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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Love Expressed In Five Different Languages

February 6, 2020 by Cara Deanne Babida

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Ever wondered about the five different love languages? Create a lasting relationship by learning different ways to express love. Discover which love language you and your partner respond to the most and put it into practice!


Here’s what you need to know about the five love languages:


Couple having coffee


Words of affirmation

These are words of care and affection. A simple “I love you” in the morning or a compliment like “You looked really nice today” will definitely go a long way to people who favors words of affirmation.


Love Expressed In Five Different Languages


Acts of service

Doing something helpful or kind to your partner. Think: dropping him/her off to work in the morning or cleaning the condo so your partner can relax after a long day’s work.


Keys for a new home being held



These are tangible and intangible items that make you feel appreciated or noticed. To individuals who favor this love language, the absence of everyday gestures or a missed special occasion is particularly hurtful.


Limit playing online games to certain days and times.


Quality time

Enjoying an activity you both enjoy such as a walk after dinner or watching TV series with a bowl of popcorn at your lovely home. It’s all about giving undivided attention to your partner.


Touching hands


Physical touch

Physical expressions of love such as holding hands, cuddling, giving your partner a tight hug, or a sweet kiss.

Knowing your love language is the key to building a lasting relationship. If you really care and respect your partner, take time to acquaint yourself with your love language and theirs. Start thinking about how you like to give and receive love and what makes you feel loved and cared for because this is the true essence of love. It is simply knowing how to express it and learning to speak your partner’s love language.



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