Tips on Throwing the Best Cocktail Party in Your Condo in Las Pinas

By: Brianna Yparraguirre

We all want to create happy and memorable experiences with our loved ones. Gathering our family or friends is a fun way to socialize and get live updates from one another. But have you ever thought about throwing your cocktail party in the comfort of your Condo in Las Piñas? Throwing cocktail parties is one of the most effective ways to uplift your intimate get-togethers. Hosting a party can be overwhelming at first, but this is your time to shine and bring out the Monica Geller in you!

If it is your first time, or you already host cocktail parties but you want to elevate your party style. Whether you prefer intimate gatherings or you want to be spontaneous, then these tips will help you on hand.

Here Are Some Tips to Spice up Your Cocktail Party.

It is completely up to you whether you apply all of the following recommended tips or select only what you think is the best for you! Throwing your cocktail party in your condo in Las Pinas is about having fun and maintaining relationships with the people that you hang out with.

Make a guest list

Before setting up your cocktail party, it is important to determine who you invite. Do you want to catch up with your high school friends or hang out with colleagues after work? Here’s an idea, what about inviting your closest co-workers with your childhood friends? That’s what’s fun about throwing a cocktail party, you can mix and match your guests who love drinking as long as they are on board with meeting new faces.

Make sure that you determine the initial number of invites to your cocktail party in your condo in Las Pinas as this would determine the budget that you may need for your party.

Think of cocktail party themes

This depends on your lifestyle and how your guests will appreciate it. At-home cocktail party theme ideas are usually for casual attires but you can glam up too. Maybe you want to draw inspiration from Hollywood red carpets or even a Met Gala one. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild! High-class themes sure fit the aesthetic of Crown Asia’s interior. This is your opportunity to live up to your Gossip Girl or Crazy Rich Asians fantasy.

If you are running out of ideas, then the easiest motif could be drawn from a color palette. You can host a black and gold theme party. If you want homemade but still, have a hint of elegance, then choose a neutral theme. It is easy and convenient for guests and aesthetically pleasing.

Plan your dress code

Now that you’ve determined the theme that you like for your cocktail party, you need to classify the dress code for your guests. Having a dress code is a good strategy, you and your guests will look good in your picture to upload on your social media.

Decide when will your party start

If you are aiming for a more formal and high-end cocktail party, then it is advisable to inform your guests in advance. You can send out the invitations or announce the party weeks before it starts so that they have spare time to prepare and even free up their schedule.

Usually, the party takes place at night time since people finish their work shifts and everyone is more fun in the evening. Throw your party at night since most of your guests are anticipating unwinding and relieving stress.

Estimate your budget

You should come up with your budget plan to purchase alcoholic beverages, decorations, as well as finger foods. The advantage of planning your cocktail party weeks earlier is that you can ask a couple of your friends if they are willing to co-host your party to divide the expenses. Another option is to ask guests to bring potluck snacks since hosting a party by yourself is expensive.

Draft your Menu

Having an outline of the food and drinks that you will serve is crucial to match the cocktail party. In other words, your cocktail menu should fit with your appetizers. Drafting your menu is helpful with buying your ingredients. The common drinks served at a cocktail party are mojitos, margaritas, or martinis. You may consult professional bartenders with drink ideas and cocktail recipes to serve.

Crown Asia Hermosa is accessible to affiliate stores for your convenience! You can purchase your groceries at Vista Mall Global South or Evia Lifestyle Center. Just visit AllDay Supermarket to look for snacks and all of your cocktail necessities are available at The Winery.

Fun drinking games

Parties are dull without entertainment and guests don’t want to attend a dull party. The fun would be endless if you set the mood with party games! You can choose a casual drinking game to liven up the party. Your event will create more cherished moments with your friends when you add drinking games into the mix.

Set up a Bar Area

An organized party setting is fun to attend. Putting a separate area for all your beverages is a smart tactic. Set out your wine and cocktail glasses. The guests have the liberty to mix their drinks of choice. It is also a good opportunity to discover new drinks.

Don’t forget to place fresh fruits such as lemons or limes in the bar area. Also, coffee, especially for those who want to sober up. Or you can purchase premium coffee blends at Dear Joe or Coffee Project.

Hors d’oeuvres and Cocktail pairings

Take note that the appetizers must be related to your cocktail theme party.

The meal course you serve will generally be the spotlight of your cocktail party. Hors d’oeuvres or simply “appetizers” stimulate the appetite before eating dinner.

Delicious food will satisfy your guests but pairing your drink with the right snack is important. A Shrimp cocktail is a good pair with a Gin martini. Moscow Mule with California Sushi. A delicious dinner should blend well with the right cocktails, beers, or champagne. Red Wine pairs well with red meat, while White Wine compliments seafood or white meat.

Decorate your room and tables

Before the party starts, you may order some flowers as centerpieces or arrange some candles. You can also purchase balloons based on your inspiration. This aids the overall appeal of your cocktail party.

Install a Photo Op Backdrop

Provide a designated open space where your friends can take pictures with a backdrop related to your chosen theme. You can set a curtain as a backdrop and style it with balloons, flowers, or fairy lights.

You can stand with one another and take candid group photos with your guests holding your martini glasses and looking like you’re having the time of your lives!

Your friends sure will enjoy taking photos featuring the city lights at your unit at Crown Asia -Hermosa.

Printout Menu and Guest lists

This is optional but it fits the overall design of your party. This will leave an impression on your guests that they are welcome and present at your event. There are free apps you can utilize where you can design your prints.

Create your Cocktail Party Playlist

Make sure that the music that you choose will merge with your concept. Most cocktail parties are playing classical instrumentals as they deliver a sophisticated ambiance. But you can also send out a playlist link to your guests where they can add their songs of choice.

Good lighting is Essential

Using warm light in the evening is soothing and easy on the eye. The food also looks more appetizing with warm tones.

Your guests will of course take photos of the dishes and upload them to their social media accounts. Show them that you are an organized host!

Prepare for Clean Up

Hosting parties requires a clean-up afterward, you must prepare multiple garbage bags too! Also, observe the bar area and when you notice an empty bottle, store it immediately.

Set Up your bedroom

Some of your friends might want to spend the night in your condo in Las Pinas because they had a blast at your amazing party. In case some of the guests can’t make it home prepare your bedroom or couch. Get some extra blankets and pillows.

A cocktail party is not that difficult to plan, as long as you follow these tips. The essence of the party is to collect moments with your family or friends. Now that you are prepared, what are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone and get this party started!

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