Turn Back the Hands of Time: Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records in the Philippines

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Turn Back the Hands of Time Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records in the Philippines

People are stuck in their homes and condominiums during these times of uncertainty, seeking solutions to eliminate weariness through entertainment and activities after completing their allotted chores and responsibilities. Everyone is either binge-watching movies, reading news and posts from social media, purchasing products online, or listening to digital music and podcasts. But have people ever thought about what it is like to live in the past?

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Millennials will have nostalgia when they hear about fun styles, carefree, youthful feel, and all other things loved in the nineties — a decade in which every moment of youth, fashion, and music was cherished. It is undoubtedly the golden age of music, one of which is the old-school vinyl records.

What are Vinyl Records?

To give a glimpse of an idea about vinyl records for people who were not born during the early nineties. Vinyl records are simply analog sound storage mediums in the form of a flat-cyclical disc. In the early days of music reproduction, the vinyl record was the primary music medium in the industry back then.

How does this thing work?

Vinyl records require a record player to be functional. This type of device reproduces sound by vibrating a stylus or needle against the surface of vinyl records or discs.

Why are Vinyl Records still in demand?

Digging and searching for a lost old treasure might sound absurd. However, for someone who considers himself a music enthusiast, for the love of music, it is his passion and dedication to dive deep in search of vintage vinyl records.

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Having a vinyl record is like being exclusively privileged, especially when owning a vinyl record of the world’s all-time favorite artists. Owners may flex their vinyl records by framing and hanging them in their desired corners and walls, wherein passersby can see the displays straight away, or maybe they just want to fully appreciate the unique vinyl sounds by playing it into a record player. And for some individuals, collecting vinyl records is a form of investment. By simply collecting rare records, its future value may appreciate over time.

Without further ado, let us now turn back the time and revive the old taste for music, as here is a list of some of the places in the Philippines where vinyl records are still available for sale.

Black Circles by Alice

Black Circle by Alice is an online record store. They offer vinyl records ranging from the classics to the modern and iconic ones. Customers’ convenience during these trying times is indeed supported by their online setting. For music enthusiasts who want to pay a visit to their actual store, Black Circles by Alice is located on Timog Avenue, Quezon City, and Metro Manila.

Check out their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/blackcirclesbyalice


Satchmi is a place where people experience the vintage and a little taste of hipster ambiance. Not only that, but coffee lovers will surely love the store as they also offer nice coffees and pastries. It might be the best place to buy vinyl records while enjoying a cup of coffee. Likewise, it truly is a combination of music and coffee in one location. Satchmi is located on the fourth floor of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

Spindle Hole Community

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Spindle Hole Community is a store for new and used vinyl records and turntables. The store offers all-time favorite records along with adorable funko pop figurines, limited edition shoes, and handmade Japanese houses. The store is located along Creekside Mall, Amorsolo Street, Legazpi Village in Makati.

The Grey Market

The Grey Market is a record store that offers a variety of new releases to pre-loved one’s vinyl records. The store welcomes customers with a well-curated record library to explore, as well as a remarkable selection to choose from. Not only does this store have a lovely atmosphere, but it also has a pleasant ambiance and is quite well organized. Moreover, The Grey Market recently announced their two branches on their Facebook page. The stores can be visited in White Plains West Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, and the other branch is on the second floor of Fox Square Connecticut St. Greenhills.

Trax Manila Records

Trax-Manila Records is a record store with a vast collection of vintage vinyl records. The store provides a wide range of music genres, ranging from the fifties to the mid-nineties, with most of their albums originally imported from US pressings. Latin recordings are also included, together with OPM, which refers to our native artists in the Philippines. Trax Manila Records officially started as an online shop, and by 2016 they opened their actual store located in Marikina City.

Treskul Records & Cafe Bar

Treskul Records & Cafe Bar is a record shop in Manila that offers Filipino music and groove, classic rock, jazz, new wave, soul, hip-hop, and many more. As customers sip their coffees or beers, they will amazingly be surrounded by good music and an impressive collection of recordings. In Mandaluyong, Kalakhang Maynila, people may find and visit this store.

Vinyl Dump Thrift Store

photo of vinyl records in stacks and a headset

Vinyl Dump Thrift Store is known to be one of the older shops for record collectors presently available. Despite being classified as an antique store, every collection of vintage records is undeniably a treasure for collectors. Nevertheless, the vinyl records prices are incredibly cheap compared to other retailers. It is in Cubao Expo, Araneta Center, Quezon City, and caters to music enthusiasts who are looking for low-cost vinyl records.

In the end, this pandemic has caused people to look for something old, but something fresh in modern society. Streaming is, in fact, a frequent practice in the music industry nowadays. Even though it is simple and convenient to search for songs on our phones and laptops, vinyl records and record players will always still hold a special place in the world of music.

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