Recipes You Might Want to Try for This New Years Media Noche

By: Jesse Manalang
media noche

This New Year’s Media Noche is a special time to your own family and loved ones! This is the time when families and friends come together to celebrate the love, joy and enter a new beginning for everyone. It’s also the perfect chance to appreciate the strong memories by bringing a new recipes to share with everyone! Have a moment with your love ones by cooking your beloved recipes and establish a good memories by helping each other as you prepare some of your favorite comfort foods in your kitchen.

New Recipes to Try in New Year’s Eve

As the year 2023 will come to an end, let us welcome the new year with new beginning and what a better way to do this with a feast and what Filipino feast would be complete without the new comfort foods and try to innovate the traditional comfort foods like the all time favorite lumpia, sinigang or adobo. For the dessert we could try something new or simply just reinvent the creamy Sans Rival. It can be a good way to taste a new recipe.

Discover New Recipes to try for New Year’s Eve

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  1. Beef Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls).
Photo of freshly cooked Filipino food called Shanghai Lumpiang or fried pork in spring roll wrapper.

Kickstart the New year’s eve with some crispy and savory Lumpiang shanghai. It’s a classic Filipino appetizer that will be one of the best way to start the Media Noche. This delicious Lumpiang Shanghai are filled with the flavorful mixture of seasoned ground meat, carrots and green onions. Fry them to golden brown and serve with a side of all time favorite banana ketchup or sweet and sour sauce. But this recipe is the traditional way and why don’t you try to reinvent it and try to fill it with alternative ground meat like ground beef? The crunchy layer and delicious filling makes the Lumpiang Shanghai irresistible that would make the people say “yum”.

Treat yourself with the savory goodness of your very own Beef Lumpia. Start with combining the ground pork with chopped carrots and onions and minced garlic. Mix all the ingredients and prepare the Lumpia wrapper and wrap the mixture harmoniously and seal them.

In a deep fryer, carefully placed the Beef lumpia into the hot oil, frying them until golden brown. Fry them batch by batch and drag them on paper towels allowing the excess oil to drain.

  1. All Seafoods Sinigang

There are new ways to warm the hearts of our loved ones with the comforting and hot Pork sinigang. This recipe offers you to fully customize the flavor of your sinigang starting from pork, bangus or shrimp or the all new “all seafoods sinigang” that consist of bangus, shrimp and other seafoods available in the market. This recipe is made famous by the top and well known restaurants in the country. You can also innovate the recipe of sinigang and adjust the level of sourness that can get out of tamarind or kamias, depending on your preference. Sinigang is an instant classic and it’s one of our favorite comfort food. It is set to bring joy and warm to everyone!

To cook the “All Seafoods Sinigang”. Start by bringing 10 cups of water and boil in a large pot. Add a packet of tamarind mix and tomatoes to create the tangy taste. Slice the taro root and let it cook until tender. Add the radish, eggplant and string beans to make the vegetables until almost tender.

Once vegies are on the pot, bring all your seafoods and mix until the seafood is done. Finally complete the sinigang with spinach leaves and wait for few minutes until it’s finally cooked. If it’s done prepare a big bowl and serve it to everyone!

  1. Crispy Chicken Wings Adobo.
Grilled adobo chicken

Make our traditional Chicken adobo into something crispy and innovate it with chicken wings which is called “Crispy Chicken Adobo” To prepare this recipe, Marinate the chicken wings with the mix of 1/2 cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaf and minced garlic for at least 30 minutes. Using this process it will infuse the flavor of adobo to our chicken wings. Carefully fry the wings in batches until it turns into golden brown. Once it’s crispy it is ready to serve. Crispy chicken wings Adobo will blend the flavor of adobo with a great crunch and have your very own Crispy Chicken Adobo!

  1. Mango-Ube Sans Rival

If you’re looking for something new but easy to prepare, try to elevate the classic Sans Rival into a flavorful Mango-Ube Sans Rival and this recipe will be the star in the new year celebration! This recipe would perfect for everyone that will surely enjoy every bite of it during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Start by layering the mango infused meringue then top it up with ripe mango slices and then and a layer of smooth ube buttercream. and repeat the process on other layer to reach the top of your container then finally top it up with generous amount of mango slices and ube yam and a little sprinkles of cashews to have a delightful crunch symbolizing the richness and sweetness that the new year may bring! Before serving this delicious dessert make sure to store it on the fridge and serve it with a smile!

Each dish has played a good role on your New Year’s Media Noche and the creativity is the main headshot of your unique recipes! In every bite has a taste of heritage and creativity. All of these foods has filled your house and lot for sale in Cavite with laughter and shared memories!

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