Advantages of Smart Home Automation

By: Rehian Vicente

From the earliest years before technological discoveries, our society and civilization had reached a milestone that shows how complex the human mind is. The discovery of all the things we are currently using is not a simple feat, it all comes from a series of experiments, revisions, and finally implementation. Each discovery offers a lot of advantages that an individual, a family, and even society can utilize, for the purpose of making things easier and more effective. 

From Gadgets to Machinery and Now to Our Houses With the Development of Smart Home Devices.

It just shows how far the development of technology has reached. But what exactly is Smart Home technology? Well, it technically refers to any devices, appliances, or systems that are connected to a common network. This just shows how this technology can help and assist you inside a house and it has a lot of features. Incorporating modern technology into a house requires tremendous effort and planning which Crown Asia did. Recently, Vita Toscana launched its very first innovation — a Smart Automated Home that was released to the public. This shows how proactive the development of house offerings here in Crown Asia is, and it is making its move to adapt to changes and offer it to our clients. 

To fully introduce Smart Home Automation below is a list of the important feats and advantages an individual could have for owning a Smart Home:

Connecting All of Your Devices, Appliances, and Home Features to One Interface Is a Great Way of Managing Your House.

You will be able to use one device for all the features, with smart home technology, and micro-manage each to ensure that you have full control over your house. It is efficient since you are completely aware of what’s happening in your house knowing that you have the master key for all features. This smart feature is now available for the house and lot properties in Bacoor City – which is developed by Crown Asia Properties Inc. Using one device and with just one click, almost anything can now be operated easily – from turning the switches on and off, changing your TV channels, or opening your windows.

Flexibility for All New Devices and Appliances.

Acquiring new appliances will be easier to manage with the help of smart home technology. Due to its flexibility and wide array of features, it can adapt to new appliances and help you fully integrate your appliances into your smart home.

Maximizing and Ensuring Safety With the Help of Smart Home Technology.

You can enhance your safety inside your house using smart devices linked to your home.

Incorporating your main interface into your security camera, motion sensor, and smart security systems – which have different ways to lock and unlock the main door – is a great move since you have direct control over it through your smart devices.

You can always watch your house even if you’re far away from it. Check whether there are anomalies happening inside your house while you’re at work, determine if someone tried to access your house, and many more. With this, you will feel safe and secure inside your house and you can live comfortably knowing that you have the device to help you. 

Increased Energy Efficiency.

You can use your smart home technology to put a limit on the production of energy or control the right amount of energy to avoid overspending or utilizing that can cause higher bills. It can help you to check your energy consumption and make a move out of it ensuring that you are managing your energy consumption properly and efficiently.

Accessing the Main Control.

Having control over the main interface is a great way to save energy and time. Holding the device that contains the main interface feels like you are powerful.

Well kidding aside, you can always use your smart devices to connect to your appliances even if you are at a distance.

You can also check whether you turn off your television even if you are not inside your house. With this, it cuts the time cost of going back and forth and can help you to prioritize your work and career.

Improve Appliance Functionality.

You can use your smart home technology to activate smart lights all in the palm of your hand or browse channels on your television without stressing too much about it or even changing the temperature of the split-type aircon installed at your home without putting too much effort, all of which can be accessed in your smart device. It can assist you and help you efficiently. Another example is an air fryer; it has designated features for different kinds of cooking which can help you to cook properly especially if cooking is not your forte.

Home Management Insights.

Lastly, you can also check your kids with the help of smart home systems. You can use the security cameras to check on your kids in their room, or what are they watching, you can also put a safety code to ensure that your kids are not exposed to videos that are not age-appropriate and many more.

In conclusion, smart home technology greatly boosts the quality of life and assists you in making things easier.

As part of the company’s aim to provide smart, secure, and comfortable homes, a smart automated home in Cavite is now one step closer to a reality with the launch of Crown Asia‘s first-ever smart automation house and lot properties in Vita Toscana. The new home offering is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a security system, including an impressive and exclusive Smart Lock – with 6 ways to unlock the door, and IR repeaters – which help you to change aircon temperatures and change the TV channels without putting too much effort – smart switches, smart plug sockets, smart curtain, smart speakers and is also equipped with voice command feature.

The idea of a smart automated home is not new as there are many companies that have offered smart homes before, but Crown Asia is the first one from here to offer a fully automated house without additional cost. The new addition is a fusion of modern and traditional interiors, with a simple yet elegant design. Come and experience firsthand, the smart features of Lladro house in Vita Toscana. Contact Rehian Vicente, marketing officer of Crown Asia at 09657092862 to schedule a house tour. 

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