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The Best Multifunctional Furniture for your Meridian COHO Condo Unit

August 31, 2021 by Nicole Rivera

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A lot of condo unit owners are faced with a challenge: how can they fully maximize their space? To solve this issue, condo unit owners can select multifunctional furniture that that suits their lifestyle. Home and condominium interiors must not only look attractive and sophisticated, but also make the whole place functional.


Here are some multifunctional furniture that can serve as a dual-purpose-serving function and is a perfect option for space-constraint spaces of the condo unit:


1. Hardwood Dresser Table


Hardwood Dresser Table


The classic hardwood dresser table is space-saving due to its folding table feature. This is the perfect multifunctional furniture for women because it has drawers where they can store their make-up, jewelry, and other personal items. Generally, you can store anything in a hardwood dresser table. It solves the problem of decluttering your condo unit.


2. Library table

Due to the remote arrangements of different schools and offices, having a library table is a good investment for your condo unit. It is a multifunctional furniture that can be used as a desk as well as a dining table. This type of table is usually made of wood and can be made into round or rectangular shape. Condo unit owners can use this as workspace that is perfect for work from home set-up. Likewise, the library table can be used to hold your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


3. Fold-up Dining Set


Fold-up Dining Set


Homeowners can make their kitchen spacious and inviting with a multifunctional fold-up dining set. It is the picture-perfect solution for small kitchens since it can be easily detached and stored when open space is needed. Folding tables can also be used for recreational activities and for casual parties with friends.


4. Storage Ottoman

The storage ottoman is a stool made of mahogany or synthetic wood. Apart from enhancing the look and ambiance of a room, you can also use it to store items. The top of the ottoman stool can be lifted off easily for storage. And of course, it can be fully maximized as a chair, side table, or foot stool. After a long tiring day, condo unit owners can relax and use their storage ottoman as footrest while watching their favorite series or movie.


5. Sofa Bed


Sofa Bed


The sofa bed is one of the more popular furniture amongst condo unit owners due to its very useful functions. It provides an area to comfortably lounge and relax in. Apart from that, the use of sofa bed can be easily transformed into laid-back sleeping space for guests and when you need a bed for family staying overnight.


6. Under-bed storage as bedside table

Condo unit owners can likewise invest in rolling storage containers that are intended to fit under the bed. A rolling storage has a bin can be converted as a bedside table for quick snacks in the midnight. And of course, the storage can be used as a normal storage bin to keep their space tidy and clutter-free.


7. Wall-mounted desk with shelves

All condo unit owners aim to have ample space to accomplish their work while enjoying the perks of work-from-home set up. A hanging desk with shelves is the clever solution to have achieve a full office set-up in a small space. This furniture can be made of fiberboard and can feature multiple shelves or compartments for storage purposes. Owners can play with the sizes and colors of the compartments to enhance the texture of the room or space. When work is done, the owner of the condominium can close or push back the desk when not in use to create a space.


8. Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed is another space-saving and multifunctional furniture. This bed is fairly expensive but it is a practical piece of furniture since it frees up the space of small rooms and creates an illusion of a larger room. It is convenient for condo unit owners because it is built to fold up into a wall or into a closet to cater to other daily activities.


Murphy Bed


A modern wall bed can have wooden compartments or shelves on both sides of the bed. The unit owners can utilize these spaces by placing some books, frames, and decorations. Decorative items on the shelves of the wall bed can also enhance the features of the room.


9. Hanging Mirrors with storage

Mirrors usually provides additional light and makes the room look larger. Home owners may choose to buy mirrors with shelves because it give greater storage. It provides a space for essential tools such as hairbrush, perfume, skin creams, and accessories.


10. Multi-Purpose Closet

A full - length wardrobe is an essential space-saving furniture for condo unit owners. A multifunctional closet with mirror can have spacious shelves suitable for condo living. The layers of shelves inside the closet can be use for clothing, shoes and other essentials. While the mirror augments the size of the room and can be utilized for aesthetic and grooming purpose of the unit owner.


11. Storage Stepladder


Storage Stepladder


Another unique tool that would help condo unit owners save space in their bedroom is a storage stepladder. Although a condominium is known for small spaces, there are areas that are difficult to reach. For example, boxes on top of the closet or hanging shelves. This furniture can have several purposes such as storage for shoes or as a chair for guests. It also adds aesthetic to the room by placing simple design on top of it when not in use.


Enjoy your own space as a condo owner in Meridian

If you’re looking for a condo unit where you can experience sophisticated and chic condo living, The Meridian is the place for you. It is a midrise condominium development in Bacoor City with sprawling and abundant open spaces. Its location provides a life of ease and comfort due to its proximity to offices, hospitals and recreational activities. It will have diverse offerings such as an AllDay Convenience Store, coffee shops, and other retail outlets.


Meridian COHO Day Shot Condo in Bacoor


Meridian offers spacious 1BR (30sqm) or 2BR (40sqm) units where you can freely decorate and purchase multifunctional furniture. Whether you plan to rent it out or live in it yourself, these multifunctional furniture would be really useful.


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