Building a Successful Real Estate Team

By: Levi Santiago

Working solo has its own benefits, but its limited to the capacity of productivity that you yourself can output. When working alone, what you have to manage, in the context of a profession in the real estate industry, is restricted only to the matters that concern you. Depending on what kind of real estate professional you have, this probably includes creating listings for clients, finding clients, maintaining a communication line with new and old clients, communicating with property owners, accomplishing paperwork, and many more. One can argue that just working solo to facilitate the real estate transaction of multiple condo for sale is already a lot for one’s own plate.

Why Not Just Work Solo as a Real Estate Professional?

Given what has been stated previously, why bother considering how to build a real estate team? A real estate team would add to the number of responsibilities that you have to keep up with. You are aware that just dealing with concerns that are pertinent to you already takes a lot of time and effort. One could ask: Would it not be the case that the responsibilities that you need to handle would become unbearable if you were to build a real estate team?

Reevaluate Your Goals for the Real Estate Industry.

Anything that reaps a multitude of benefits typically requires just as great, if not more, sacrifice in exchange. If you think that, for the rest of your life, working alone as a real estate professional is enough for you primarily because of the demands of the industry, then you are not pushing yourself to actualize the potential for achievement that is within you.

First point: One person is capable, but a team compounds this capability.

First and foremost, learning how to build a real estate team and putting into application the steps on how to build a real estate team take a significant amount of effort. However, you must keep in mind some important thoughts to consider. First, is that although one person can already effect great change, effective collaboration between a group of people such as a real estate team can possibly achieve tenfold of what one person can do, especially when comparing in terms of who can sell more condo for sale than who. This can be related to the saying that “no man is an island.”

Second point: Communication is a keystone in the real estate industry, so why not use it as a strength that unifies a team towards success?

Second, is that humans are social beings. It is shown in history that humans, by themselves, are intelligent, but it is in their collaboration with their fellowmen that they build societies from the mutual relationships they have formed with each other.

When you put in effort to a firmly established goal to build a real estate team that is effective and united towards common clearly defined values and team goals, you will likely find that working with your real estate team is not only more efficient than when you worked solo, but also that you feel more fulfilled by being in the company of professionals that are there to pull each other up and strive to achieve an effective team’s worth of progress.

How to Build a Real Estate Team in More Specific Steps.

If you have decided to take on the risks and challenges of building a real estate team, then the enumeration of the tips and steps to follow in this blog may help you. To begin, we can first define what constitutes an effective team.

Define your team’s goals and values clearly.

As stated generally previously, a real estate team that is effective is a group of professionals that have clearly defined values and goals ingrained in their minds. Having clearly defined values and goals are important to guide the team when it comes to decision-making, especially in scenarios with significant risks and urgency. And if you are the one building a real estate team, then having clearly defined values and goals are what will guide you on how to manage your team and who you should hire for your real estate team.

Ensure that you as the leader have your things set in order.

If you are the one building a real estate team, then it is likely that you yourself are the team’s leader. In order to lead your real estate team properly, then you must ensure that you have the team goals and values you have defined are not just useful for the team, but are useful to you in the first place in the process of building your real estate team. When you build your team, your teammates will be looking to you for guidance – you were the one that hired them to work with you after all.

No one is born a perfect leader. Values are molded within a person through how they perceive experiences, especially negative ones, and progress through them. Identify your weaknesses and work on them; and find your strengths and capitalize on them. As said previously, “no man is an island.” Whatever weaknesses in skill you have will compensated for by someone in your team that possesses strength in your weakness.

Recognize That Leadership Is a Skill That Must Be Consistently Worked On.

If you are in a leadership role, then it is important that you always practice and improve your communication and listening skills. Aim to be able to resolve issues concerning the team as quickly as possible in a way that creates an adequate compromise for all parties involved. Listen to the concerns of your teammates, and utilize whatever leadership tools you possess in your arsenal to guide them towards improvement.

As a team, each of your team members will plug each others weaknesses with your respective competences. With your clearly defined values and goals, and your efforts to continuously improve your leadership qualities, your team will become a working machine that pumps out successful real estate transactions for condo for sale consistently.

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