Let’s get Physical: Trendy Workout Routines to do in your Carmel Home.

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Let’s get Physical Trendy Workout Routines to do in your Carmel Home.

We live in a time when there is a pandemic. And it is imperative that everyone stays at home. Before, people used to go to malls, to parks, cafés, outside to travel, out of town to take a vacation, or to the gym to maintain their fitness levels and reach their desired body goals. But now, the government has decided to close all establishments that are possible to get crowded, to lessen the transfer of the Coronavirus. But, how about our fitness? Each one of us needs to be physically fit to be healthy and prevent any kind of sickness. How will that be possible now?


A home with workout space

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photo of a man doing rope exercises

Your body. Your home. 

Some things people say when working out are:

“I’m too busy to work out.”

“I’m fit enough. I don’t need to work out.”

“I’d rather watch tv than work out.”

“It’s too hot to work out.”

“I hate being sticky because of sweat.”

All these reasons are valid when you want to work out. But let’s talk about what others would think first. It is normal for people to judge because it’s their way of analyzing how to approach a stranger. And they will judge you and criticize you no matter what. But do you think you’ll be able to carry the harsh comments and criticisms given by strangers and people you know? If your answer is yes, good! But if the answer is no, it’s fine. Being someone who is not accepted by the “standards” is okay. But if a person truly decides that they want to prove anyone who belittles them about their weight, the first thing they should do is to change their mindset and get rid of the excuses. The next step should be to plan a workout. Here are some trendy workout routines you could do inside your home.

9 trendy workout routines

While planning a workout routine, one should think about what will make them happy, something that will excite them, while at the same time is effective. And remember, always trust the process and do not compare yourself to others. They have their own body, different from everyone, and their own diet styles.

There are a lot of trendy exercises found on the internet right now. Since not everyone can go to the gym and pay for the membership fee, here are some workout routines that can help you in losing weight:

photo of a woman using a stretch band for her leg exercise

1. Dancing

A very trendy exercise mainly due to K-Pop and Zumba classes, dancing is an aerobic exercise where everyone can move all parts of their body. It also helps to improve the condition of the lungs and heart while also increasing the strength of one’s body.

2. Walking

Walking for 30 minutes a day is a big help. It increases the fitness of the heart and lungs (Cardiovascular and Pulmonary), it also helps the blood circulation in everyone’s body. A person’s body needs 10,000 steps or more per day. Walking doesn’t require any equipment and it is easy to do.

3. Jogging

More calories are burned by jogging compared to walking. It is recommended to jog at least 2 to 3 times a week. Jogging helps to build muscles and improve one’s cardiovascular fitness, it also helps to maintain someone’s weight.

4. Weights

It helps to gain muscles, lose body fats and reduce the risk of injuries. Lifting weights improves the body’s balance, composition, and density. Here are some examples where anyone can use weights:

Squats – strengthen the core and lower body

Bench press – for chest and upper body strength

5. Squats

The more muscular fitness you have the greater the capacity you have to burn calories”. Squats work on the lower part of the body and it helps to strengthen it.

6. Lunges

It helps in toning the body most especially the core and glutes. It also helps in improving posture, balancing, and shaping one’s body. It is more advance than squats.

7. Sit-ups

It strengthens the core muscles and gives better balance, stability, and flexibility.

8. Burpees

It can help to make the heart and lungs stronger. It also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

9. Planking

It helps to improve the stability, balance, and flexibility of a person. It mainly focuses on the abdominal part of the body.

Those are just some examples that anyone can include in their workout routine. We need to stay healthy not just for ourselves but also for our family. These workouts are not only easy, but they are also efficient and safe at the same time. Drinking water also plays a huge part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying at home also helps the country to recover from the pandemic. Do your part, be healthy by exercising, and eating nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits. It may be hard right now but always remember in every hardship in life there is a reward that is waiting. Trust the process and do not compare yourself to anyone. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay at home and be healthy.

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