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Tips on Lighting Your Home

October 11, 2021

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All life on our planet is based on light. Plants use chlorophyll to manufacture nutrients from light and filter the air humans breathe, demonstrating the necessity of light. Plants are essential for the existence of both animals and humans. As a result, everything is dependent on light in some way. One of the importance of light, it plays a major part in maintaining good health. Our circadian cycle controls the main factor. It is this cycle that oversees our whole life. It controls hormone release, even in the brain and heartbeat of our body. It also influences and controls our awakening and consciousness levels. Ensuring a good incidence of light in our environments can improve our mood, influence critical chemical reactions in our bodies, reduce emotional problems such as depression, improve the quality of our sleep, make us healthier and more pain resistant, and even increase our productivity and job satisfaction. Lack of light in our lives and environments can disrupt melatonin production, deregulate growth hormone release, induce a vitamin deficiency our bodies cannot synthesize vitamin D without sunlight, affect metabolism regulation, and lead to obesity, irritation, and fatigue, among other things.


Hanging lightbulbs and vines


As time pass by and the world become more developed, artificial sources of light has been invented. In the 1800s, numerous scientists invented light bulbs. Light bulbs had an enormous impact on the industrial revolution because they allowed workers in the dark and the night to work longer hours. They couldn't function easily without light. The creation of the light bulb has changed the world in many ways, including making large grids easy, changing society's social and economic structure and bringing other appliances home. Interior lighting changed the social structure, allowing nighttime activities.


Homeowners often look over lighting as an external and interior design aspect. But there are many elements that should work together harmoniously in the process of building a home. This includes the building's architecture, exterior and interior design. However, lighting can make the difference between the house being welcomed and the unwelcoming, an aspect of design that is often overlooked. Lighting is very important in a home, as it is the source of light and will set the tone of the house.


Here’s some reason why lighting is important:


Here are some reason why lighting is important


It highlights the parts of the house

Accent lighting highlights certain interior elements such as a wall color, a favorite painting, or the edges of certain furniture or appliances. The accent of lighting is purely aesthetic compared to general lighting and the task lighting, such as halogen lights that are focused on a championship trophy or string lights at table edges. In addition, accent lighting fittings may be part of the interior design itself in addition to the light they provide. Stylish floor lamps and eccentric ceiling lights go far to give a personalized room.


It sets the mood of the house

The most common form of lighting in the House is general lighting, also called ambient lighting. This includes wall lamps, candlesticks and other lamps which light the rooms of the house. General lighting is important in a home, specially in your new RFO House and Lot as it increases mood, creating a warm and bright atmosphere and not attractive and gloomy spaces. Inadequate illumination will avoid areas for family and friends, while also making a room tight. Healthy sunlight will help create relaxed and happy spaces to provide natural light in the interior of a home. However, there will be not always sunlight available at all the corners of a house. To fill the gaps it is necessary to properly place the general lighting.


In order to achieve a good lighting with sun, it is important to know the direction pf the sunset and sunrise. But the most important thing is to know the location of your house. As the sun rises in east, checking pre selling house and lots or RFO house and lot that facing east is the best thing to do. Looking for a great view of sunset, house for sale in Cavite that is facing west will be the top tier.


The importance of lighting and light fixtures is truly amazing, but here’s some tips on how to make a good lighting possible in your home:


Make a Lighting Plan


Make a Lighting Plan


To start the redecorating of a room, create a mini brief or lighting plan that tackles the essentials. Thinking about the activities that will take place in each room like eating, relaxing and working key features of a room you want to highlight and what architectural boundaries you may need to take into account. Consider style, scale, output and even color temperature of lights before rushing into design decisions. Early planning makes for less headaches and rushed last minute decisions.


Make sure that the presence of light is helpful

Consider the tasks in each room that lighting can affect or help you with. Therefore, a combination of light and lighting for recesses, both in armchairs and over tops of stoves, is useful. Cooking needs more focusing lighting. It is best to read flexible and directional lighting. Powder spaces need to combine lateral and down-lights. Dimmers will soon become your new best friend, offering an energizing and efficient way to change the warmth and atmosphere of your room quickly.


Choose the lights carefully

The lights should be choose carefully, it should be more than an afterthought. The following should be taken into account:

  • How bright does your space needs (watts)
  • What atmosphere do you try to do? (color temperature, e.g. lower temp is more similar to candlelight, while higher temps are more akin to a blue sky outside)
  • If energy efficiency is taken into consideration (for more frequently used lights)
  • Making a design or a focus (with scale, form or colors)?
  • Use spotlights to highlights the best parts


Use lighting to concentrate on a feature, a structural element or a key property. Putting symmetrical arranged wall lights on each side of a declaration mirror over the coat of a fireplace, will give warmth, sophistication and elegance to the room.


Less is More


Less is More


Maintain the theme, color schemes and material finishes consistent in the entire home, particularly in lighting. Too many different styles can confuse the eye and cause discomfort in a sordid array around the home. Neutral and lighter tones will open up space and increase the color of declarations while darker colors add a touch of luxury and comfort. Keep it straightforward and coherent.


Lighting your own home will surely be a great feeling to everyone, designing it will be the best achievement in life. Looking for RFO house and lot to lit will be the easiest way to achieve this feeling. Lighting brings life and emotion in everything that is why light exists.


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