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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Are you Ready for Home-Based Learning?

August 19, 2020

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The COVID 19 Pandemic has created what we all like to call “The New Normal” – where we shift a lot of our daily activities to online so that we can stay at home.  Among these activities is the education of our children. To have continuity in learning, most of the schools have turned digital and offered home-based learning. 

There are a lot of posts and memes in social media on the difficulties of home-based learning.  Admittedly, because of the current situation, most parents just registered their child for an online class without really being prepared for it nor knowing what to expect.  As such, most parents experienced great difficulties when Home Based Learning started. 

To ease you in and get you ready for Home-Based Learning, here are some advice on how to make this work.

The Equipment

Basic equipment is, of course, the computer where the child can access the digital classes.  While online classes can also be accessed using the tablet or the phone, it is more advisable to use a laptop or desktop.  The computer actually signals your child to take the school seriously, especially if the child is used to seeing his parents working on their own laptops.  The tablet and the phone are usually used for more leisure activities; therefore, if classes are accessed via these gadgets, the child may think that the classes are leisure activities as well

While some schools require that the children wear a headset for the classes, it is not really a necessity.  Smaller children are actually inhibited by the headsets.  They cannot fully participate in activities such as dancing, jumping, and singing along.    What is necessary for good audio set up.  Make sure your computer has a good sound, and good mike.  You may want to consider purchasing speakers and mike attachments for your laptop.

The Connection

This is a no-brainer, a good internet connection is a must. Avoid using the internet for non-learning browsing while your child is doing virtual classes.

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The Environment

Your child needs a quiet environment when doing Home Based Learning, preferably not the bedroom.  Again, you need to establish that online school should be taken seriously. Making him take the classes in the bedroom, in full view of the bed will make it distracting. 

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Be mindful of the background during classes. The background should be the walls or something solid. Remember, it is not only distracting but also very embarrassing if you are caught in your pajamas in the background during classes. Also, make sure that there are no underwear lying around that can be accidentally caught by the camera.


Ensure that your child has a comfortable study space. It may be a good idea to invest in a sturdy study table and chair.  It should also be in a cool area, where your child will not be distracted by the hot weather.   Let him wear comfortable clothes.  Some parents maintain the routine of going to school like having the child wear his uniform during virtual classes.  This sends a message to the child that it is still his school, though done online. 

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External Environment

Be mindful of your external environment as well. Transportation and passers-by can also be distracting for the students so it may be best to position him away from windows. Fortunately, your home in Valenza in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is situated in a serene neighborhood so this is one worry less from your list. Living in a premium community, like Crown Asia’s Valenza, with lots of visible greenery also helps the child relax and adjust well to home-based learning.


During the first few lessons, while the child is still adjusting to this new normal, it is indeed very time-consuming for the parent as they help their child adjust.  But after the first few weeks, it actually becomes easier since you have already established your routine. In fact, this may even become your preferred education.

Stay safe everyone!

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