Top 5 Pets for Condo Living

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Top 5 Pets for Condo Living

Small to Medium-Sized Dogs

Well, this isn’t a surprise with a huge amount of dog lovers and fur parents out there with dogs being the first on the list, although dogs aren’t really the “best” low maintenance here are things to consider like, you can do some simple yet effective obedience training, making it less of a chore cleaning after them in your commodious 3-bedroom condo unit.


On the other hand, if you’re cozying up at your condo in Laguna for the weekend in your commodious studio unit, having a small dog is a no-brainer. Based on my experience smaller dogs are more manageable than medium to large-sized dog breeds.

Regardless of dog size, dogs, in general, should at least get 30-45 minutes of exercise each day luckily right outside your condo in laguna Valenza Mansions provides large spaces for your fur babies to get their daily walks in, no one likes to be locked in a cage, not even our dogs.

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Other’s renters may get scared of medium-large sized breeds, but then again it varies from person to person, in short, it’s better to have smaller dogs in your studio unit condo, as opposed to large ones, but with Valenza Mansions spacious condo in laguna cuts we have a variety of condo models to choose from, especially for our medium-large breed lovers.


Another popular pet on our list is? yes, you’ve guessed it, Cats are another popular choice for our condo in laguna owners, and let’s be honest cats are more low-maintenance than dogs, and it’s not even close.


Cats are notorious at being independent, they require less training, exercise, and walk time, and may even eat and drink less water, but it still depends if their name is Garfield or Gordon, but jokes aside, yes it depends on your cats’ size.

As a dog parent, it’s hard to admit but cats are one of the better options for condo owners who want a pet.

Guinea Pigs or Cavies

Yup, you read that one right Guinea pigs, oh we aren’t talking about pigs you see on the farm. For those of you who don’t know what a guinea pig is, have you been living under a rock? but in all seriousness Guinea pigs are one of the cutest if not the cutest pet animals you can own in your 1-Bedroom condominium in Laguna.


For those who don’t know, Guinea pigs or cavies in short are hystricomorph rodents that originated from the Andes Mountains region of South America. Yes, they aren’t rats.

They are very gentle and lovable creatures, which makes them so adorable in every little thing that they do. This type of pet certainly loves being held and fondled with, so there really isn’t any struggle with petting them. They sure are tiny, which adds to their fur-ball of cuteness.

In addition, Guinea pigs don’t require as much space to be content, as a kitten or puppy might, and while also fish are also quite easy, they’re certainly not as cuddly as our lovable furry friend Guinea pig.

Guinea pigs crave socialization and are typically easy to handle. They make “squeak” sound noises but are not loud enough to wake the neighbors in a condominium setting. Their enclosures are very manageable in size. You won’t have to worry about the height of the enclosure because they don’t technically climb, so it does not have to be taller than a foot high. Guinea pigs or cavies appreciate the out-of-cage time to interact, explore and play, just like any other animal on this list, just make sure to hide those wires and wooden furniture just in case your Guinea pig decides to munch on it.

In all honesty, Guinea pigs are pretty much easier to handle and take care of compared to the other pet animals on this list, which makes them one of the best pets for condominium unit owners/renters.


Ehhh, What’s up Doc? Let’s begin with the basics, Rabbits are great condo pets because they’re silent and small, but you will have to be realistic with your expectations of owning a rabbit with its insignificant time and energy that a pet Rabbit is going to require. Not to mention they do require some space in your condominium in Laguna for their large playpen area and medium-sized cage, fortunately, Valenza Mansions offer a spacious 71 sqm 3-Bedroom cut-out that is Ready for occupancy.


Having a pet Rabbit takes as much space as a small dog breed with the same aspect as a cat, making it a give and take between the two because you won’t be needing to walk your rabbit as you would walk your dog, but it will require you to have a litter box like for a cat.

So, now you know you won’t need to walk your rabbit like a dog needs daily walks. Let’s say, you go out of town for a few days, don’t worry she will be fine for a few days on her own. But she will need to be fed, have her litter box changed, and watered every few days.

While she’s nibbling up those pellets made specifically for rabbits, she will still need fresh greens and vegetables day by day from the grocery store to add to those pellets. Luckily with just a few steps from your condo in Laguna/ Valenza Mansions, there’s a grocery shop wherein you can purchase fresh green veggies for your bunny.

With spacious condo units, condo dwellers have a good number of options for housing their pet Rabbits.

