Why You Should Celebrate With Family

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Why You Should Celebrate With Family

Every person has something to celebrate now and then like personal achievements for the new year or anything else. No matter how big or small it may be, every victory deserves to be celebrated. Fortunately, in the Philippines, one’s family and loved ones play an important role in their life. Every dream and goal has something to do with the family because Filipinos are so close to the loved ones that they share and do almost everything together. They have strong ties and derive the majority of their values from one another. There is no doubt that every family celebration is unforgettable, full of laughs and teasing, but most importantly, it reminds people of what is important and what matters the most.

It is a unique behavior akin to only a few; it is all about fun celebrations. It could be that one passed the bar exam, received a high score on the test, started a new job, and so on. It may seem insignificant, but it is considered an achievement for Filipinos. Others may think it is unimportant, but it matters to them regardless of what others think. A good real-life example is when a student successfully ends their school year with high marks, and then the student’s loved ones celebrate by eating outside. Those things are important to them, and it is critical to understand why people need to celebrate every time they overcome adversity.

However, because of the difficulties and inconvenience that everyone is experiencing as a result of the pandemic, these victories are sometimes forgotten; people will continue to work and ignore the fact that they need to celebrate or give themselves credit for accomplishing something they thought they couldn’t. These habits are unhealthy because they put pressure on the body and mind, causing them to become unmotivated and restless. With all of that being said, here are some reasons why a person should celebrate their wins, especially with their family.

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Losses and Wins Are Similar

Some may believe that only victories should be celebrated, but this is not the case. Losses and wins are not the same, but the similarity is in the progress. For all of the losses, it is nearly halfway there, and for all of the victories, it is already there. But how do people commemorate their “losses”? A good real-life example is when someone is disheartened because their ideas were rejected, but their friend decides to celebrate, and as a result, their perspectives change because of all the shared laughs that night. It enables people to grow and progress because they have someone who supports them no matter how difficult their paths are. It affects their mind and body as they feel motivated and continue their fight. After all, even if they stop and give up, all they have to do is look back and see their family and loved ones’ support, which will drive someone to look forward and never give up because they feel validated and loved.

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To Celebrate With Family Is a Treat in Itself

This is a powerful statement because it is true, such as how treating yourself with your family is all that a person needs to recharge and keep going. All of the conversations and advice from loved ones boosts confidence and is enough to fuel your spirit. With all of the jokes and remembrance of the unforgettable memories and embarrassing moments, a person realizes how many blessings they have been given, and they learn to appreciate it all. These things can only be accomplished with family, no one else, and nowhere else. With family, it reminds people to take a moment to appreciate what they have, to laugh, and to forget about their problems for a while. It is always worthwhile to celebrate with family because they connect and give their undivided attention.

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Celebrate the Progression

The Great Wall of China was not built in a day, and neither are small and big victories. To progress, a person should celebrate with family because this allows them to hear different perspectives and multiple pieces of advice that will be useful in the long run. It might also help people change their mindset into a healthy one. People should take a break with their loved ones and have fun. Those celebrations contribute to progress because all progress necessitates small steps, and these small steps are much bigger than what others believe.

Celebrating and sharing victories no matter how big or small with family completes the picture; these small victories make a big difference. When a family provides complete support, it is an achievement that no one can replicate and give; it is what motivates people to strive and work even harder; that simple support is what everyone thinks is insignificant, but honestly, that support is what keeps people going. It improves people’s moods and has a positive impact on their lives. When people have full support, it cannot be beaten because that support is the last line of defense and will not be torn easily. It is so much different when celebrating alone versus celebrating with loved ones because it makes everything worthwhile, every hardship and challenge along the way, surpassing that deserves a celebration, and that celebration would be much more special if done with family, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small win; it matters and it is valid. From all of the times that plans have failed, multiple rejections, but things will eventually get better, and nothing is sweeter than sharing your stories, journeys, and wins with your loved ones.

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