Splurge or Save: Kitchen Edition

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Splurge or Save Kitchen Edition

When filling up your dream kitchen in your RFO House and Lot, there are so many fantastic options to choose from. However, getting high-quality items across the board might rack up your costs quickly. It’s important to know which items you should splurge on, and which items you can save on. Doing so would help you make the most out of your kitchen while saving money-money you can spend on something else. Knowing where to splurge or be cost-effective in your kitchen space can also help when it comes to remodeling.

Learn which kitchen investments are worth it. Here’s a list of kitchen needs that are worth the investment, and another of things that you can definitely save money on.

Things worth investing in:

1. Splurge on knives

When looking for items for your kitchen, you shouldn’t skimp out on good-quality knives for prepping. Getting high-quality knives in your RFO House and Lot gives you ease when it comes to cutting your fresh produce. They may be quite expensive, but you’ll definitely feel your investment with ease in the kitchen and a safer prep experience. Whether it’s a paring knife, a cleaver, or a good old chef’s knife, sharpen and maintain them regularly, and you’ll have handy kitchen tools to last you a long time!

2. Splurge on cookware


You’ll be using pots and pans almost every time you cook, so it would be a great idea to invest in high-quality pots and pans made of stainless steel. The durable material makes it an excellent choice for any type of cooking, and it will last you very long (saving you money by replacing your pots and pans all the time). A definite splurge item! Add to this cast iron cookware and aluminum cookware. These definitely cost a lot but in the long run, investing in them would be worthwhile as they last long and work very well. And they come in a huge range of colors as well, so if you don’t like the industrial look that most of these give, you can spice them up with colors. To know more about the best cookware brands, click the link.

3. Splurge on a stand mixer

Especially if you bake, having a stand mixer is a must in the kitchen of your RFO House and Lot! A stand mixer high-powered motor and varied accessories will cater to many of your baking and cooking needs. Though good quality mixers might be a bit pricey, they will save you much-needed time and energy in the kitchen.

4. Splurge on blenders

Having a high-powered blender will do you wonders in the kitchen! Make anything from delicious soups, sauces, and smoothies in a flash. Investing in a good blender could be a wise splurge decision.

5. Splurge on kitchen cabinetry


How can you work properly when your storage spaces aren’t working and looking well? Having really good cabinets and drawers will help in meal prepping as well as giving the RFO House and Lot owners something aesthetically pleasing. Mix this with soft close doors and sensor-activated fixtures, you’ll feel the ASMR goodness. This also comes in handy when guests come over as you have something to show while also having a good conversation starter.

6. Splurge on flooring

Having high-quality kitchen floors come with a hefty fee but this is a must. How can you work when the floors of your kitchen are slippery or give you problems? You might trip over something while holding a boiling pot of pasta water. This is not only a kitchen matter but it’s also a health and safety matter.

Things to cut costs on:

1. Save on non-stick pans

If you’re interested in getting a non-stick pan for greaseless cooking, there are relatively inexpensive options. The non-stick coating is not meant to last forever, so you’ll find yourself replacing these pans on the regular. Saving on this might be a good idea!

2. Save on cutting boards


You can cut your costs on cutting boards by choosing cheaper options. Plastic cutting boards will meet your chopping board needs, as chopping boards are really made for wear and tear. Try to look for inexpensive options for this item.

3. Save on baking sheets and mixing bowls

Light, versatile baking sheets and mixing bowls will get the job done even when compared to their more heavy-duty cousins. These items are definitely something you can save on when building your kitchen arsenal. Prep work doesn’t have to be expensive!

4. Save on utensils


It’s not a bad idea to splurge on fancy forks and spoons for eating and serving, especially if you’re looking to impress your guests. But if you’re on a budget, you can definitely get good, sturdy cutlery sets for cheaper. There are many options you can choose from! Add to these things like a vegetable peeler or containers. There’s no need for a branded one.

5. Save on lighting

Having good lighting in your kitchen is needed undoubtedly. However, you don’t need to spend much of your budget on it. You can spend the rest of your budget on appliances and other things. There are numerous inexpensive lights available on the market and you don’t need those fancy drop-down lights in the kitchen of your RFO House and Lot. What you need is a reliable one that can be easily replaced when broken.


A kitchen is a wonderful place. Good food and fond memories of spending time together preparing are made there. Knowing the essentials from the non-essentials will give you an easier time building your dream kitchen. In the end, it’s about efficiently and effectively gathering the tools you need to create delicious meals. Note that all of the things mentioned above come from all price points so it’s up to you to decide. After all, being able to cook and feed those you love is part of a beautiful life in an RFO House and Lot!

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