With Rabbits having over 50 different breeds, choosing the right housing for your Rabbit counts. If you have a smaller breed of rabbit, having a small playpen isn’t so bad or having a small cage in your studio apartment isn’t bad either, but if you’re going to get your rabbit out to play regularly, then smaller cages should only be considered as an overnight home, but strictly not an all-day everyday place to live, that is a BIG NO-NO, at the end of the day it will depend on you, but it’s something you should carefully think about.

If you do manage to choose the small cage, make sure to let your Bunny get some time outside of its cage. You would also want to consider if the cage will be on the floor or if you’ll be placing it on a small table for it to be easy to get your bunny out and for maintenance cleaning as well.

On the other hand, if you don’t want a small cage or if you’re dealing with a bigger breed of Rabbit, may I suggest getting a large hut for our cuddly friends, it also helps spark up conversations whenever you invite guests over to your condo unit in laguna. Based on my experience seeing my friend’s gigantic Flemish rabbit in a hutch is so much better than seeing a pet Rabbit in a cage.

With your spacious condo unit, getting a nice hutch for your pet bunny will create a whole better experience for you and your bunny.

In short, Rabbits may be a handful but it all comes down to what pet you want.


Not something you see every day, is it? actually maybe a shock to some like myself but yes, you can actually have a pet ferret in your condo. Well for some of us that don’t know what a ferret is here’s a brief background, they are members of the weasel family, but did you know ferrets were used to hunt rabbits and rodents, I for one did not know they hunted rabbits, they were also used to protect grain stores against rodents and became a popular pet in the 1980s and 90s.


Ferrets are also highly intelligent and sociable, but they’re also known for disobedient behavior they are known to be very playful perfect for those who are looking for a pet with high energy. So, if you decide to bring a ferret to your condo studio unit, make sure to ferret proof your condo space to prevent them from hiding in dangerous spots that can cause them harm, like in the toaster or microwave.

Though ferrets can be very active, they require a lot of sleep. Pretty much like 14-18 hours of sleep well that won’t be a problem since your pet ferret will be all cozied up in your spacious condo in laguna. They will play with you for more than an hour and so, then they’ll retreat back to their bed and doze off until their energy is restored. If you’re worried if ferrets are good pets to be left alone when you need to leave for work, don’t worry, you’ll be able to leave your pet ferret alone in the condo worry-free since they’ll be asleep the whole day anyways. That being said, ferrets are considered high maintenance as they need to be fed 6-8 times a day, wow most of the time I can’t even complete my 4-5 meals a day, but anyhow that means you’ll have to clean their cage regularly. Here are some pros and cons of owning a pet ferret.

Pros of owning a ferret

  • loves playing games/energetic
  • easy to maintain because they sleep most of the time
  • often trained before they’re sold

Cons of owning a ferret

  • will try to escape from you or condo
  • doesn’t like being around other animals
  • has a distinct smell

An astounding amount of Philippine households have pets, according to studies from both past and present with the amount growing each year, and now you’re here deciding whether or not you want to add to that ever-growing list, don’t worry we got you covered. That includes everything from your standard dogs and cats down to your exotic pets.

It’s safe to tell us Humans love our furry and cuddly (or feathery, or scaly) companions! No legs, 2 legs, 4 legs, it doesn’t matter. A pet is a companion.

Now you start to wonder as a new condo renter or a condo owner what is the best pet for condo living in Laguna, well that can vary from one to another, from what type of pet is best for your condo size unit. Let’s get started on the list.

Some FAQs for owning pets in condos

Part of being a great tenant or neighbor in your condominium community is being able to follow the rules and regulations that are currently in place by your apartment.

If you’re still looking for a pet the best thing to do is talk to your leasing manager to understand their policies first. Some communities may have some restrictions on the type of pet you’re allowed to bring in by its size or breed, so it would be better off if you talk to your leasing manager first before bringing home that snake to terrorize your neighbors.

Here are some of those questions you can ask your leasing manager.


Does my pet have to pay rent?

The answer is yes, in most cases but there are condos that don’t require rent for pets, but then again it will depend on what kind of pet you bring in.

However, some pets don’t require a pet fee, those pets include small birds, small-medium dogs, hamsters, Guinea pigs, turtles, and pet fish.

Why does my pet have to pay for rent?

You may be asking “why does my pet need to pay for rent?” pet rent covers more than just your pet’s ability to live with you.

By paying a monthly fee, you are also more conscious of any damage your pet causes or may cause.

Most condo communities will charge monthly pet wages to guarantee that any damage your pet may or may have caused can be repaired when you move out, but here in Valenza Mansions, we don’t require a monthly pet fee for our condo neighbors.

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