7 Fun Ideas to Make Condo Living Fun for Your Kids

By: Crown Asia
7 Fun Ideas to Make Condo Living Fun Your for Kids

You can turn any living space into a little adventure all kids will enjoy, all without the help of gadgets. In fact, the time you spend with your kids at home can be infinitely more enjoyable and educational than the time spent looking at a screen.

Crown Asia creates spaces with all the adventures you can have with your kids in mind, regardless of the size and shape of your home. How can you entertain your little ones indoors without relying on iPads and Phones?

Here Are Seven Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Hive of Fun and Wholesome Entertainment for Your Kids:

Make a Chest of Fun Activities.

photo of two little girls playing

Using any of your old cardboard boxes at home, you can make a simple collection of fun activities and toys. This helps your child grow to appreciate the activities they can do offline, both on their own and with you to guide them.

Fill the box with their favorite toys, books, board games, arts and crafts supplies, and anything else you’d love for them to have. You can even turn this into a “surprise” treat for them by allowing them to reach into the box without looking and then taking out the first thing they grab — it’ll be a fun way to get them excited and to bond with them as well.

Send Your Child on a Quest.

A simple activity becomes a treat for any child’s imagination when they know how important it is to a story. For example, instead of creating a birthday card for a loved one, have them create a magic scroll of good fortune as a gift. Encourage the kids to draw, paint, or sculpt an awesome hero to slay a nasty dragon. Help your child create a simple song on a musical instrument inspired by the sounds of a mystical creature from their favorite film.

The key here is to provide the context of exploration, adventure, and fulfillment such that anything you do with your child becomes an engaging learning experience. Giving your children this early sense of ownership will help them be more invested in honing their creative skills for many years to come.

Give Them Creative Toys.

photo of a child playing with her toys

It’s always a fun surprise to give your kids toys they can use to create. Whether it’s clay dough or building blocks, the hours they’ll spend experimenting will be a gift they’ll remember for years to come. Check out the toys at your nearest department store and pick out something creative!

Challenge their imagination further by asking them to recreate a picture or sculpture — this does wonders for developing a child’s spatial reasoning.

Tell Tall Tales.

As a grown-up, you might already know how enjoyable it is to curl up with a good novel and go on a quiet adventure at home. Some of your favorite stories to read can be so exciting for your little ones to listen to, especially when it’s you telling them the story. Make the best of the coziest spots around your condo and build a nook perfect for storytime with the kids.

It’s long been proven that encouraging your kids to read literature is an excellent way to expand their intelligence from an early age. With you as their guide, they’ll develop the curiosity to finish reading a book of their own one day. Before you know it, your tikes will want to tell you about all their favorite adventures, too!

Play Family Games.

photo of a family playing in the living room

Often, you don’t need more than a few simple materials and your undivided attention to have fun with your children. Guessing games, category games, or even simple make-believe can result in hours of fun.

Take category games, for example — You can engage your kids with these simple word games where you pick out a category like “Farm Animals” or “Countries” and see if your child can list 20 words that fit into that category. This is a fun way to get kids to think in teams, too.

Got a whiteboard and a marker? Play “Guess the animal” where one player does their best to draw the animal and have the others guess. Got newspapers lying around? Turn them into hats and play imaginary pirates, chefs, or police!

At the end of the day, the limit is your imagination!

Make a Simple Science Project.

It’s always fun for kids to get a little messy at home! So if you don’t mind a little cleanup, a basic science project is a fun and simple way to both educate and engage your children.

Simple chemical reactions like baking soda and vinegar are fun to do at home, and you can make this even more exciting by making a classic volcano to house the reaction. For older kids, check out the Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment — it’s quite the marvel.

Or, scale it down and create your own DIY slime with some glue and other household ingredients. If chemistry isn’t your thing, simple physics projects are fun as well; try making your own tornado in a bottle, check out egg drop experiments, or make catapults to learn about propulsion!

Make the Most Out of Your Condo’s Amenities.

photo of a little girl holding a basketball

One of the great perks of condo living is being able to have a community and space for your child to still call home. Who says you need to brave traffic in order to bust out the swimsuits? Go ahead and take a dip in the condo’s pool. Need a larger space to play make-believe? Go ahead and explore your communal areas like gardens or lounges — you’ll be surprised how much there is to keep your little one entertained when you fully explore the amenities available.

At the end of the day, staying in can be just as fun and educational, not just for the kids, but for you as well! Creativity and exploration are great ways to spend time with your kids, and these activities can be so much more fun than spending time using gadgets and tech.

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