your condo will have a feel that it is more bigger than it actually is. Choosing the perfect hue that will match your vibe as well as your furniture and other household appliances is also advisable to make your condo have that complete and compact fee. Add depth by using industrial drop lights and wall decor that contrast your wall color.


Light fixtures in a home


2. Add drawers and boxes

Maximize the space under your bed and get extra storage space by adding drawers or decorative boxes. This way you'll actually have more room and space to play and expand with. Not only space under your bed, you can also use spaces above your wall fixtures and space atop shelves. Make sure to make the best of all possible space in your condo.


a bedroom


3. Make use of wall lamps

Wall lamps serve as decorative pieces when not in use so make sure to select some beautiful lamps for a more pleasing look into your home. Make sure that the lamps are small and compact as to not take too much of your wall space as well.


wall lights


4. Install black out curtains

Install black out curtains to reduce the heat that goes through the glass windows. This will help in regulating your room's temperature as well. Make sure to select the best colors that will match your interior look and feel.


Choosing the Perfect Curtains for your Spacious Home


5. Make use of wall mounted fixtures

Invest in wall mounted fixtures! There are a lot of space saving tools that are easily mounted on walls that you can add in your condo space. Aside from being a handy tool it can also help lessen the need for more sturdier and huge appliances.


It is very important to conserve and maximize your condo space. A wider and more open space assists in a more stress free thinking environment for you. Less stress means a better stay at your condo which is what you aimed for in the first place before purchasing your unit.

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