How to Get My Health Back on Track After Holidays

By: Hanna Rubio
get back on track

The vacations are over! After the holiday rush, everything is slowly getting back to its normal programming. The decorations are being stored back in their boxes, the tree is taken down, and the fun festivities now live in your photos and memories. It is time for a reset. Welcome the new year in your subdivision in Cavite with a refreshed mind and body.

However, for some, getting back on track with your health and fitness can be a daunting task especially when you are quite used to getting off of your routine for weeks hence feeling lost and unorganized. But worry no more for there are ways that can help you get back on track.

To do: Getting back on Track!

It is not a secret that every year or post-holidays, you want to get back to being your best self. But not everyone is following a current routine or has a routine at all to guide them on their reset journey. here are some of the things you can add to your routine to help you get back on track and become your healthier self again.

Set your why

Before you do anything else, setting and knowing your “why” can be a big help in staying focused and motivated. There is no denying that the holidays brought happiness and new memories to cherish, however, they also disrupted your routine. This makes it challenging to transition back to healthier habits. Setting a clear reason as to why you want to get back on track will remind you of the goals and positive outcomes associated with your health and wellness goals. It’s not an easy journey that’s why having the right motivation is important. It pushes you to move forward. It drives you to show up for yourself.

Create a simple routine

Following a certain routine can be quite challenging for some, more so when it’s comprehensive and somehow dragged. A long routine doesn’t always guarantee positive results. That being said, having a simple yet effective routine that you can follow goes a long way. One problem that most of everyone faces when they commit to something is consistency. It is hard to continuously do something especially when you cannot see any difference. In comparison, having a simple routine with manageable tasks makes it easy to follow which creates a sense of familiarity. This minimizes the chances of being overwhelmed and burnout from arising.

Drink your water

Holidays consist of unhealthy cravings and indulging yourself with different juices, cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. This may cause bad problems to arise. But there are various ways to stay on track, one of which is by drinking water. Drinking the appropriate amount of water intake every day helps with the natural process of removing unhealthy toxins in your body. Replenishing your body with enough fluids helps not just with re-establishing healthy habits but also with the improvement of mood and boosting of mental aspects making your body naturally recover and thrive. All the more reasons to include drinking water in your post-holiday routine.

A balanced Meal is the way

Having a balance of everything is the way to a healthier and thriving you. Let go of the harsh diets that don’t help and start basking in an effective balanced meal. You don’t need to torture yourself by limiting your intake however it is still important to watch what you eat. Start your holiday health reset by indulging in foods that are rich in vitamins, unprocessed like vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, and healthy grains and fats that help in the restoration of nutritional harmony. Enjoying a balanced meal supports the reset of overall well-being, maintaining energy, and promoting fullness and satisfaction.

Get enough sleep

This is something that is being neglected oftentimes. And after all the parties and festivities leaving you happy but also sleep-deprived. Now that you want to get back on track after the holidays, adequate sleep is a must to help your mental and physical health recuperate. Having a complete 7 to 9 hours of sleep can help you relieve the stress from the holiday, and improve your immune system and energy levels help you energize throughout the day. Having trouble sleeping? Then you can try changing the ambiance of your room to make it cozier, use essential oil to help improve the quality of your sleep, and avoid napping too much.

Move your body

The holiday season got you cuddled up in your room in your house situated in the subdivision in Cavite. This 2024 is the time to shake your body and engage in fitness activities that will help you transform your health and well-being. The exercise doesn’t have to be an intensive workout that you’ll probably stop doing on the second day. Even a simple workout routine, yoga, pilates, or even just walking can help a lot in improving your physical health.

Practice Self Care

After all the socialization and conversations—introverts or extroverts—may physically and mentally drain you. That’s why for this year, you mustn’t neglect allotting a time yourself. It is important to prioritize not just your physical health but also your mental well-being. It helps foster a positive mindset that allows you to heal from stress and emotional baggage. You can practice self-care by journaling, meditation, warm baths, watching your comfort movies, and even picking up some hobbies you have long forgotten. Everyone has different ways of coping so you can do whatever fits your liking. Just remember, taking time off and rest, even just for a short period, can have a huge positive impact on your well-being.

Commit to a Healthier You!

There is nothing wrong with binging and enjoying the holidays or even any celebrations. After all, what’s to life when there’s no fun, right? However, every action must dwell in responsibility. Stop making excuses for yourself and start taking actions that improve your overall well-being. Nothing comes easy, but showing up for yourself every day makes it less of a burden until you find yourself doing it naturally and consistently. This year is the year you start committing to a healthier you. 

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