Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway: Fast Travel to Tagaytay Is Coming Soon

By: Andrea Mijares

Travel is one of the most relaxing things to do aside from partying in bars. Ironic, isn’t it? Driving can definitely be tiring, but the feeling of driving on an endless road toward a destination that you, your family, and your friends long for is a definite core memory to cherish forever.

October marks the fourth and last quarter of the year, meaning O-N-&D months are the perfect time for a vacation. Therefore, it is a known tradition that within these months, traveling and the number of cars on the road increases every day. Thus, driving around to your desired destinations can be tiring, due to the traffic and bottlenecked locations around Metro Manila.

However, over many years, the Philippines has had multiple road and infrastructure projects to answer the long problem plaguing the everyday drive and commute. Some of the completed projects like the Manila – Cavite Expressway Project (CAVITEX), and the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge have given motorists the benefits that were promised by the government, such as traffic decongestion and alternative routes when going around your favorite cities in Metro Manila.

Because of that, motorists and citizens are excited about the future of Metro Manila and the entire region across the country in their traveling plans. So, in the many years to come, the Christmas and Halloween seasons will gain more relaxing vibes because of the smooth traffic flow. This will be true soon for Tagaytay.

The city is well-known for being the second summer capital of the Philippines and it is the perfect place to vacation for its cold breeze, picturesque vistas and tourist destinations, and amazing food that captures Tagaytay’s presence. Naturally, a lot of people flock to Tagaytay as a tradition every year, and even every month, to relax after a whole long year of providing for their families.

But, the timing of when you must go to Tagaytay must be accounted for. Since it is a tourist destination, naturally, the traffic increases two-fold on Fridays and weekends. Still, the traffic is still experienced even on weekdays, because people balance out their vacation leaves for a relaxing day in Tagaytay and try to avoid full parking spaces. There is no denying the popularity of Tagaytay and of course, the government already put in place several infrastructure projects to support the travel time to Tagaytay.

The location heading to Tagaytay is within Cavite City, so the majority of the infrastructures are placed inside Cavite as the starting point, like the ongoing development of Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and finished CAVITEX. As much as possible, people from both Northern and Southern Luzon can easily head to Tagaytay City in a short amount of time.

There is another infrastructure that is added into the fray for faster travel towards the vacation spot every year. It is called the Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway, abbreviated as CTBEX

Head to Tagaytay in a Seamless Drive through the Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBEX)

Photo from dpwh.gov.ph

This infrastructure project was proposed back in 2016 by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corp as part of their plan to support the government’s goal to decongest traffic and propel economic activity in the Luzon region. The project spans 50.42 km and connects itself to the ongoing CALAX at Silang East Interchange project and the Ternate-Nasugbu Road. The main highway of Tagaytay, the Aguinaldo Highway, and Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road is constantly used by motorists and causes the said traffic at the vacation spot. It is highlighted as the main focus and problem that led to the proposal of the CTBEX project. Heavy tourism is what made this project possible, as well as sharing the tourist numbers to Nasugbu, Batangas. Both are popular tourist sites for vacation purposes in the Summer and Christmas seasons.

Today, the current update of the project is still being proposed and endorsed by the National Economic Development Authority or NEDA, due to its ambitious nature, albeit needed for solving the problem and boosting positive tourist traffic. Also coinciding with this project is the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) -CAVITEX Port Expressway Link. From the name itself, it connects the two expressways that will decongest traffic in Malabon, Caloocan, Navotas, and Manila. In turn, this particular infrastructure point will benefit Cavite and Tagaytay, as well.

These planned and ongoing infrastructures will simply serve as monuments for upholding the vision for first-class endeavors and modernization efforts for the country. Not only that, business and job opportunities for the project’s needed manpower and most importantly, land value. The value of Tagaytay will increase more and tourism will blossom as a result.

Tourism and more foot traffic within the tourist spots will then in turn generate additional living and staycation places. The location value will coincide with the real estate properties, especially condos in Tagaytay since expansion is still capable of more rental opportunities and a secondary home from the urban city.

Today is the perfect time to invest in a condo in Tagaytay. As everyone knows by now, real estate is the most stable and faster return on investment that you can invest in for the long term.

Pre-selling condos are the best ones to choose whilst ongoing improvements and construction boost the overall value of a city. All you need left is what property and developer you should choose for your next prime real estate investment.

Pinevale Tagaytay – Project Information

Pinevale is an exquisite 2.8-hectare residential masterpiece and is the first-ever smart home condominium in Tagaytay.

The rising condo developments will have five towers, all of which are named after the beautiful and resourceful birds that use pine trees to build their own nest because we all know pine trees are well known to be tall and sturdy: (B1) Canary Tower, (B2) Condor Tower, (B3) Bluejay Tower, (B4) Warbler Tower, (B5) Vireo Tower. The property type of condo units that Pinevale offers is one (1) bedroom suite with a balcony 36.27 sq.m (square meter) size; one (1) bedroom premium suite with a balcony, 44.50 sq.m size; and a two (2) bedroom suite with a balcony, 50.16 sq.m size.

Pinevale not only provides a tranquil community but also resort-style amenities that will tempt you to remain in your own Suites. A location where you have access to your very own Serenity Trail and Forest canopy, which is ideal for daily jogs and family activities. You can let out all of your stress in a cascading heated pool. Our very own Sky Garden is another location to unwind and take in the city view of Tagaytay, and we also have a Hygge garden that is ideal for your picnic time with your loved ones.

This mid-rise building’s location is the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of nature while getting to discover and explore the essence of life beaming from its surrounding locations.

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