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Basic Work-From-Home Equipment That is Often Overlooked

October 19, 2020

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has been a rising trend in most industries. Studies have shown that working from home increases the productivity of employees, as well as their overall happiness.  In fact, some individuals will even forego a high-paying job in exchange for one that allows him to work from home.   


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But working from home is not as breezy as most may imagine.  It is not just as simple as opening a laptop and connecting to the internet.  Aside from the laptop and strong internet connection, here are some of the basic equipment that is commonly overlooked. 



The Chair 


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Most people just use any chair that is available at home when they are working from home.  But choosing the right office chair can have a tremendous impact on productivity and an individual's health.   Just think about it, there is a reason why companies spend on office chairs.  Other companies actually provide more comfortable chairs to those occupying higher positions on the corporate ladder. 


Office chairs are designed to promote good posture and lessen backaches.  Sitting with a bad posture for eight hours or more is a common reason for work absence and inability to perform well in the office.   Therefore, investing in a good office chair is imperative when working from home. 


When looking for an office chair, consider the seat width and depth, the lumbar support, the material, and the backrest.  A gaming chair is also a good option since it provides enhanced support and adjustability compared to an office chair.   



The Desk 


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The Desk is of equal importance as that of the Chair.  The desk should be of proper height to enhance comfort and productivity.  Using the wrong desk, like using the wrong chair, also leads to backache.   


What most people are surprised to know is that there is no standard height for an office desk since each individual has different heights or body types.  Fortunately, most office desks today can now be customized in height to achieve the optimal comfort for the worker.   


To determine the correct height, the individual must be able to comfortably place his/her hands on the desk while having a 90-degree angle for the elbows.  If the angle of the elbows is more than or less than 90 degrees, the height of the desk should be adjusted.  Just a reminder, while the chair height can also be adjusted to get the optimal desk height, the knees should also be at a 90-degrees angle to provide the best posture. 



The Office Supplies 


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While most transactions are online, it is still best to keep the basic office supplies near you such as pen, paper, stapler, folders and fasteners.  Even if most files are digital, there are still a few that need to be filed and kept neatly.  The peaceful flow of working from home is usually broken when an individual realizes that the basic office supplies are not available at home when he/she needs them.  Working from home should not be a reason for losing files or not keeping them stored properly. 


Aside from these, a peaceful environment conducive for work is also a must when working from home.  Fortunately, your Crown Asia Home in 515 Shaw provides for a good setting to work from home.  While it is located in the center of bustling Metro Manila, its clear view of the Wack Wack Golf Course provides for a peaceful and refreshing vibe that allows you to work in a relaxing environment. 




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