10 Fun and Safe Ways to Throw a New Normal Party in Your Condo

By: Nicole Rivera
10 Fun and Safe Ways to Throw a New Normal Party in Your Condo

More than a year has passed since COVID-19 entered our lives. By now, we have probably adjusted to the new normal and adapted to a new routine. Things are looking up for The Philippines as cinemas start to open up and some schools and universities will be open for face-to-face classes in the coming weeks. People are becoming more confident with going out to do leisure activities such as traveling, dining out, and shopping.

You’re probably also planning to host a new normal party in your condo soon. We all would like to go back to the time when it was easy to go out and bond with our family and friends, but we would have to settle for a slightly different gathering.

Here Are Some Fun and Safe Ways to Throw a New Normal Party in Your Condo!


Host an Intimate Party

A typical 24 sqm studio unit can squeeze in about 10 to 12 people prior to the pandemic, however, that is not possible today with all the protocols we have to follow. To promote safe social distancing, your new normal party would have to be more intimate. We recommend curating a guest list with 3 to 4 people to ensure that there is still sufficient space in your condo unit. It will give you and your guests more peace of mind knowing that it would be an intimate gathering. Also, a responsible host would want to keep his or her guests safe at all times.

Get Tested Before Your Party

Getting an RT-PCR Swab or Saliva Test has been the new normal protocol for people who travel domestically or internationally, employees and front-liners who go out for work, and many more. To be on the safe side, it would be best to have everyone attending your party get an antigen test or RT-PCR swab or saliva test, especially if we live with immuno-compromised family members. Getting tested a day or two before a party would ensure that everyone would enjoy a safe party.

Nowadays, testing centers are more accessible and more affordable than when the pandemic started. Red Cross offers RT-PCR saliva tests for as low as P1,200 in multiple locations nationwide.

Mask Up

Wearing your masks at all times, except when eating, helps avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. During a party, it is common to make conversations with your guests. It is now considered common courtesy to wear your mask while being in the same room as someone else. Just because you are familiar or close with someone does not mean you should take off your mask!

Sanitize With Alcohol and Soap

Another way to ensure a safe party for you and your guests is to sanitize regularly. Make sure to have disinfectants readily available in your condo. Having an alcohol dispenser at the entrance of your condo, dining area, kitchen, living area, and bedroom would be ideal. Refilling your soap dispenser in your kitchen and comfort room would also be appreciated by your guests as washing hands is more crucial nowadays.

Serve Individually Plated Food

What is a fun party without food? Friends and families bond over food during parties. We all miss potlucks, but they’re a no-go during this pandemic. To lessen direct contact, preparing and serving individually plated food is safer than having a platter or buffet-style meal. Think of preparing individually wrapped snacks and treats like hummus, mini cheese wheels, and cold cuts. You could also serve meat, seafood, or veggie skewers. You could also prepare big batches of pasta, rice, and lumpiang Shanghai and just portion them out for your guests. For your drinks, the pitchers can wait until the pandemic is over. Serving ready-to-drink beverages such as canned or bottled beers, kombucha, or soda would be best.

A creative way to serve your food to your guests while being eco-friendly is by using hollowed-out food bowls like coconut shells or watermelons.

Plan Socially Distant Activities

A party is also incomplete without fun activities. A typical Filipino party would have karaoke sessions until midnight, but that would require removing masks. Playing cards means you have to touch and potentially transfer germs, so that’s also out. We recommend playing a round or two of classic charades or BINGO.

If you are part of the majority of people who prefer to host and attend virtual parties for now, then that’s absolutely normal and alright!

Here Are Some Tips to Host an Awesome and Memorable New Normal Virtual Party.

photo of a virtual wine party

Have a Theme and Wear Costumes

Are you hosting a virtual party for Halloween? Then dress up! You can get creative and have different themes for your party such as the 80s, 90s, Hawaiian, Superheroes, and more! Having virtual backgrounds also add a touch of fun and camaraderie to your party.

Send Over Food and Drinks to Your Guests

Getting food and drinks delivered is the new norm these days, so why not deliver party food for your guests? Send over a platter of their favorites and enjoy them together virtually! It will be like hosting a mukbang party with all your favorite people.

Prepare Fun Games

There are plenty of free and paid virtual party games that you can easily enjoy with your family and friends. We recommend purchasing Jackbox Games as it offers several Party Packages. These party packages are a collection of a variety of games like Drawful, Fibbage, Split the Room, and Push the Button. Using Zoom or Discord while playing will definitely enhance your gameplay and it would feel like you aren’t miles apart from your friends and family.

Watch Netflix Shows via Scener

A classic favorite party activity that can be enjoyed by everyone is watching Netflix with your friends. There are multiple Chrome extensions available that can enhance your viewing experience with friends. One of these is Scener, an app where you can watch Netflix while video chatting with your friends! You can easily see and hear your friends’ reactions while on Scener.

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