BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge: What Does It Bring to Taguig City?

By: Gabriel Javellana
BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge What Does It Bring to Taguig City

Our country has seen significant growth over the course of many decades, especially in the urbanization of several cities, culminating in a modernization of the local traditions. Roads paved the way for seamless connections and many modes of transportation were made possible over time.

However, that brought us another problem in dealing with our daily commutes – traffic. With the growing population, so too was the ownership of vehicles and buildings. It is common that the everyday traffic is bothersome to people and several programs and projects were created to solve such a problem. One example is the Bonifacio Global City – Ortigas Link Bridge, also known as the Santa Monica – Lawton Bridge or the Kalayaan Bridge.

The bridge was conceptualized by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and it is one of the projects listed in the Build Build Build Program. It is one of the government’s answers to the Epifanio de Los Santos (EDSA) Decongestion Program, as the traffic on that route has been a problem for many decades. The project’s main goal is to connect the two central business districts, named in said project infrastructure, through another route in the cities of Taguig and Mandaluyong. Despite the main location benefactors, BGC and Ortigas, which are majorly affected by this addition, it will also serve as a faster alternative route to Makati and Pasig. This bridge will make traveling to Taguig to shop, dine or even just enjoy a night out in a bar far easier.

Additionally, another objective was imposed on the project’s construction, particularly focusing on the project’s location’s surrounding area – the streets that provide direct access to the bridge. As such, they targeted 8th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Lawton Avenue in Makati City, Santa Monica Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Reliance Street & Fairlane Street in Pineda, Pasig, and Brixton Street in Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. The latter of which will be widened with a 362-meter road segment for accessibility and wider car flow.


photo from spot.ph

The construction officially began on July 19, 2017, immediately after the groundbreaking ceremony. Person Construction Inc. and Sino Road and Bridge Group Company Ltd. were assigned to construct the project. BGC–Ortigas Link Bridge’s design is a four-lane two-way bridge that crosses the Pasig River. It measures up to 2,013.7 ft (approximately 613.77 meters). Additionally, the main bridge will have a 2-lane viaduct (known as the Lawton Avenue – Bonifacio Global City Viaduct), spanning 1,854 feet (565 meters), connecting Lawton Avenue and Kalayaan Avenue, directly into the heart of 8th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City. Upon completion, it is expected to see that the BGC-Link Ortigas Bridge is able to accommodate at least 20 percent of the traffic volume present in EDSA and the C-5 Road.

The project was due to be completed in 2020, but given the sudden appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the progress was understandably halted. Construction resumed once the quarantine levels and the country’s cases eased.


photo from thesummitexpress.com | The ceremonial opening of the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge was held by Secretary Mark Villar and city government officials.

On June 12, 2021, occurring simultaneously with the annual Philippine Independence Day, the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge was finally inaugurated, partially opening itself to the public. The Department of Public Works and Highways mentioned the partial opening of the road infrastructure as a “fitting Independence Day gift [for the general public].”

As the country celebrated its 123rd Independence Day, the bridge was finally accessible, both lanes, the northbound and southbound were passable to motorists using light vehicles only. DPWH Secretary Mark Villar, had this to say during the inauguration, “With the opening of this bridge, DPWH is a few steps closer to completing the entire BGC-Ortigas Center Link Road Project that will reduce travel time between Bonifacio Global City [and] Pasig City, and Mandaluyong City to only 12 minutes.”

Furthermore, it is worth noting that commendations are well deserved to the numerous people who managed the project’s progress, most especially to the workers constructing the bridge with absolute safety and professionalism. Overcoming challenges during the project’s execution during the pandemic is a feat and an example to showcase the progress to adapting towards the New Normal. The DPWH Unified Project Management Office (UPMO) coordinated and collaborated extensively to see the project’s completion without any further delays and a new construction timeline.

The project was fully completed with the construction of the final section, the Lawton Avenue – Bonifacio Global City Viaduct, on October 1, 2021.

Residents across Pasig, Taguig, and Mandaluyong have reported their personal thoughts about the recently opened road infrastructure. It is proposed that 12-15 minutes is the approximate travel time (typically), however, the actual time, based on GCQ and MECQ, is around 5 – 10 minutes. It cuts travel time significantly, as long as the motorist knows the place well. Each of the streets that were connected by the bridge is significantly improved – decongested traffic and widened roads.

Impact of the Bridge

How will this particular bridge bring to the city of Taguig? Well, in its name alone, Bonifacio Global City will be even more accessible to the public. The recently completed 2-way viaduct is the follow-up to that promise, as it will eventually lead to the business district – directly greeting motorists of the towering corporations filled with diverse cultures and the dream of a world-class career.

Motorists who frequently pass through EDSA or C-5 will feel a slight change in the traffic flow, an effect that was described during the planning of the infrastructure. Specifically, motorists who use EDSA as their main route started shifting towards the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge almost immediately. Besides cars, cyclists, and people using electric scooters also passed through the structure, despite a bike lane being absent at this time. The lanes are wide enough to accommodate a vehicle and bicycle, as it is also a leisurely stroll going to Bonifacio Global City for people taking a light mode of transportation.

