Simple Tips to Have a Good Relationship With Your Neighbors

Simple Tips to Have a Good Relationship With Your Neighbors

Wherever you live on this planet – whether you stay in an exclusive residential subdivision, in a small village or barangay, or a residential condominium like Pine Suites Tagaytay by Crown Asia, one thing is for sure – you have and will always have neighbors. Unless you suddenly decided to build your home in a cave or the middle of the forest like our ancestors did million years ago. Even there you still have different kinds of animals as your default neighbors. The point is there will always be someone or something that you get to interact with whether you like it or you like it.

Having neighbors is great as this can help you enhance your social skills, have friends, and widen your connections. And establishing a good relationship with your neighbors is a major key to living a fun and amazing life. Remember what the bible says? “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Not to sound very religious here but there’s no harm in being a good neighbor, so here are some very simple tips to create a harmonious relationship with your neighbors;

How to be a Good Neighbor

1. Smile is the First Step

There is a conventional saying that says “It takes more muscles to frown than to smile”. Some claim that 43 muscles are needed just to frown and only 17 muscles to smile. See how amazing that is? They really had to count it just to prove a point. Whether it’s true or not, we don’t know but we don’t have to be scientific or medical to understand the logic, you get it right? The point is it takes less effort to smile than to frown, not to mention the fact that we look a lot better when we wear that crown.

And the first important step to establishing a good relationship with your neighbors is as simple as giving them your smile. When you go out of your door and see them along the hallway of your residential condominium in Tagaytay, greet them with a smile. Or when you walk your dog along the road of your subdivision and happen to see them doing some stuff – smile. You don’t even have to say a word; just a simple smile is all you have to do to get to the first phase of being a good neighbor. I know I know sometimes you are having a bad day and it’s not every day that you are in a good mood. Likewise, it’s not every day that you are in a bad mood right? What’s more important is that you make an effort (a very least effort at that) to greet your neighbors with a smile as often as possible and it can go a very long way.

photo of two women neighbors

2. Please Know their Names and Remember it

Now that you understand the first step in becoming a good neighbor, what’s next? So you keep smiling and greeting your neighbors almost on a daily basis for months now, then suddenly you realize you don’t even know their names. Don’t be ashamed, because you are not alone. A lot of people tend to forget to ask the name of other people including their neighbors, especially if you are new to the community. But our parents give us names to be identified exactly at that so might as well use it right? You don’t necessarily have to know their middle name, or the names of their parents, grandparents, cousins, grandchildren, etc., but at the very least call them by their given name or even nickname if they will allow you to. Or if you want to be more civil or professional then address them with Mr. or Ms. followed by their surname.

Your neighbor can be your friend and knowing the name of your future friend sounds like a very simple task to do, isn’t it? And lastly, they wouldn’t mind being asked about their name as long as you ask it properly.

3. Gift them with Food

A quick disclaimer; you don’t need to be a chef or restaurateur to do this. Have you ever seen a TV or movie scene where every time there’s a new neighbor in a community at least one family brings food or vice versa? I bet not all of those characters are a chef at any level. But the idea is to welcome a newcomer or make them feel that they are welcome. You can also do that to start breaking the ice and create a good relationship with your neighbors.

It doesn’t have to be everyday free food for them obviously, but bringing them food once in a while is definitely a kind gesture that everyone will appreciate. You may have cooked too much food for lunch, go share some with them. There’s a simple family celebration, so why not cut some cake slices for your neighbor? And just in case you don’t know how to cook, a simple click on your browser can give you every food you need almost literally. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; maybe a good way to befriend your neighbors is also through their stomachs.

photo of a hat with good neighbor

4. Keep your Noise at the Minimum

It’s absolutely fun to celebrate with your family and friends on certain occasions or throw in a house party from time to time. You set up your karaoke, play games, or simply chat enthusiastically with your friends. One thing is for sure, the noise will always be a part of the celebration. Who does party on silent mode right? But like a good neighbor, you should always and consistently be mindful of the possible noise you can create. It is especially true in shared community settings like a residential condominium, or townhouses where literally you are divided by just a concrete wall.

While doing your regular household tasks, you should still be conscious of the noise you can possibly cause. If you have to do something in your home that will surely produce significant noise, might as well inform your neighbors beforehand or at least do it at an appropriate time and not in the middle of the night when everyone is in their wildest dreams already. It doesn’t mean you have to work in silence, but the point is to always keep the noise at a certain level where it is tolerable by your neighbors.

5. Be Responsible in Using Common Areas

Finally, the last simple (and very common) tip for having a good relationship with your neighbors is to always use common or shared areas responsibly. Inside your home is your private and personal space, but outside there are common areas or amenities that you shared with your neighbors. A residential condominium like Pine Suites Tagaytay has a pool that is open to all unit owners to enjoy, a well-designed lobby, and hallways for the use of everyone. And like a good neighbor or a good citizen for that matter, use these areas with others in mind. Very simple actions like not leaving trash, smoking only in the designated area, and the classic clean-as-you-go rule can always be practiced to keep these common areas clean and maintained all the time.

There you go five (5) very simple tips on becoming a good neighbor and establishing a harmonious relationship with your neighbors and community in general. Who knows? You might be the “Next Best Neighbor”

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