Tips to Maximize and Personalize Space in your Condo

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Tips to Maximize and Personalize Space in your Condo

Updated as of March 14, 2023

Living in a condo unit has its benefits, the most being close to city life, and getting the metropolitan lifestyle, but living in a condo means not having the space that a house and lot has. After all, condos are made for condensed city living, a residential that is at the very heart of the city’s business and lifestyle district. And because of that, living in a condo means having small spaces for your family room. Even the most spacious condo does not match the capacity a house and lot have.

But don’t worry, the small condo spaces are not new, there are ways to make your tiny room look large by using interior design and natural light to make the illusion of surface space with the use of a gallery wall, hidden storage, and using tall shelves to make use of vertical space. You can save space by using barrier sliding doors to separate different use.

You don’t need to have a major redecoration in saving space in your condo unit, all you need is a good eye on planning the layout of your condominium in Las Pinas.

Here are five simple ways to maximize the limited space small condo design

here are five simple ways to maximize the limited space small condo design

Play with colors and depth to toy with the small space

Color has a way of making the human eye perceive things differently, not only doe sit affect the mood, but it can also change how you see a room. While it is a common notion to choose the light color of paint for your walls, but also goes the same for dark colors. Dark colors on walls put more emphasis on the accent walls that visually enlarge the spaces in the room, and create contrast with the elements in the space, making the room brighter. Light colors on the other hand make the walls look reflective, making an illusion of an open and airy space. It also helps with natural light as these colors do not absorb light as does dark walls.

Make sure that you play with colors and depth. This way your condo will have a feeling that it is bigger than it actually is. Choosing the perfect hue that will match your vibe as well as your furniture and other household appliances is also advisable to make your condo have that complete and compact fee. Add depth by using industrial drop lights and wall decor that contrast your wall color.

If you plan on choosing the type of color that fits your walls and your aesthetic, according to Romanza Interior Design, these are colors that would fit your condo space: dark blue, earthly ochre, off-white, clean white, dark grey, pale blues, sea green, light green, charcoal black, and taupe have a way to make people see the room space differently, in each of their own ways.

Add drawers and boxes

add drawers and boxes

Minimalist furniture designs have been a trend recently with built-in drawers in dividers, beds, and couches; collapsable dining table set where chairs can be fit in a puzzle in the table to create a single counter when not in use. Yes, these designs are every minimalist’s dream for their home, but you don’t need to have these kinds of furniture to make your place spacious.

By simply making use of the vertical space at the corner of your area by putting a vertical shelf or drawers, you can give things in your home the right place. The organization of the decor or books also helps in making the illusion of a big space, others use the color scheme to make their aesthetics, others make use of the size, and others simply alphabetize things to make it so.

Maximize the space under your bed and get extra storage space by adding drawers or decorative boxes. This way you’ll actually have more room and space to play and expand with. Not only space under your bed, you can also use spaces above your wall fixtures and space atop shelves. Make sure to make the best of all possible space in your condominium in Las Pinas.

Make use of wall lamps

Today, wall lamps have different designs to fit your theme. You can have a wall lamp for both your visual interest and lighting use. Just make sure that the lamps are small and compact so as to not take too much of your wall space as well.

Install black-out curtains in your living space 

install black out curtains in your living space

Install black-out curtains to reduce the heat that goes through the glass windows. This will help in regulating your room’s temperature as well. Make sure to select the best colors that will match your interior look and feel.

Also, one of the benefits of a blackout curtain is its ability to improve energy efficiency by insulating the room. And with black-out curtains being thick, it also helps with reducing noise that comes from outside.

photo of an organized shelf with a statue

Invest in wall-mounted fixtures! There are a lot of space-saving tools that are easily mounted on walls that you can add in your condo space.

Modern interior designs today have been incorporating shelves for books, displays, and the television into wall designs, or having them fixed on the walls to emphasize the potential space of a room. These fixtures not only add space to the room but also keeps them off the floor. Having fewer things on the floor makes the room look more freeing to move around to.

Aside from being a handy tool, it can also help lessen the need for more sturdier and huge appliances.

It is very important to conserve and maximize your condo space. A wider and more open space assists in a more stress-free thinking environment for you. Less stress means a better stay at your condo which is what you aimed for in the first place before purchasing your unit.

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Updated on March 14, 2023

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