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Exotic Pets you can own in your Premium Home

December 7, 2021

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“How to make life more meaningful?” Maybe a lot of people will say that this question is such a pretty simple one, yet in reality, it is associated with a lot of discussions and numerous debates. Why? Simply because every individual has their own definition of “meaningful life”. It is true that life is simple if people learn to appreciate even the smallest details of their everyday scenarios, perhaps it is just like letting things work on how it should be naturally done.


Genuine happiness, contentment, and peace always come in the most unexpected and simplest way-- some people find this internal peace maybe from just simply preparing and munching their favorite food, it may also occur when people have its first sip of coffee, or perhaps when just watching their favorite movies, while others attain this internal satisfaction when just looking or playing with their pets.


There is too much to mention and to be honest, it can be anything a person truly wants. People have their own goals and objectives in life and that what makes life a lot more meaningful-- the exploring from within and sharing the experiences to others.


However, let’s talk about and focus on the topic of having a pet or a home buddy. Research has found that adopting or owning a pet helps to increase life span. Also, it makes the mood of a person lighter and better. Having a companion inside a house is such a precious thing to consider, mainly because of the reason that it provides assurance that someone is there whenever and whatever the situation may occur. Hence, there are people who consider themselves to have an exotic type of pet or the unusual breeds of animals.


Having said that, if you are this type of person who already owns an exotic pet or a person who considers getting one, this article is meant for you.


Here are some of the best exotic animals that can be considered as pets in the comforts of your premium home:


What is the best exotic pet to own that is tiny and adorable?

This section will provide ideas and information about animals that are tiny but at the same time adorable.






To start up, hedgehogs are deemed to be the perfect companion if a person has a busy schedule and has a limited time to allot in cleaning and organizing the house. It is because of the fact that hedgehogs are small and they spend most of their time inside the cage. However, they must be fed constantly. Hedgehog is a spiny mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae that is often viewed and described as quiet, active, and entertaining.


The average lifespan of a hedgehog is four to six years and they are completely perfect because they are independent in which they do not need much attention unlike other pets. In addition, hedgehogs are indeed perfect to consider when staying in a premium home just like what Crown Asia is known for. Crown Asia offers RFO house and lot that are strategically located to provide both convenience and safety for the residences.






Not everyone is a fan of the Arachnida type of animal but some people find it exciting and entertaining. Living in a premium home has a lot of advantages like providing enough space for the particular species of animals. Luckily, Crown Asia offers RFO house and lot which are readily available for those people who are interested in having a solid property investment. Moreover, scorpions are so small that it is easy to take care of, not to mention that it does not require grooming, exercises, and any huge demands from the owner. With that, try to consider the scorpion as one of the collections simply because it is unique and it provides a lot of entertainment.


What is the best exotic breed of dog and cat to own as pet?

This section will provide information about the usual pets but in unusual breeds.


Norwegian Lundehund



Photo taken from


Norwegian Lunde Hund is a rare and unique breed of dog that is also associated with unusual characteristics. To start with, Norwegian Lunde Hund is so unique that it has six fully developed toes on each foot and they can also wiggle and close their ears in order to protect their ear canal. They are so cute, however, they have nearly become extinct. That's why they need a lot of care and love.


Bedlington Terrier




Bedlington Terrier is a good-tempered, affectionate, intelligent, and a spirited type of dog. This breed can be added to a person’s list if they are the type of person who wants to have a sweet companion.


One of the best bonding moments with Bedlington Terrier is walking through the vicinity of the subdivision. Crown Asia offers a spacious environment wherein numerous amenities are completely available. With its wide and peaceful environment, dogs will not or barely experience stress since they can freely play and enjoy the environment. Crown Asia has a wide variety of options in which a person can choose from. There are available RFO house and lot around South which are perfectly built and established to be a future solid property investment and a better place for the dogs.


Sphynx Cat




Who does not love cats? Cats are naturally gentle to everyone more specifically towards their owners. Furthermore, it is loved and treasured by a lot of people. However, do you know that not all cats have hair?


Sphynx is a breed of cat that is widely known as a hairless cat that naturally occurs through genetic mutation. Therefore, Sphynx is perfect for those people who have allergies in animal furs. It is also perfect for those who show interest and love towards numerous cats.


Having a companion inside a premium house is definitely the best thing. It gives entertainment, assurance, and joy to every person in which it decreases stress and anger as time goes by. Owning a pet is completely one of the most recommended tips in order to be happy and live a longer life. Furthermore, the most important thing is to live a comfortable and convenient life in which it can be easily attained through the help of RFO house and lot that is being offered and built by Crown Asia.


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