Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines
Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

#LabOURDay: 5 Life Lessons In The Time of COVID 19

May 1, 2020 by Katherine Cortez

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Everyone was surprised and nobody is prepared for this pandemic, especially when the lockdown across the country was announced. 

We thought about our work, painting classes, trips to the mall, and our freedom of movement. A selfish thought, but was borne out of lack of information on what was happening at that time and how dire the situation was going to be.

Due to the existing public health threat of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), let's celebrate this year's Labor Day Virtually. Let’s hold on with our #LabOURDay with a heart of compassion. 

Here are some of the realizations at these challenging times that can definitely help you push through the day:

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Be kind to yourself first

Is it Monday or Tuesday? We don’t seem to know. Every day seems like a never-ending scroll of what Netflix movie you’re going to cry on, what cooking tutorial can you try next, or waiting for your favorite vlogger to upload videos about their lives. It feels like an eternity of waiting. Be kind to yourself and make this day a breather, look up and be grateful for how blessed you are. Breathe! Inhale, exhale.

LabOURDay 5 Life Lessons In The Time of COVID 19


Don’t force yourself to be productive

Don’t be pressured by the time you have. Enjoy every moment! The internet wants you to believe you are efficient with all that “extra time” you have now. But staying at home and providing for your basic needs is plenty. Take one step at a time. 

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Decompress, and do it regularly

Our Daily schedule is a jumble of work and home commitments, which can be mentally and physically draining. Find an activity that suits you best. If you like to cook or bake, bring out those recipes, and get busy. If you have pets you can play with, do that. If you have a small garden, tend to it. The key is to do an activity that you love and relaxes you. If you get stressed from going through your social media news feeds, make it a point not to indulge yourself in it.

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Prioritize your health and well-being

Take all the necessary precautions whenever you do a grocery run. Daily vitamin intake is a must for everyone.

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Compassion should come first

Since everyone is in a literal sense of Long Distance relationship, make use of what you have to check in with your family and friends. Everyone is experiencing this quarantine and all the emotions that comes with it. A simple check-in with someone who you haven’t heard from in a while can make a difference. You may just be reaching out at a time when they need someone to talk to the most. All of these is a practice of compassion and genuine concern.

Let us all be reminded by this crisis the reality of life – love, discovery, success, connection, and purpose.

Happy #LabOURDAY, everyone!



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