Taking Work-Life Balance to the Next Level

By: Plyde Trinidad
Taking Work Life Balance to the Next Level

Work-life balance is essential to professional life. Whatever happens outside of one’s job may also affect his or her productivity and performance at work. It is hard to think clearly when an employee has to worry about many things in his or her personal life. On the other hand, it is much easier for anyone to focus on the task at hand when they are enjoying their life outside of work while living in a condo in Las Piñas. An employee can not just work all the time. A high-performing worker knows how to take his or her time and forget about work for a while. He or she knows that the human body has its own limitations and that there needs to be a time when they need to rest, relax, and prioritize their own well-being over work. The reason for this is that anyone could only focus so much and that short break away from work is an instant when the body and the mind get revitalized and restored from prolonged periods of usage at a high level. Thus, it becomes less difficult for an employee to focus when he or she comes back to work. It is also important for keeping the employee’s mental health intact. Poor work-life balance would lead only to more problems. Much like anything in life, balance is needed. Too much of anything, even if it’s good for you is bad.


Changing Times

Companies, especially the front-running brands like Nike, Google, and Apple, are already recognizing the downsides of having an unhealthy work-life balance. It is vital in creating a healthy work environment. It is becoming more evident that companies that prioritize work-life balance have a greater tendency to produce happier and more productive workers. Workers that have more time for their family, friends, and personal endeavors, tend to be less irritant, impatient, and emotional at work. Thus, employees who experience healthy work-life balance tend to be more motivated and enjoy their life at work even more.

Lifestyle ideas for better work-life balance

Work-From-Home Setup Aficionado


Actually, the work-from-home setup, made more prominent by the pandemic, opened employees to a new way of living. Some say that this new system, which carried companies through hard times and kept the economy afloat, gave employees more time for their personal lives. With work-from-home, people would not need to travel to the office every day, taking less time from an employee’s day. With this, people had more time for their families and their own selves. As people spent more quality time at home, they became more encouraged to change and improve their new work environment. Adding more decorations and functional furniture into the mix, adding a little bit of their personality, “setup enthusiasts” created their own work haven inside their homes. Some found it more satisfying that their “safe space” became more motivating to work, and that they found themselves spending more time utilizing their aesthetic workplace. Those who are more into the minimalist, classic style, could combine a wooden table, black peripherals, an Edison light bulb, and a few plants to achieve their desired view. For those who want a more modern and clean look, they could throw in colorful LED lights, white tables, white peripherals, and a few cyberpunk decorations to create a futuristic type of vibe in their home office. Of course, there could be other styles, which work-from-home employees could explore that may help them enjoy working even more, as they further incorporate their own personality into their work situation. Work from home has paved the way for people to achieve work-life balance.

Fitness Enthusiast


Moreover, one’s lifestyle is essential in keeping their own sanity in their professional and personal life. One element that is a must in anyone’s checklist is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good physical health. Exercising keeps the mind and body balanced. It has been shown that people who are physically active tend to be less prone to negative thoughts and less distracted by unnecessary matters. Not only that, achieving one’s physical prowess provides confidence in one’s self, thus facing other people would be easier to do in a corporate setting. Also, as they say, exercising only contributes twenty percent to one’s overall health. At the end of the day, it is nutrition that truly dictates a person’s physical form. Thus the saying, “You are what you eat.” Exercise is important in achieving work-life balance. Poor health is not good for the employee and the company. If your work is eating up much of your personal life, leave and find a better company. Set your personal priorities straight. Find the right balance with a company that prioritizes creating work-life balance.

Café connoisseur


Additionally, it is also becoming more prevalent for people to go to coffee shops for social interaction. Coffee shops like the Coffee Project became a spot for communities to get together and enjoy a steaming hot or an ice-cold cup of coffee. These beautifully decorated and cozy spaces also became the workplace for those who do not need to go to offices, therefore taking themselves to the unusual ambiance, making even the mundane tasks bearable. Coffee shops also became the typical meeting place for business purposes. Surely, if anyone wants to know what work-life balance tastes like, then it would be at a café.

Mall Wanderer

Apart from that, malls have become the customary place for social gatherings, especially for families. Many enjoy going to malls to watch movies at the cinema, eat at a Korean barbeque, or shop at a clothing store. Malls provide a sound and soothing place for anyone to relax and forget about work for a while. Therefore, malls are an essential place for a healthier work-life balance.

Furthermore, to elevate one’s work-life balance, whether they are a stay-at-home person, or someone who likes to go out and have fun with their family and friends, it is important to note that they must be able to live near key facilities to maintain their lifestyle. Therefore, location is an essential part of one’s checklist.

City of Love and Progress


Of course, outgoing Filipinos love to go to different spots to maximize their personal time. Therefore, it is ideal that one would live in a place where everything is within their reach. One of the most in-demand cities right now is Las Piñas City. This city in Metro Manila is a booming city that many people are looking to move into. It is surrounded by central business districts, home to plenty of offices and employment, like Alabang West in Las Piñas, Entertainment District of Pasay, Makati CBD, and BGC in Taguig. Therefore, it is perfect for those looking for a residence near their workplace. A condo in Las Piñas offers a variety of options when it comes to places to go. Las Piñas has AllHome for essential work-from-home furniture; AllDay Supermarket for healthy nutrition; Dear Joe café for cozy and upscale ambiance while working; and elegant high-end stores and restaurants packed Evia Lifestyle Center.

Vista Global South

Actually, there is a rising 100-hectare mixed-use, master-planned, and integrated Vista Global South in Las Piñas. This aggressively progressing, colossal property development that will be a central business district of the new phase of Las Piñas. Everything that a person may need to achieve the perfect balance between work and life will be here in a condo in Las Piñas.


Hermosa by Crown Asia

What better way to enjoy living in a glamorous metropolitan than to live near it? Hermosa, which has ready-for-occupancy and pre-selling condo units, is already home to those who love to experience work-life balance in a condo in Las Piñas. Hermosa is just 10 minutes away from NAIA, and 15 minutes away from Mall of Asia and the Entertainment City in Pasay making errands such as groceries easy as ever.

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