Benefits of Learning a New Language

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Benefits of Learning a New Language

Language learning opens many doors for you both literally and figuratively. Not only does your brain develop new areas and strengthens its natural ability to process information, focus, and absorb multiple possibilities, many other opportunities come your way – may it be with connecting to more people, having that intellectual aura people will surely notice, or developing close friendships AND sealing deals with international corporations. Indeed, being bilingual or multilingual is beneficial for you and your family, and Crown Asia, the curator of your house and lot for sale is here to explain further why learning multiple languages through foreign language classes would be beneficial.


Learning a new language brings endless opportunities to you and your business

With technology advancing more quickly than you could say “What is the latest iPhone?”, more and more potential for people to connect and be able to communicate just with a click of a finger is coming your way. This is why we believe, the builder of our beloved house and lot for sale, you must take advantage of this by learning languages. Many international clients would totally appreciate and admire you for learning their native language. Do you want to get a “Si”, “Oui”, or a “Shi”? Well, you better know how to say those words!

Being fluent in your partner’s and clients’ native languages would further boost your relationships and business opportunities. Not only will both parties have no room for miscommunication and misunderstandings, but you will also be allowed to focus more on discussing what to do and how to improve your collaboration! No need to secretly think “How I wish they speak better English, I can barely understand their pronunciations,” adjust accordingly and both of you will hit off as well as your business!

The ability to effectively communicate with and understand your employees, co-workers, or customers, is absolutely essential in the business world. As an article by Entrepreneur.com said, one of the most notable and reliable websites for business owners, “Language is crucial in the pursuit of understanding and market expansion as well. Understanding the impact of globalization on cross-cultural communication is imperative for organizations seeking to create a competitive advantage in the global market,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Learning languages also helps improve listening skills. This stems from the enhanced cognitive skills that came from foreign language study. Learning languages doesn’t only help improve business, but it also helps in developing your brain especially if started learning more than one language at an early age.


Why your children should learn a new language as early as, well, now

As soon as your child starts becoming curious about the world, aside from enrolling them in piano, violin, or ballet lessons, take a foreign language class into consideration as well! And the earlier the better. Why?

The earliest stages of a person’s life, this is actually the period where anyone could learn easily and fast. Studies say that babies and very young toddlers form neural connections at the most rapid of pace. As the brain develops, it becomes more specialized, reinforcing the neural pathways that are regularly used. And one’s brain develops when it is learning a new thing, and if they are young, the faster and easier they will learn the task! This is why experts encourage parents to let their children enhance their language skills and learn a new language as early as their preschool years.

Another scientific-technical thing that you should also know about as a parent is that bilingual children showed a remarkably larger density of “grey matter” in their brains. And those who had been exposed to other languages from an early age proved to have the most grey matter of all. If you do not know yet, this grey matter is the powerhouse of processing information, including memory, speech, and sensory perception.

With all that said, what exactly are the languages you and your family should learn? The curator of your house and lot for sale is here to tell you what you should learn and why!

Two of the most spoken languages in the world

Mandarin, the language you MUST learn for your business

There is a reason why the most prestigious universities in our country, such as Ateneo de Manila, offer not only a subject course but an entire college program in learning Mandarin. We all know that China holds one of the greatest business people in the world, and their companies taking quite an influence on our lives. With their lone food, we are already head over heels for their products. This is why you should learn Mandarin, the most widely spoken language of China, the most populated country in the world, holding 1.4 billion people. And that number only holds the people living inside China. We all know that the Chinese are scattered all around the globe. And for what? For business. This is why you need to learn Mandarin.


Additionally, China has the largest economy by purchasing power parity, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). To add, China is also the world’s second-largest economy by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Over the last 30 years, China has gained 10 percent average economic growth making the country the largest manufacturing and export network. Indeed, if you want your business to expand, or help your beloved company gain international networks, learning Mandarin is the way to go.

Spanish, the tongue that is deeply rooted in your past and in your future

Have you ever wondered why many people know and watch Dora? Why that cartoon and that specific language out of all languages? Nickelodeon could have gone for French instead, or Korean. Why did they choose Spanish?


First of all, learning Spanish is important because almost 30 percent of the US population speaks Spanish. It is projected that the number of Spanish speakers will cross 60 million by 2020. Even according to the Council of Britain or the British Council, 34 percent of the business in the UK is done in Spanish. Do you really want your business to extend in Europe? You must really invest in learning Spanish, especially when there are 436 million native Spanish speakers, and about 527 million people speak Spanish globally.

Ultimately, it does not hurt to learn the language of a nation that has heavily influenced Philippine culture. We were colonized by Spain for 300 years, and we think it is worth learning their language especially when Spanish became the Philippines’ official language during the colonizers’ reign.

Language learning doesn’t have to be foreign. You can also learn and enhance your local language to better your communication skills. In today’s day and age, more Filipinos are leaning toward the English language rather than the Filipino due to several reasons. This is not right. Let us not forget who we are and not let go of our own language.

Learning different languages comes with a lot of advantages. Not only your ability to communicate gets enhanced but your cognitive skills as well. Money and success also come with it as you can effectively communicate with clients abroad – you can easily break the language barrier. So for all those aspiring to learn foreign languages, here is your sign to do so.

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