Staycation Destinations in Laguna

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Staycation Destinations in Laguna

Staycation might be the answer for the time-constrained day off of a typical eight hours a day job. Basically, a staycation is a type of vacation that tends to be not so far from the person’s vicinity to have a shorter trip and long hours of stay. The added hours of sojourn help them to feel more relaxed and refreshed during the day off. A staycation may also help them find more good places to stay near their vicinity, and it is more cost-wise than a full-blown vacation.

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Laguna is well-known for having one of the most beautiful sights, such as the Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines. The majestic mountain ranges of Mt. Makiling, Mt. Banahaw, and the Sierra Madre will please everyone’s eyes upon seeing them. Due to these sightings, many also grabbed the opportunity of establishing sites where tourists can stay, relax, and enjoy the sightings near those beautiful spots.

Let this article be of help to guide everyone who is looking for places to have a staycation.

Here is one of the best lists featuring the best staycation destinations in the province of Laguna:

Note: Please observe the Covid-19 safety guidelines and measures upon traveling.

1. Paradis Island – Lake Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna

Paradis Island is one good destination for unwinding and enjoying the boundless view of Lake Lumot along with its nearby islands. This specific island covers about 6,800 square meters, with two villas inside that can be rented on a nightly basis. There are enough amenities inside this island to keep everyone busy and away from the stressful life outside. As this island is located at the mountaintop of the Sierra Madre, the temperature is very bearable for everyone staying here. Some of the amenities and activities that can be enjoyed during the staycation are the tree huts, glamping tents and Bohemian setups, kawa flower hot bath, kayaking, swimming, floating cabana and raft, hammocks and hanging bed, bonfire, fishing, game boards and others.

The Paradis Island allows booking that rents one of the villas provided or the entire island itself. Booking rates are from PHP3,900 up to PHP9,800 per night. Staying with family or friends makes this worthwhile while being away from the busy life outside of this island.

2. Aquascape Lake Caliraya – Brgy. Kanluran, Cavinti, Laguna

Aquascape Lake Caliraya is a for-rent floating nipa hut great for a small group of family or friends; who wants to enjoy the quietness in the middle of the lake. Having picturesque interiors of the nipa hut sitting in the middle lake is one way of feeling its relaxing vibes. Aquascape Lake Caliraya offers water sports activities such as riding a jetski, banana boat, or high-speed tube to maximize the fun during the entire stay.

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There are three floating houses to choose from, ranging from PHP8,000 up to PHP12,000 per night during the off-peak season. PHP9,600 up to PHP14,400 per night during peak season. All choices offer the same amenities such as beds, couches, and television to provide maximum comfort where the only difference is the size and accommodation size ranging from a maximum of four to six persons.

3. Sulyap Gallery Cafe, Boutique Hotels, and Restaurant – San Pablo, Laguna

Sulyap Gallery Cafe is a go-to destination for those who prefer antique-themed establishments. They are located at Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo, Laguna, just 2 hours away from Manila. Sulyap offers a wide variety of traditional and modern Filipino cuisines, and there is also a museum filled with antique items, which is relative to their overall theme. Sulyap also provides coffee products that are worth trying. If you are looking for a destination to travel the coming holidays, this is the place.

Sulyap also offers a stay-in service which consists of four “Casas.” The rates range from PHP1,350 up to PHP1,450 per person and an option to include breakfast during the stay.

4. Batis ng Kalikasan – Brgy. Calangay, Sta. Maria, Laguna

For those who prefer to have a camping experience, Batis ng Kalikasan is a perfect place to set up tents and enjoy the expansive green space. They are located at Brgy. Calangay Kalye Putol, Sta. Maria, Laguna. Which is just three hours away from Manila, giving more time to set up the tents and everything. For those who want to enjoy their stay without much hassle. They also provide packages that are ready to be occupied. The noise and view of the steady flow of the stream make it a great relaxing experience.

There will be an entrance fee of PHP200 for daytime and PHP300 for overnight camping. The all-in packages start at PHP1,150, provided all the materials needed, such as the tent, bed, tables, chairs, and cooking area.

5. Hidden Valley Spring Resorts – Calauan, Laguna

Hidden Valley Springs Resort is a natural rainforest resort as they are located between the two mountains, which are Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Makiling. From Manila, the average time to get here is around two hours. This resort features three pools, but their most famous one is the natural spring pool. Hidden Valley Springs Resort also has a hidden waterfall just a few walks away.

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The rates start at PHP2,000 per person, and the resort also provides packages to reduce every visitors’ hassle as they will be the ones who will do the preparation.

6. Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort – Lumban, Cavinti, Laguna

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort is a place for people who want to do many recreation activities, packed in one vicinity. Many things can be done here, such as bike trails, plant viewing, ball games, and other activities to be enjoyed with family and friends. The hotel is placed at the outermost part of the farm to provide a view of the entire vicinity. Caliraya Ecoville is a well-known place for team-building activities.

There is an entrance fee of PHP350. Starting at PHP100, many activities can be done. Tent rentals are available as well as hotels and dormitories. Dormitories are recommended for big groups exceeding ten persons. The Stay-in services rate starts at PHP3,500 up to PHP7,400 on a  nightly basis.

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A break from the daily routine is something a person shall prioritize. In order to keep going in life, rest and relaxation should be kept in mind. Laguna is a place of peace and it is perfect to cleanse the mind. Staycations are temporary but having a house and lot or condo in Laguna will secure the chance of having a safe haven. There would be no more worries if the resort or bed and breakfast is fully booked or not. Houses and lots for sale in Laguna can be found in San Pedro, Sta. Rosa, and Cabuyao.

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