A Checklist on What to Buy for Your New Home

By: Tricia Melarpis
A Checklist on What to Buy for Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home! Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you just moved into a new place, it is always exciting to open and start a new chapter in your life. What’s more exciting is to freely design your own space without reservations. Some people prefer to have their living space fully furnished while some prefer a more simple look but whether you’re aiming for a Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or modern contemporary style, always stick to where you’re comfortable with because home decorations can influence everything from your mood, productivity, and confidence.

Buying furniture can be quite expensive especially if you are buying new ones that is why it is always good to prioritize your needs before the aesthetics and shop around to check stores that give the best deals.

Starting From the Basics, Here Is a List of Must-Have Pieces of Furniture:

Living Room

photo of a living room

1. Sofa

This is the king of all furniture. This is perfect for sitting on, lounging on, and sleeping on that’s why it is essential to know what best fits your spacious living area. Since a living room is a place where you also entertain your guests, friends, and relatives, investing in a good sofa is a must.

2. Coffee Table

While it is truly a matter of preference, a coffee table is a centerpiece of a living room as it completes the ideal picture. Coffee tables have a lot of functions. It can be a central surface to place your morning coffee mug, drinking glasses, favorite magazines, new books, and your precious TV remote. Some also have drawers and are two-tiered that have a raisable surface ideal for eating or working. Make sure to buy the perfect coffee table that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has great functionality and style perfect for your impeccable home.

3. Media Cabinet

For most homes, the television set is the center point of the living room and having a cabinet to safely store your media consoles, DVDs, tapes and other electronics is a must. It also makes the living room looks clean, spacious, and presentable.

Bed Room

photo of a bedroom

1. Bed

We always need a good night’s sleep after a busy day. A bedroom is a place for comfort and relaxation. Having a good bed means getting healthy sleep, getting healthy sleep means achieving healthy waking hours, and achieving healthy waking hours makes you productive. Investing in a good bed is investing in your health. It is the wisest and most important decision you can make in buying furniture.

2. Bedside table

A bedside table acts as an anchor. It is often used to place important items you might need through the night within reach, such as mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, medicines, and a glass of water. Adding more function, you may place a lamp over it. Many people like to read before going to bed, so having a reading lamp placed by the bed is convenient so as not to open all the lights in the room. Now, when choosing the perfect bedside table, you must keep in mind the size of your bedroom and the budget allocation.

3. Wardrobe

Who doesn’t want a good wardrobe? Wardrobes are designed to store all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. It gives your bedroom the illusion of more space and less clutter and it gives you the opportunity to organize and find them easily for your next OOTD. Having a wardrobe also offers protection to your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories as it keeps them away from the harmful sun and dust. You might want to have a perfect wardrobe especially to store your designer or branded items.

Dining Room

photo of a dining room

1. Dining table

A dining table will always play an important role in a home. Studies show that opting to eat at a dining table tends to make the whole family eat more nutritionally balanced meals and promote healthy eating habits. A dining table also gives the family a chance to bond after meals and share their experiences that couldn’t have been shared elsewhere.

2. Dining chairs

It is hard to imagine a dining table without dining chairs. Dining chairs add functionality to the dining table because it is designed to be the most comfortable thing/furniture to sit on while dining. They also play an important role in making your dining area look complete. You can choose a variety of dining chairs based on the size of your dining table and the allowable space of your dining area. A set of dining chairs is not just furniture but a statement piece as it also reflects your personality and preference.

Furniture at All Home

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