The Best Manila Recreational Areas to Visit With your Kids

By: Levi Santiago
The Best Manila Recreational Areas to Visit With your Kids

Are you thinking on where to go with kids today? or maybe scouting for some kid friendly outdoor attractions aside from watching at the cinema? We got you covered!

If there’s anything that a parent and children both have in common, it’s that they have responsibilities to attend to. Parents have to take care of house bills and work, and the children of the family have to attend to their education and homework. Work can get tiring, and schoolwork can get tiring. Furthermore, with society still easing into the face-to-face lifestyle at present, virtually every member of the family spends more time staring at a screen than actually talking with each other in their RFO house and lot.

You don’t have to go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna to enjoy a weekend bond with the kids!

There area a lot of kid-friendly places in manila, 2022 has become the year for most families to begin going out again amidst the pandemic. Kids began to experience playing around outside and visiting places such as theme parks again after 2 years of being confined inside their homes. So if you are looking for a children’s playground manila has to offer or just wondering where to bring kids, Manila has a lot to to choose from.

Sometime all you need is to breathe in fresh air and enjoy some alone time with your kids! and if you are wondering if there are some attractions near me for kids, this blog will help you out!

A Great Solution for Work and School Fatigue – Recreation!


Given this, what’s a good remedy for all this? Well, if there’s another thing that parents and children both have in common, it’s that they like to have fun. Recreation is a great idea not just because it improves both physical and mental health, but it also teaches kids new skills and improves the dynamic of interactions between family members through creating fond memories outside their RFO house and lot. Hence, if you’re planning to spend some time with family – both parents and kids – and are looking for great choices for recreational areas all within Manila, then this blog post is for you. With the summer heat shining upon us at present, why don’t we combine both fun outside your home and family time for a fun family summer blast!

Check out this blog about the best tourist attraction for kids or outdoor places for kids so that you don’t have to think of where to take kids this weekend!

The Best Areas for Recreation in Metro Manila for Parents and Kids

1. Kinder City – Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Road, Las Piñas


Photo from: https://kindercity.com.ph/

Dubbed as the “ultimate indoor playground,” Kinder City is just as it’s described to be, serving as a great venue for kids to have fun running around and exploring the indoor playground. A variety of slides, soft climbable stairs, bridges bounded by safety nets, trampolines, and lots of play balls just about everywhere you go, Kinder City’s mix of bright colors of varied play areas offer lots of fun. The playground also consists of miniature public buildings that both parents and children can explore. Additionally, the entrance fee for 1 hour is Php500, while the price for an adult’s entrance fee is Php150; and guests will have to book entrance fees online. Overall, the best part of all this is that parents can accompany their kids inside the playground, so it’s double the fun and double the great memories!

2. National Museum of the Philippines – Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila


Museums are always a great pick for recreation outside your RFO house and lot. With each area to explore in a museum holds interesting information – whether it’s about science, history, culture, societal and political facts, and many more – that both parents and children can learn a lot from. The National Museum of the Philippines, designed by renowned Filipino architect Antonio Toledo, is a great pick to learn more about how the people of our country lived in the past, with valuable artifacts even being displayed in the museum itself. Jars and pottery used by ancient Filipinos, treasures from a sunken Spanish battleship, meticulously crafted sculptures, ancient religious artistry – there are so many things to learn from the National Museum of the Philippines. Open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM from Tuesday to Sunday every week, the entrance fee is P150 for adults. On Sundays however, entrance to the museum is free.

You don’t have to go as far as Quezon City to enjoy a relaxing time with your kids!

3. DreamPlay – Aseana Ave, Tambo, Parañaque


Photo from: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2022/02/24/rediscover-the-fun-of-family-entertainment-at-dreamplay-city-of-dreams-manila/

DreamPlay offers an approach that aims to be “world-class and revolutionary” in terms of providing family recreation. The very foundation of this play space is by using the unique worlds of DreamWorks films to create a unique variety of areas that provide numerous activities that provide the best venue for fun and bonding time for families outside. Rides, cooking activities, rock climbing, playgrounds, obstacle courses, motion sensing activities, movie theaters – DreamPlay is sure to not disappoint when it comes to bringing enjoyment and entertainment to both parents and children. The size of the play space itself makes it feel like a whole different world, which why all guests will wear RFID wristbands upon entry so that parents can view in certain stations where their kids are by locating the armbands. Although, the fun for adults isn’t restricted to just the play space when outside your abode. While the kids are playing the play space, parents can buy from snack areas near the play space or even visit the shops and casinos at City of Dreams.

4. Manila Ocean Park – Quirino Grandstand, 666 Behind, Ermita, Manila


One of the best picks in Manila for family recreation is the Manila Ocean Park. This marine theme park will offer you the opportunity to see various kinds of animals, sea creatures and exotic wildlife that will catch your eyes and make your jaw open with awe. With jellyfish exhibits and tunnel aquariums, you’ll be able to see animals that live below the deep blue ocean with your very eyes. Moreover, there are sea lion shows and bird shows are sure to offer parents and kids satisfying entertainment. Additionally, the entrance fee is around Php500 to Php1000; and children who are under 2 feet tall are free to enter the theme park. There are also many options regarding where to buy snacks from while you explore the different areas. Overall, the Manila Ocean Park offers educational information regarding marine life and biodiversity for both parents and children, making this recreational area both fun and informative.

5. Lakbay Museo – Level 1, S’Maison, Seaside Blvd, Coral Way, Pasay


Photo from: https://outoftownblog.com/lakbay-museo-ph-interactive-museum-for-millennials-in-pasay-opens-in-july/

Lakbay Museo gives guests the opportunity of “exploring the Philippines without even leaving Manila.” Filled with areas, furniture, and colors of vibrant design, this museum aims to educate the youth by being the “first PH interactive millennial museum.” Lakbay Museo is purposed to show the youth how rich and colorful Filipino culture really is in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; and the numerous activities that you can experience in this museum is worth the trip. With every area serving an “Instagram-able” appeal to the youth, guests are given the chance to taste “free samples of native delicacies” from all over the country. There’s even “fruit wine tasting” for the adults or parents. Hence, both the stomachs of the young and old people are sure to be satisfied in this museum. Moreover, there are “hourly cultural shows and dances” along with many areas that are both educational and interactive. There’s an area that’s filled with plastic rice that guests can with and even rubber palayoks that you can “try to balance on your head.” At the exit of the museum, there’s a souvenir shop that you can buy unique memorabilia from.

There are other recreational areas not mentioned in this blog that you can visit like Jose Rizal Park one of the country’s historical sites that commemorates our country’s national hero, there are also various theme parks in the country to visit. You can even take them to the Bonifacio Global City for a more urban centered recreational time in some kid friendly places in the area.

Other ideas like taking them to swimming pools, the La Mesa Eco Park or maybe go up in Tagaytay City to let them experience horseback riding is also a fun activity for them. There are a lot of best place for kids to play or best place to bring kids that you can find by just doing a quick search!

If you ever found yourself with your kids in Manila and got you thinking, are there kids attraction near me? or is there an indoor playground near me wherein my kids can enjoy, remember to check out this blog!

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