Reasons Why Laguna is the Next Booming District Outside the Metro

By: Gianina Tablizo
Reasons Why Laguna is the Next Booming District Outside the Metro

In the time we live in today where open spaces are pretty much considered a necessity now as more and more people exit the congested nature of the metro as more people are working home-based and not all schools are fully optimized yet to conduct face-to-face classes, and open concept that does not sacrifice accessibility and beauty. A space where feeling at home does not take you away from what matters. A space that gives you the balance of relaxation, accessibility, work, growth, and leisure. An epicenter of all the big things happening and are yet to unfold in the continuously rising and growing land of Laguna.

Laguna has always been known for its large number of leisure resorts, hot springs, amusement parks, natural wonders, big industries, and various restaurants in Sta. Rosa Laguna and manufacturing sectors and more without the hassle of straying too far from the metro since it is just about less than an hour away from Vista City Alabang thanks to the major road networks that make traveling in and out of Metro Manila such a breeze.

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Aside from being directly accessible to the second summer capital, which is Tagaytay City, Laguna prides itself to be more than just a vacation destination. What if we tell you how much this part of the metro’s fringe areas has grown and is still continuously growing in terms of infrastructures, establishments, residential areas, and more?

See how Laguna is progressing as a locale and as a province as we show why Laguna is the next booming city outside the metro. Who knows? Maybe after this read, you would consider owning a house and lot for sale in Laguna or even a condo for sale unit in the Lion City of the South.

One of the Best Cities in Laguna, Sta. Rosa


One big reason why cities in Laguna are rapidly rising, particularly Sta. Rosa, is because of the numerous government-initiated projects just like the Cavite-Laguna Expressway or CALAX which reduces travel time of those coming from the north. This infrastructure aims to bridge the two fringe cities together making it easier to traverse and save more time for motorists. Another aspect worth considering is how close the CALAX exit is from Valenza in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Speaking of accessibility, what Laguna has to offer is not only limited to these major road networks for our motorists, because of the industrial and business developments in the area, more and more business districts are starting to emerge in numerous cities of the area, from Sta. Rosa all the way to Canlubang, where most industrial and business hubs are located and some are even set to rise in the future.

Aside from booming business and industrial districts, emerging educational institutions are also something to look out for as Laguna is set to be the next rising university belt. With all the top-notch schools now established in Laguna like the Brent International School, Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Malayan Colleges, and Miriam College Nuvali are just a few to mention in this growing list for there are two top-tier campuses on the rise, namely University of the East Laguna Campus and the much-awaited University of Sto. Tomas – Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This growth of establishments is expected to raise the value of nearby developments like the Valenza Mansions, so Laguna is also the perfect cesspool of real estate investments.

Even if the country is still in full swing with the online learning setup, the value appreciation being brought by these upcoming schools is continuously rising, so just imagine the rise in value in the next few years once face-to-face classes are back up and these schools have become fully operational. This certainly provides a reassuring hand to investors looking to set up their assets in investing in real estate properties in the area.

Laguna has always boasted of the balance of both work and leisure. Apart from infrastructures, business parks, and schools, the province has always preserved its traditional culture from colorful festivals to the natural wonders the province is known for. From the numerous beaches and resorts, amusement is not a problem. The cities of Laguna have so much to offer for a better lifestyle, from the famous Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, beautiful waterfalls and hot springs in Pagsanjan, stylish and durable shoes from Liliw, and of course, being a gateway to the progressive tourist spot that is Tagaytay City.

A Home in the Lion City of the South


With all of that being said, there is no doubt that Laguna is undeniably growing bigger and bigger as a city towards modernization whilst preserving the cultural identity each city has established. Truly, this uprising city has no limits to its potential.

The global pandemic has tested everything we know from the economy to our willpower. The economy has had its nose dives and is slowly recovering back up as sectors take the necessary initiatives to bounce back and establish improvements in infrastructures and programs towards the new normal. Witness the true potential Laguna has to offer with investing as unshakeable and unfazed like Crown Asia Laguna’s premium real estate properties in San Pedro, Cabuyao, and Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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