Over the years, Taguig, and most especially in Bonifacio Global City, has seen significant developments that improved the city. Thus, it is well deserved to classify Taguig as a world-class settlement. Now, with the advent of the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge, it can add to its allure to the Filipino public and the foreigners working and living in Bonifacio Global City.

Moreover, Taguig City will be more accessible, as the city’s location in Metro Manila is in the middle of the Northern and Southern areas of the National Capital Region. Many routes are soon to be completed and opened, making Taguig, a city that never sleeps – travel-wise.

Decongestion of traffic is a never-ending loop that the Philippines faces. The advantages of the modern age give people incredible opportunities to invest in their personal capital and grow their assets for their pleasures and practicality – real estate, vehicles, and the blissful peace of a relaxing lifestyle. As well as the future ventures of the Philippines becoming another modern centerpoint in Southeast Asia, thus, traffic and vehicles are slowly increasing.


The colorful lights of Bonifacio Global City shine beautifully at night.

The uncertainty of the pandemic forces everyone to adapt to the New Normal, and the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge is one of the numerous stepping stones to the eventual outcome post-pandemic. And now, thinking of the long-term future for yourself and your loved family is very important. Choosing a significantly better lifestyle – one that includes the safety and convenience to the important needs, and the addition of a relaxing lifestyle within the modern city.

Taguig City will be a perfect place for you. Traffic times will be significantly lessened within the following years and a top-tier global lifestyle awaits you in the bustling cosmopolitan retail malls and shopping centers and a world-class career in the central business district of Bonifacio Global City.

Everything is within your reach and the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge serves as another point of accessibility to your desired workplaces and seamless drive. Now, all that’s left is a place to stay that is worth investing in.

Your Dream Development in a Highly Urbanized City


The Courtyard’s view is breathtaking. Its future residents will enjoy the skyline of Bonifacio Global City from the comfort of their homes.

The Courtyard COHO is a premium and exclusive property that could be your next prime investment. It is a 21-story, three-high-rise condo tower in Taguig, located on Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, and is just 15 minutes to the business and lifestyle district of Bonifacio Global City via the C-5 Road. Its developer is Vista Land, one of the leading integrated property developers in the Philippines.

The Courtyard welcomes urban dwellers, young professionals, businessmen, and socialites to its prime and distinguished location within the bounds of Taguig City. Furthermore, the project offers quaint, studio unit condos for sale, designed for an urban dweller’s needs and for a prospective investor’s vision for rewarding returns. There is a lot in store for families and individuals to bask in The Courtyard’s tranquility in the city. This pre-selling property aims to be a modern community that is perfectly fit for the New Normal – quaint and sophisticated – complementing the progressive city of Taguig and the design philosophy of the property and its condo units.


This posh and luxurious resort-inspired development gives you a quick vacation-like escape within the urban city.

The Courtyard will satisfy the urban dweller. After a long day at work, the development is equipped with resort-inspired amenities, creating a serene ambiance that rejuvenates its residents and a well-deserved break that feels like you are on vacation 24/7. From the swimming pool, complemented by a clubhouse, elegantly-spaced gardens, and a fitness gym, you will achieve an active lifestyle and healthy work-life balance.


Every day is a relaxing staycation in The Courtyard.

Moreover, Taguig City is one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in Metro Manila. It is no surprise that this condo in Taguig will follow suit. The Courtyard has several green spaces that are available to its residents. You can re-energize or have a chat with your friends and fellow neighbors at any point in time.

A secured community is Crown Asia’s priority. This condo development provides top-level security features, ensuring your utmost safety within The Courtyard. Additionally, the property’s location is calamity-proof, due to the elevated nature of the area and the underground drainage detention system implemented by the city government of Taguig.

The Courtyard’s future residents will not worry about flooding and any potential environmental hazards. Because the seat of the city government is located nearby, along with its police and fire protection units that are ready for immediate emergency responses.

An individual’s convenience is key in The Courtyard. Your essential needs and wants are just a few meters away from the property. The ground floor is planned to have a commercial space that contains retail shops to quickly quench your cravings.

Furthermore, Vista Mall Taguig is across the property, an approximate 5-minute walk, where you have access to AllDay Supermarket and All Home to supply your home with the essential goods and customization to your condo unit. As well as another mall center to hang out with your friends and family.

The Courtyard COHO had capital value appreciations every quarter and it is evident of the surrounding area’s several ongoing infrastructure developments, such as the Southeast Metro Manila Expressway (SEMME or C-6), Mega Manila Subway (stations located in Bonifacio Global City), and the BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge. The latter which was opened recently a few months ago severely bolstered the attractiveness of the pre-selling property and the benefits that its future residents can reap in a few years’ time.

It is the perfect opportunity to invest in The Courtyard. Given its pre-selling stage, over time your investment will grow with the property and more seamless drives to Bonifacio Global City and other central business districts is a privilege to have for the New Normal.

For more updates about The Courtyard, be sure to follow their social media accounts — Facebook and Instagram.

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